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Chapter 47

Translated by Yonnee

Edited by Yonnee


“It’ll be over in just a moment.”


Sera nodded.

She was extremely tense because she was receiving an undeserved divine healing from the Emperor himself.

She clasped her hands together, and they were damp because of her nervousness.


Soon enough, warm light flowed out from his palm.

The divine power she saw for the first time was like the warm golden light of the sunrise.

As the light touched her wound, an uplifting, delightful sensation seeped in with a pleasant tickle, like a spring breeze that gently would gently come towards her.


The treatment didn’t take long.

About ten seconds later, Helios carefully raised his hand.


“It’s over.

You can check.”


Sera carefully touched her forehead.


And it was smooth.


The wound had disappeared as though it had been wiped off.

Even when she pressed it to see if the swelling was really gone, she didn’t feel any pain.


“Thank you very much, Your Majesty.”


Sera relayed her gratitude with a bright smile.

Seeing her smile, Helios also had a pleased expression.


“Now, tell me then.

How did you really get hurt”


Helios grinned.


‘You didn’t believe what I told you Why are you asking me again’


Sera glanced at Helios’ smile, wondering if she really had been caught lying.

Those purple eyes curved into beautiful crescent moons as he continued to stare at Sera.


“Just as I mentioned earlier, I tripped…”







Right then, Helios nodded once, slowly.

It wasn’t like he was berating her, but Sera somehow felt guilty.


How dare she lie so shamelessly in front of the Emperor! Her timid heart was pounding for fear of being caught even though it wasn’t a dire offense.


‘Is it a huge offense to lie to His Majesty But I can’t say otherwise because I promised Her Highness Rosé.’


Keep your promises with your students! It was her iron rule as a tutor.


‘I feel a little guilty, but if I betray Rosé here and disregard our promise, I’ll never be able to bribe her with caramel or chocolate.

She’d pout and be upset forever.’


Ridding the worry creases on her forehead, Sera avoided Helios’ gaze.


On the other hand, Helios was quite amused to see her avoid his gaze like that, unable to make eye contact with him.

He wasn’t really curious about what she was hiding.


After watching over her for the past few weeks, she continued to be faithful to her duty as a tutor.

She was careful to let him know anything he needed to know as the twins’ guardian, and she delivered facts as accurately as she could.

On top of it all, she always did her best.


If Miss Sera Popo truly did something wrong, she would have come in with a grim expression while immediately asking for forgiveness.

She wasn’t the kind of person who would lie to cover up her own mistakes.


And really, if something actually happened, there was a 100% chance that it was his younger siblings’ doing rather than it being Sera’s fault.


Rather than finding the truth to the matter, what he was honestly feeling was ‘curiosity’.


Blue eyes looked up at him from below.

As though her eyes were translucent sapphires, they revealed her innocence.

She lied and said that with such an awkward laugh and thought that her child-like excuse of ‘I just fell a little.’ Even her startled expression looked like a child’s, and her face overlapped with his siblings’.


Helios wanted to see more of her startled eyes, her new reactions that would come out whenever he urged them out.

And strangely, this served as a catalyst for him to want to tease her more.


As he got closer, her pink face grew even more flushed.

She seemed to feel awkward whenever he came close and she kept scurrying back, but this would only make him think, ‘What if I come closer’


While he was thinking mischievous things, she endured his proximity while believing that he was close to her purely because of the treatment of her wound.


In the end, the answer to his curiosity might be just one thing—he wanted to see her get so flustered.


“Was it because my younger siblings played another prank”


He asked just to be sure.


“O-Of course not.

That’s impossible.”


She hurriedly waved her hands, and a small tongue seemed to moisten her slightly open red lips.


“A strong denial is the same as a strong confirmation.”


“No way, how could I possibly lie to Your Majesty”



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Sera shrugged to prove her point, but she kept moving away from him while avoiding his gaze.



Then I’ll stop asking.”


Only when he saw that Sera was truly feeling troubled as she sweated a lot did he take a step back.

A sigh of relief reached him.


Thinking that she was adorable, he smiled right then.

But it still bothered him that she wouldn’t say anything about the matter, whether it involved his siblings.

Even so, he couldn’t threaten her or anything just to get to the bottom of it.


Sera was puzzled by his smile that seemingly came out of nowhere, but she was being careful not to look straight at him.


What a smile on that languid expression!


If she looked at him more, she’d surely forget her original purpose here.


‘Handsome faces are deadly.’


Coughing several times, Sera decided to faithfully get back to the true purpose of her visit and went straight to the main topic.


“The classes that Their Highnesses took were Imperial language, numbers and basic math, lessons on morality for the children of Adelio, and fun art games—in that order.”


She took out the drawings that Rosé and Ferre drew today.


The drawing on the left had a person that was all blue, while the one on the right had a person standing in a bizarre posture.

Seeing the brown snowflake-like shapes floating in the air, they seemed to have drawn the events that transpired in the Star Palace not long ago.


“This one is your first day here, Miss Sera, when you got all wet.

And the other is when they slung mud all over the Star Palace.”


“Ding ding ding, you’re right! Then, please guess who drew which.”


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