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Chapter 48

Translated by Yonnee

Edited by Yonnee


He didn’t even need to pause to consider it.

The more simple drawing was Rosé’s and the more detailed drawing was Ferre’s.


“Rosé’s is on the left and Ferre’s is on the right.”


“That’s right, sire.

His Highness Ferre is more adept at drawing than Her Highness Rosé.

Usually when comparing peers of the same age, girls tend to be faster on the uptake than boys, but I think this is because of a difference in personality.

Her Highness Rosé is more mischievous while His Highness Ferre is more mild-mannered, and that’s how it is reflected on their drawings.”


“You’ve gotten to know my younger siblings well.”


Helios nodded in agreement.

As he was listening to her, he sat comfortably with his chin on the back of his hand while his long legs were crossed.


The way she told stories of his younger siblings was so vivid that it almost felt as though he was right there next to them.

But he also felt mixed feelings because he couldn’t truly be there to see how Rosé and Ferre are during their daily lives.


Their conversation continued to flow, and it ended only when Raphael knocked on his office door well after 10 o’clock.


As soon as Sera went out, Raphael nagged Helios.

Raphael pounded his chest as if frustrated, almost as if he was lamenting about the ground swallowing him up.


“Your Majesty, do you know how many times I’ve already told you that you must send Miss Sera back to the carriage by 10 o’clock”


“Oh, I don’t know.

About three times”


“It’s been more than ten times.

Your Majesty, please just go to bed early during the days that Miss Sera comes.



It wasn’t that Helios didn’t know that Raphael was just worried for him, but Helios wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t wish to go see his younger siblings.

He headed towards the Star Palace where the twins were sleeping.


His younger siblings, who didn’t usually cooperate well during bedtime, amazingly went to bed early whenever Sera came over even though they didn’t sleep at Helios’ bedroom like the usual.


Miss Sera’s class days.

That was the only time he could sleep in his own bed.


Of course, he still wouldn’t be able to avoid the whining of his younger siblings the next day when they woke up.

They would say, “I didn’t see Heli Oppa!” and “Heli Hyung, did you come yesterday!”


Helios was standing in front of the large door of the Star Palace’s dedicated study.

He was about to open the door—ever so slowly in case the twins would be woken by small lights or sounds—but he paused for a moment.

As he looked behind him slightly, he met the gaze of a maid who was waiting in the hallway.


“Did something happen between Sera and the twins today”


Of course he wouldn’t fall for that lie.

He was still concerned about the wound that had been on Sera’s soft skin, so he eventually asked about the situation.

And if it really was his younger siblings’ fault…


The maid lowered her head as Helios asked her this question.

She was the maid who gave first aid to Sera earlier.


“Ah… I’m not entirely sure, Your Majesty, but it seems that there had been an accident.”


“What kind of accident”


“Lady Sera has a small cut on her forehead, but Their Highnesses probably played another prank…”


Helios sighed deeply.

He asked just in case, but it really was the Rosé and Ferre


‘Then it’s a good thing that I healed it with divine power.

She got hurt because of Rosé and Ferre, so if I left the matter as is… I’ll have to scold them firmly once they wake up tomorrow…’


He entered the room while shaking his head.

Looking through a gap in the opened door that was very narrow so that the light would not leak so much into the room, he saw his sleeping younger siblings who had their bellies sticking out of their pajamas.


His footsteps were muffled as he approached the twins.

Then, he bent down, took the blanket that had fallen to their feet and covered them until their chests.


‘You guys are sleeping well.’


His younger siblings were sleeping while holding each other’s hand tightly.

Just look at how small those hands were.

Helios reached out to compare his hand with theirs, and he thought that there was still a long way to go until their hands could grow bigger.

Helios fiddled with their little overlapped fingers as if playing with them.


“Mm… mmh.”


Feeling that his fingers were tickled, Ferre noticed Helios’ presence, tossing and turning.

Ferre rubbed his eyes and eventually sat up.


“Heeeli Hyuung…”


Half-asleep, Ferre spoke in a quiet voice.

Red warning lights blared in Helios’ mind, and he already knew that a bigger mishap would happen if he couldn’t put him back to sleep now.


“Yes, yes.

Go back to sleep now, Ferre.”


Helios quickly made Ferre lie down again to put him back to sleep and kissed him on the forehead in a hurry, but Ferre had no intention of going back to bed.

His Heli Hyung came to see them now, so he couldn’t miss this opportunity.


Ferre shook the sleeping Rosé several times with his short limbs.

Then, when she didn’t wake up with just that, he kicked her awake.




Seeing this, Helios looked up towards the ceiling and closed his eyes, sweeping a hand over his face.


“Uuhh… whaddya… want… Fe… rre.”


Rosé’s eyes were half open now as she wiped her drool with the back of her hand.

As her eyes adapted to the darkness, she saw a large shadow beside her.



“Heli Oppa!”


Rosé immediately clung onto Helios.


‘I guess I won’t have any sleep tonight.’


Helios exhaled long and hard, but he lightly hugged back Rosé, who was hanging from his neck.

He used his other hand to pat Ferre’s, who rubbed his head against the hand like a puppy.


They both smiled brightly.

Rosé in particular hugged her brother tightly and snuggled in his wide embrace, sticking close to him like gum.


Realizing that he hadn’t been able to put them to sleep for a while now, he surrendered to some extent.

Then, he asked.


“How was your day”


It was a normal question that he always asked, but their expressions changed subtly as they heard it.

A dark shadow passed over their faces.

It was obvious just from their change in demeanor that something happened today.


“What’s wrong”






“Did something happen”


Helios asked once more.

Ferre couldn’t say anything and only looked at Rosé.


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