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Chapter 37

Translated by Yonnee

Edited by Yonnee


“Did you wait long”

As she turned behind her, she was once again faced with Helios’ beautiful appearance.

Right now, he was dressed in a clean white shirt and pants.

His hair had droplets of sweat and his clear purple eyes made him look like he was the main character of a movie with the theme of coming of age.

His neat shirt that came up to his neck seemed constricting, but the first few buttons were loosened.

His long neck and the silver hair that could be seen above the loosened collar was breathtaking.

“Your Majesty.”

Sera hurriedly rose from her seat and curtsied to greet him.

The reason why she dropped her head even lower was because she didn’t want him to see her face all pink again.

“Miss Popo.”

The gentle voice that called her name was like a soft melody.

When Sera raised her eyes at the voice, a dazzling smile welcomed her.

He looked as beautiful as the couple in the portrait.

“You’re not covered in flour today.”

Helios grinned as he said this.

It was a refreshing smile.

“The first day was a mess, right”

“Well… It’s difficult to say that it wasn’t.”

Sera and Helios laughed briefly.

“I apologize for making you wait for a long time.”

He apologized in a sweet, dream-like voice.

The frustration she felt at having to wait seemed to disappear like smoke.

She could see how sorry he was through his dark purple eyes.

“No, Your Majesty.

I was able to drink delicious black tea, so thank you.”

“Please sit.”

Sera carefully sat back down again.

While Helios also sat down, trying to catch his breath, the maids brought out fresh tea for him.

Unlike the tea she was served earlier, the black tea now was served in luxurious glasses and filled with ice.

It was a drink especially prepared for Helios, who had just finished training.

“How was it today Jean said many things happened.”

Taking the glass with his fine hands, Helios gracefully asked as he drank tea.

Perhaps he still felt a bit hot, but he loosened a few more buttons on his shirt, and soon, firm muscles that were drenched in sweat could be seen through the gap.

His moist skin glistened softly as beads of sweat that were like pearls shone under the light.

Naturally, her eyes gravitated towards his bare skin.

So that her devious eyes wouldn’t openly ogle his perfect body that was like Michelangelo’s David, she consciously tried to lift her gaze and avoided looking down.

“Your Majesty heard about it, so you must know already.”

Sera sipped the black tea in front of her, desperately pretending that she didn’t see that.

“I don’t know the details though.

I was so busy that I could only hear about it in passing.”

“We only had a small problem before class started.”

“A problem…”

He sighed with an expression saying he knew this would happen.

He deliberately asked his younger siblings not to cause any trouble to Miss Popo… Goodness.

He underestimated the twins.

Helios gave Sera a very apologetic look.

“Um, well it was only a harmless prank, so I’m fine.

In fact, I was going to let it slide if Your Majesty didn’t ask me.”

Sera hurriedly waved her hands.

When he looked at her with those half-lidded eyes as though he was extremely sorry, she also felt sorry for no reason as if she unnecessarily inconvenienced an extremely busy person.

“What kind of prank was it”

Helios asked with concern.

‘I really wasn’t going to say it because I was worried he would react this way…’

She already knew that it would be impossible for troublemakers to change all at once.

However, she didn’t expect that today’s prank would involve a roach, nor did she expect that it would be something they’d greet her with.

In any case, this was a lighter prank than the first day, and it wasn’t anything Helios should be worried about.

But apart from that, Helios seemed to be greatly concerned.

Naturally, the atmosphere inside the office also sank.

‘I need to change the mood a little.’

Sera took on the tone she used whenever she was reading the most interesting part in a fairytale to children.

“Your Majesty, you know while I was off guard, Her Highness Rosé…”

Sera lowered her voice and wrinkled her forehead.

It was a serious expression.

She leaned forward and went closer to him.

Her hands on the table were clasped together, as though hiding something secretively.

“…put a cockroach in my pocket!”

She said this in a burst.

At the same time, she unclasped her fingers and used them to imitate the crawling of the bug, it’s tap-tap-tapping on the surface making a rattling sound along with the glasses of tea.

The fingers that imitated the roach stopped in front of him.

At this, Helios smiled first, then burst into laughter, perhaps finding it a surprise that she did that.

“A roach…”

His voice was full of disbelief.

There was a cockroach in his palace He felt frustrated.

Just what were his younger siblings doing while he wasn’t watching And how did they get ahold of a cockroach

“She told me that she put a gift in my pocket, but when I checked, something was wriggling in my hand.

Then when I took it out, I saw that it was a bug.”

Recalling the hateful creature, Sera wrapped both arms over herself and shivered.

She had washed her hand several times, but the feeling of it touching her still lingered.

“Did it surprise you a lot”

When Helios asked, his purple eyes were curved beautifully into crescent moons.

“Not just surprised, it was much worse! I screamed a lot, too, and the knight came running into the room.

And then he used a dagger…!”

Sera imitated the way Jean threw the dagger.

“I’m the perfect tutor, but tak! I guess I can’t catch bugs.”

Helios answered her with a playful smile on his lips.

His mischievous expression was just like the twins’, and at times like these, it really made it obvious that they were truly siblings.

“The only weakness of a perfect tutor is a bug.”

As though it’s something that couldn’t be helped, Sera pouted.


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