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Meanwhile, after they had finished their waltz without a single mistake, Rosé and Ferre were so happy that it felt like they could soar through the sky.

However, this lasted only for a short time.

They were now so very upset that their lips were pouting, looking as though they were duck beaks.

It’s obvious enough that they weren’t in a good mood.

Written in big letters across their foreheads were the words, ‘I’m so annoyed’.

The twins knew that they shouldn’t, but as they were seated on their chairs on the platform, they kicked their feet.

If Sera had been by their side, she would have scolded them silently, her eyes wide open as though saying, ‘Your Highnesses, if you do this, I won’t read to you for one entire week!’

“Your Highnesses, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere”

As he suddenly became the guardian of the children, Raphael asked the twins.

“I’m not uncomfortable.”

“Are you feeling sleepy or hungry”

“No, I’m not.”

“Ferre’s right.

We’re both not sleepy or hungry.”

Their kicking feet eventually stopped in place as they were in deep thought, and soon, they let out heavy sighs.

They thought that the night was going so well since Helios and Sera had danced together, but it looked like they were back to square one again.

Sera was nowhere to be seen, and neither was Helios.



Raphael didn’t know what kind of deep worries the twins were mulling over right now.

He didn’t know what to do because the twins were suddenly so despondent now despite running around while being cheerful just earlier.

And apart from that, it’s his first time being left alone with the twins without Helios there.

He wished they could smile again.

He didn’t know how to soothe the children, who were now in such bad moods.

‘We need Miss Sera at a time like this!’


After thinking long and hard, Rosé suddenly raised her head and opened her lips.

And as he heard Rosé’s very serious tone, Raphael felt nervous enough that he gulped dryly.

“Yes, Your Highness.

Please go ahead.”

“Who’s the person who danced with Heli Oppa today”

“Do you mean Miss Sera”

“No, no! The red-haired woman!”

Blinking her green eyes at him, Rosé let out an outburst and added, “Do you think I don’t know what Sera looks like”

Ferre also had a serious expression as he waited for Raphael’s answer.

“Do you mean Duke Cross”


Ferre answered loudly.

Rosé nodded vigorously beside him and spoke up again.

“What’s her relationship with Heli Oppa She’s the one Oppa said is gonna be his partner, right”

“Yes, that’s right, but… Did you hear about it from His Majesty”

Raphael asked cautiously, gauging whether Helios had told them about the possible engagement and marriage between him and Saruvia.

However, the children shook their heads.

Then somehow, Helios picked Duke Saruvia Cross as his partner for tonight’s banquet, but that didn’t mean that he’s already made up his mind about anything further than that.

“Why Will Oppa say something to us”

“No, Your Highness.

I thought that you were just asking about her being His Majesty’s partner.

“Oppa already told us about that.”

“That’s all there is between them, Your Highness.”

Raphael lied without batting an eyelid.

Nevertheless, since Rosé had such a good intuition, her silver brows furrowed as she felt a subtle sense of apprehension.


She had a sneaking suspicion that being a ‘partner’ wouldn’t end at just being a dance partner.

If that’s all it was, her Oppa wouldn’t have told her and Ferre about it.

‘No way… Is that woman the one who had a secret meeting with Oppa’

She’s obviously a very pretty woman.

But of course, not as pretty as Sera.

Still, Sera once said that it’ll be sad if her Oppa won’t be able to be with the person he loves, so Rosé was following Sera’s teachings faithfully.

And when she saw her Oppa with his partner tonight, something felt off.

“Ferre, come here.

Look at that!”

Rosé had been looking around here and there across the hall, but then she suddenly sprang up on her seat and pointed at one corner of the banquet hall.

“What the, what’re you pointing at, Rosé”

Ferre stuck his head out to look at what Rosé was pointing at.

But he couldn’t see anything special about that place except that there was a crowd of men gathered together.

“There’s nothing there though Are they lining up or something”

Ferre tilted his head to the side in his confusion.

“No, no.

Look again.

Look who’s surrounded by those guys.”

Ferre had to stand up on his seat so that he could see.

He went on his tip toes and craned his neck up.

He was little and out of other people’s sight, so no one noticed.

Only Raphael, who was watching nearby, thought the twins’ behavior was unusual.

The little boy really couldn’t see who was in the middle of those tall men.

Frowning, Ferre stared intently at that spot for a very long time.

And eventually, he found a very welcome person.

“It’s Sera!”

He shouted excitedly.

“Sera’s so, so, so popular.

Everyone wants to dance with her.”

“Of course, everyone can see just how pretty Sera is.

Ferre, Sera has a pretty face and a pretty voice, and she’s so kind and so perfect.”

“Yeah, Sera’s perfect!”

Rosé and Ferre held each other’s hands as they watched Sera for a moment.

The men just kept coming, relentlessly asking her for a dance.

Sera repeatedly refused, but the line in front of her did not shorten.

It was then that Ferre gave a fun suggestion.

“Should we just go see Sera”

Ferre murmured casually.


“Let’s go see Sera.

We’re bored anyway.”

Let’s just go, it’s not like you didn’t think about it.

Ferre seemed to have said this without much thought, but at the back of their minds, they definitely thought that they should stop anyone from dancing with Sera.

Of course, other than their older brother.

Blinking once, Rosé nodded.

As though to express just how much she liked her younger brother’s suggestion, Rosé clutched Ferre’s hand tightly.

It would be much more fun to be with Sera anyway, rather than to stay at this side of the boring banquet hall.

And even when they didn’t have toys or anything to play with, Sera always taught them strange, fun games that they could do anywhere, like rock, paper, scissors.

Hand-in-hand, Rosé and Ferre jumped down from their seats.

They need to get Sera away from those men!


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