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Chapter 17

Translated by Yonnee

Edited by Yonnee


“But I haven’t accepted yet…”

His pretty eyes were curved down pitifully.

Still, his voice was calm and gentle, but somehow giving off a lifeless atmosphere.

Of course, she already decided to accept it, but she couldn’t help but feel guilty when he was being like this.

“Ah… Your Majesty, I… I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it.”

Feeling sorry for him, Sera relented in a careful voice—but she immediately regretted it when the beautiful purple eyes quickly regained their vigor.

‘I feel like I’ve been caught in a trap that he had set from the very beginning.’

Sighing deeply, Sera stood up from her seat.

The decision had already been made.

She’ll become the tutor for the Twin Highnesses and she’ll receive 500 gold per month.

She didn’t know how mischievous exactly the twins were, but even if she did, this wasn’t a bad deal.

At least, not yet.

“I’ll bring out a paper and pen, Your Majesty.

We have to sign a contract.”

“No need.

I already have one prepared.”

Soon after, the people behind Helios brought out two sheets of paper and one pen on the table in front of Sera and Helios.

Sera was surprised by the contents.

The provisions were the same as the contracts she had with other families.

‘Did he snoop around the other families’

While writing the numbers on the empty space indicated for the salary in a neat script, she continued wondering how much he was going to give her.

She still thought that 500 gold was an outrageous amount.

“I heard that Miss Popo always adds additional provisions to the contract.

Is there anything else you’d like me to add”

“In the additional clauses section, please include any other requests you’d need.

Is there anything that Your Majesty needs me to do Anything within my working hours is fine.

As long as it’s related to the education of the two Highnesses.”


Helios contemplated for a moment before he opened his lips.

“Then, please report to me after every class time.

I want to know how my younger siblings’ day would go…”

Sera wrote down the contents.

“And I want a contract period of six months.

Any period shorter would be difficult.”

“Yes, I understand.

Is there anything else”

“Hm… Since it’s going to be 9AM to 9PM, then include lunch and dinner.

And my siblings’ bedtime must also be included.

Of course, I don’t know if my siblings would go to bed on time, but… Is this possible”

“Your Majesty, would you like me to guide them in general Meaning that I’ll be somewhat like a tutor and a nanny.”

Helios nodded.

She already expected this since the working hours were twelve hours, from 9 to 9.

Even in her previous life, the children’s mealtimes were included in the working hours, so their guidance throughout meals was also part of it, and it wasn’t particularly difficult.

“I have no other requests now.

I’ve already inconvenienced you this much, Miss Popo, so you’re free to decide the rest.

I trust you.”

He smiled refreshingly as though he was a breeze that gently blew away leaves—and it was such a fatal smile that everyone would easily fall for it.

It was only a matter of time since she’d see that smile.

She was sure that His Majesty had won many favorable deals because of it.

Both Sera and Helios were now ready to sign the contract as they had nothing more to write at this point, but Sera hesitated.

‘If they’re giving me 500 gold, I’d better add an additional clause.’

In an empty space at the bottom of the contract, Sera wrote the following words:

「 Free teaching aids, free examinations, free curriculum, free textbooks.

All items were usually given at additional costs.

Sera presented to Helios the contract which was written neatly in the Imperial language.

Then, he received the contract and handed it over to the person behind him, who wrote down the same contents once more.

With a distinct scratching sound, her pen moved quickly.

“I’m done signing.”

Sera returned both contracts to the Emperor, carefully leaning forward over to Helios.

Was it because his handsome face was burdensome Her heart unintentionally skipped a beat.

As she leaned forward, she pointed to the important parts of the additional clauses of the contract, clenching the pen as she pretended to be unaffected.

“Here, Your Majesty can carefully check the contract date and the contract duration, the class hours, the tuition fees, and other matters.

Then, you may sign at the bottom.”

Sera tapped the part next to the place where it said ‘Sera Popo.’ Then, when he signed in a perfect cursive script, she was compelled to learn how he did it.

“Then this is where our contract signing ends, Miss Popo.

Now, you’re my siblings’ official tutor.”

He spoke in a pleasant voice as he returned one of the signed contracts to her.

“Yes, Your Majesty.

I’ll be in your care.”

Starting next week, Sera would be the tutor of Roseline Adelio and Ferreritan Adelio.

Tutorial costs amount to 500 gold.


* * *


On his way back from the Imperial Palace, Jean was riding on his horse outside as the Emperor’s guard knight, and Helios and Raphael sat inside a carriage.

“She won’t run away like everyone else, right”

Raphael had a worried expression as he spoke.

He couldn’t trust Sera Popo.

She was a pretty young lady who was nothing like any of the Imperial Palace’s tutors so far.

“I’ll have to trust her.

Marquis and Marchioness Bennett even praised her.

There must be a good reason for it.”

“I hope she can soothe Their Highnesses Rosé and Ferre.

And I really do hope Your Majesty can sleep well for once.”

When Raphael frowned and spoke in a serious tone, Helios burst into a pleasant smile.

His childhood friend cared too much about him.

Helios took out the contract and read it again.

Unlike his ever-changing expressions, his handwriting was uniform and precise.

‘It’s already a relief if Rosé and Ferre don’t cause any accidents with the price of 500 gold for their education.

The cost of repairing the Star Palace is far higher than this.”

Helios smiled lightly as he remembered Sera’s astonished face when he offered 600 gold.

Her surprised eyes were like a rabbit’s.

He was even willing to offer a larger amount.

The Emperor’s private funds were endless, and he had been ready to agree to everything unconditionally as long as it was less than the cost of repairing all of what the twins broke down.



hello everyone! i’m yonnee, the new translator for this series.

i’ll be publishing 2-3 chapters per week, sometimes more whenever i can.

i hope you all continue to enjoy reading I Became the Tutor of the Royal Twins along with me because it’s just sooooo fluffy~


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