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“You noticed”

He thought that she didn’t because she just smiled while looking as if she didn’t know anything.

Aushuvel admitted to himself that Sera was a much smarter woman than he thought.

“I’ve had an inkling of it, but I guess I was right”

“Well… What you’re thinking is close.

I just felt sorry for my younger cousins.”

There was a slight smile on his lips.

What Sera Popo said just now was rather interesting.

She carried herself as a tutor would, but right now, she was acting her age as she talked about personal things.

“To be honest, I didn’t understand why you’re playing along to the beat of Their Highness’ drums… But now that it’s clear to see that it’s impossible for me, they’ll know to stop.

You as well, Your Highness.”

‘Do you really not know That Heli’s interested in you’

Aushuvel carefully observed Sera’s blue eyes.

She was very quick to know her own station, even as she watched Saruvia and Helios dance without taking her eyes from them, not even a moment.

There were some instances that Helios and Saruvia twirled and did difficult steps, and at this, Sera’s pink lips would open slightly as she quietly clapped her hands.

‘So you really don’t know.

There’s no way you’d react like that if you knew.’

All this time, she’s been showcasing her smarts and talents, but the most important thing she should have known—the feelings of the other person—was something she didn’t know.

Aushuvel thought that it was absurd, and so he couldn’t help but laugh in vain.

He was now curious about just one more thing.

Was Helios hiding his own feelings because of Sera’s status Or did he make this decision today because he, too, wasn’t aware of the other person’s feelings for him

Even so, Helios had to choose according to his own position.

As Aushuvel learned of Sera’s social standing, he realized that it would be difficult for him to intervene from now on.

He couldn’t encourage Helios to pursue this love story of the century anymore.

Not only that, but he even might need to stop Helios if he would ever say that he was going to start seeing Sera.

He had no intention at all to let his beloved cousin walk down a thorny path.

‘What do we do, Rosé, Ferre.

The circumstances we have now are a bit too difficult.

Realistically speaking, it’s nearly impossible for a Viscount’s daughter to marry someone from the Imperial Family…’

Even so, on the other hand, he was also dismayed.

He thought a woman of her nature would have been the perfect for Helios.

Sera was definitely the woman who’d make it possible for Helios to take the same steps as his parents, who he always admired.

‘What would have happened if you’re not from a Viscounty… With Heli’s personality, he wouldn’t allow himself to just meet you secretly.

And it doesn’t seem like you’re the type to do that either, Sera.’

While Aushuvel was thinking about something else, applause erupted throughout the hall as Helios and Saruvia’s dance came to a close.

At the same time, Sera tapped Aushuvel’s arm.

“Prince Aushuvel, I need to go now.”

‘Why You’re not even thinking of having a dance with Heli’

He looked at Sera with a mystified expression on his face.

Sera kept glancing over to the dancefloor with urgency.

“It’s time for the waltz of Their Highnesses.

Your Highness taught them so diligently, so it’s only right to watch just how amazing their dance would be!”

‘Ah, you’re thinking that way.

What a consistently devoted teacher.’

When Aushuvel nodded and slowly stood straight after leaning back on the wall, Sera’s face brightened at once.

Perhaps because she was all dolled up, but her smile was so beautiful to see—to the point that it made him want to tell her she’s pretty.

“Then, let’s go.”

Aushuvel took Sera’s hand and led her.

People seemed surprised when they saw them holding hands, but they parted and opened up a path where they could walk through.

That’s where they stopped, and it was a nice spot with a good view of Rosé and Ferre.

With a tense expression, Sera gulped.

Soon, the orchestra started the waltz, which they had probably heard for more than five hundred times, and so the melody filled the hall.

“Rosé and Ferre will do it perfectly.

You don’t have to worry so much.

You taught them well after all.”


It would be great if Their Highnesses don’t make any mistakes.”

However, even though she said so, Sera watched the twins intently with her hands clasped together tightly in front of her chest—without knowing that, some distance away, Helios was looking at her.

‘This is seriously becoming more and more of a worthy sight.’

Not knowing what to do in such a frustrating situation, Aushuvel let out a huge sigh.

Fortunately, Rosé and Ferre didn’t forget any of the moves, and they didn’t step on each other’s feet either.

When the twins’ perfect, adorable waltz was over, the adults naturally applauded and showered them with praises.

Sera and Aushuvel also applauded the twins, who were catching their breath.

They were far away, but it’s clear to see just how proud they were of their own achievement.

“It’s a success.

It was worth all that effort to teach them well.”

To be perfectly honest, Aushuvel didn’t expect the twins to do such a great job.

Then, Sera whispered softly.

“It’s all thanks to you, isn’t it, Your Highness”

“Thanks to me”

“It would’ve been difficult if I taught them alone.

I also learned a lot from your lessons.”

“What a delightful answer.”

“I believe I’ve grown as a tutor as well.

I learned a lot about the waltz, so I can teach it better, too.

And my own dancing skills also improved thanks to Your Highness.”

Oh, she’s giving him credit.

Aushuvel laughed cheerfully at the unexpected compliment.

After Rosé and Ferre left, the crowd started bustling in search of their respective partners.

In an instant, couples were paired, and people who were expecting the orchestra to start another piece were filled with excitement.

Aushuvel easily found Helios’ first dance partner amidst the crowd.

It was all thanks to the characteristic red color adorning her entire body.

It’s obvious that she was trying to get Helios to dance with her for a second time, with the way she was so close to him, being all touchy like that.

‘Her body language is clearly the seductive kind.

Does Heli even know the meaning of what she’s doing…’

Glancing to the side, Aushuvel watched Sera, fully knowing that she was looking at the same people as him.

There was a calm smile on her lips, perhaps one that was a bit self-deprecating.

Maybe that’s why.

Aushuvel made an impulsive decision.

Just a bit.

Maybe he could help her just the tiniest bit.


“Yes, Prince Aushuvel”

“I’ll give you a present.”

“A present all of a sudden”


A present.”

Aushuvel walked closer to Sera with his eyes curved into crescent moons.

Her own puzzled eyes stared back at Aushuvel.

He slowly raised his hand.

And then, bam.

They were previously standing face to face just now, but then, he proceeded to push with such force.


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