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Helios took a moment to tell him to make sure that Rosé and Ferre wouldn’t do anything else.

It would have been a disaster if the children disappeared.

And he was also worried that Helios might come in person like last time…

“Why are you here!”

Rosé was still rubbing her cheek on her twin brother’s cheek.

Because they were wearing yellow clothes, they looked like chicks chirping.

“Did Heli Oppa tell you to come here again”

Jean crouched down and made eye contact with the large saucer like eyes, one pair to the next.

His smile was tinged with sadness, but his mouth didn’t fall easily because he knew what Rosé was asking.

He hesitated, licking his lips, then he patted Rosé and Ferre’s heads.

“His Majesty is busy today as well.”

Jean spoke to them softly.

“Heli Oppa’s always busy.”


Their lips pouted as they heard this, but when Jean stroked the twins’ heads once more with both hands, they were suddenly overwhelmed by Jean’s wide chest.

Jean patted the backs of the twin highnesses with a familiar touch.

“He’ll come in the evening.”

“Why can’t he just come now”

Rosé clenched Jean’s collar in her hand.

He couldn’t see her expression, but it was easy to imagine what she might look like.

‘She’s biting her lips and tearing up.’

Jean gently patted Rosé’s back with his calloused hand.

“If you study well with Sera, time will pass by quickly.

Miss Sera will be here in a bit.”

Ferre looked up abruptly at these words.

“What time will she come”

“Hmm… She always comes earlier than the set schedule, so I think she’ll be here in about ten minutes.”

Rosé and Ferre’s gazes met while Jean was looking at the watch on his wrist.

It was a mischievous exchange of glances.

“Jean, Jean!”

Rosé and Ferre called his name at the same time as though they were one person.

“What is it, Your Highnesses”

“We like Sera a lot! But can you tell us what kind of person Sera is”

Two sparkling gazes faced Jean.

Rosé and Ferre hugged him closer and smiled brightly at him.

It almost felt like he could see spring flowers blooming in front of him, much like the blossoms outside.

When these angel-like children were behaving this way, Jean—not knowing what they were thinking about—seriously mulled over the question.

“Hmm… Miss Sera”

“Yup yup.”

The twins nodded vigorously.

“Hmm… I don’t know much about her either, so I don’t know what to say…”

As he scratched his head, he thought about it.

She’s cheerful Her expressions change a lot She couldn’t open the door with that small frame of hers, but she somehow could carry a bag that was almost the same weight as her

Jean contemplated what he should say.

“Even if it’s not really important! Can you tell us something unique, please”

Rosé urged him with a pleading look.


And when Jean was struck with something to say, he lightly hit his own forehead.

Rosé and Ferre looked at him with high expectations.

They gulped and waited for him to answer.

“The most unique thing about Sera is that she can’t wield magic.”

Foolish Jean.

He told the twins Sera’s biggest weakness.

Despite his splendid background of a strong family, his tall height, his good appearance, his excellent swordsmanship skills, and him being the Emperor’s guard knight… He’s had no lover so far.

And that’s because he’s exceedingly tactless.

Rosé and Ferre looked at each other, a meaningful smile on their lips.

“She can’t use magic”

“Yes, she can’t.

She says that she doesn’t have mana in her body.

Oh, and!”

“Ah, and what”

Rosé and Ferre had to squeeze each other’s hands to hold themselves back from smirking.

“She said that she doesn’t like high places either.

That’s why she can’t even ride a horse.”

‘This is it!’

With each of their other hands that weren’t clasped together, they reached behind them and gave each other a silent high five.

Today, their prank for Sera had been decided.

They’ll somehow levitate Sera high with magic.

Truthfully their mana was still unstable and they couldn’t control it well yet, but Rosé and Ferre didn’t care about these things.

They couldn’t wait for Sera any longer, and their hearts pounded with excitement.

“But, Your Highnesses.”

Rosé and Ferre, who had stepped back to carefully disentangle themselves from his arms, were caught again.

The twins looked at him with innocent faces, pretending to know nothing.

They just hoped that he wouldn’t notice their pounding heart.

Rosé and Ferre clenched their hands tightly.

“You’re not going to prank her with that, are you”

His narrowed eyes carried suspicion as he looked at the twins.

Rosé and Ferre’s intertwined hands were soaked with sweat.

Rosé turned her head for a moment and took a deep breath while Jean couldn’t see, then she looked up at him again.

“Of course not.

We’re good kids, right, Ferre”

Jean realized the moment he looked into Ferre’s eyes.

Ah, he slipped up.

He hurriedly looked at his watch.

There wasn’t much time left.

It was almost time for Helios’ parliamentary meeting, and he didn’t have time to wait for Sera or to stop the twins’ prank.

Jean held Rosé and Ferre firmly by their shoulders.

His sad eyes became more strict and were now like a stern tiger’s gaze.

“I know what you’re thinking.

But Your Highnesses shouldn’t!”

He tried to scowl deeply and hoped that he looked scary enough, but Rosé and Ferre didn’t even see it.

The twins had already wriggled out of his grasp, stomping their feet as they ran away from his arms.

Jean was having a hard time leaving the study as he kept looking back at them.

They were already lying down again, whispering and giggling as they faced each other.

‘I’m so sorry, Miss Sera.’

Jean quietly apologized to Sera, who was now coming into the Star Palace from a distance.


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