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“Mm… Is it like this”


“Sera, this isn’t working.”


Ferre and Rosé had been struggling with red colored paper for about half an hour now, trying to make flowers by folding it.

The twins, who were frowning deeply, only stomped their feet and blamed their own hands for not moving according to their will.

There was a mess of scattered paper and crayons in front of them.


“What Sera made is pretty, but what I made isn’t pretty.

My flowers are ugly.”


Rosé didn’t like the flowers she made, and so she pouted very hard. Tsk. She glanced sideways at Ferre’s flowers and immediately felt jealous after comparing them to the ones she made.


“I think I’m better than you.

Mine looks more like a flower.”


Ferre, who had no tact, nodded proudly at what he made.

Incredibly satisfied because it was the first time he tried doing it, he thought that his paper flowers were much prettier than the flowers made by his sister.


“No way.

Both of you did such a good job.

I think His Majesty will be really happy once he gets these.”




The moment Sera said this, Rosé’s expression instantly brightened up as though she had never looked gloomy just a second ago.


“By the way, what day is it Why are we making cards”



Heli Oppa’s birthday is still far away.”


Rosé and Ferre asked one after another as they took the carnations they made after learning from Sera and placed them over a white piece of paper.


“That’s because it’s the 8th of May.”


Sera grinned.


“May 8”


What kind of day was it The twin looked up, trying to remember if May 8 was a special day, but no event came to mind.

It wasn’t the founding day of the Adelio Empire, it’s not their birthday, it’s not Helios’ birthday, and they didn’t think there were any festivals being held on this day.


Of course.


‘May 8 was Parents’ Day in my previous life.’


In the Adelio Empire, there was no special holiday for parents to receive love and thanks like the Parents’ Day in Korea.

The holidays here were just the empire’s founding day and the Emperor’s birthday among others.


Sera often followed holidays from her previous life and gave special classes for them for the day.


‘Everyone was surprised and told me that this kind of teaching was like a special lesson.’


Today was one of those days—Parents’ Day.

Originally, it was a day to thank parents for the love they’ve given to their children, and there would be carnations attached over their hearts.

But Sera changed things up a bit and settled for a thank you card that they would give to the Emperor, who took very good care of his younger siblings.


‘Since there are already so many flowers in the palace, it’s better to give handmade cards as a gift, right’


Sera smiled at the clumsily made cards.

On the cards were Rosé’s paper carnations that were sticking out because the folds didn’t fit together, and Ferre’s carnations that had their own flower shape.

It was both so cute and delightful that a proud smile that resembled her mother’s curved up on her lips.


Perhaps if they deliver the cards with their cute stubby hands, His Majesty’s lips would have a much prettier smile.

That unique innocent and refreshing smile of his.

If she were to predict his reaction, he might immediately hug the kids, and he might turn around to also…


‘Ah, yet another useless thought.’


This kind of random daydreaming was detrimental to Sera’s heart.


“Sera, what should we do now”


Ferre called Sera innocently.

Strangely, Sera’s cheeks seemed to have turned a little pink, so he looked at her with a hint of confusion.


“Now, shall we open the cards and write inside”


Kindly opening the cards for them, Sera handed one quill each to the twins.

The luxurious paper used by the Imperial Family was smooth and had a different color than usual.


“First, we’re going to write a greeting.

For example, ‘Miss Sera, hello! This is Rosé,’ or ‘This is Ferre’.

Like this.”


Rosé and Ferre held their quills with serious expressions.

Then, without any hesitation, the twins boldly made their first strokes.

However, because they were using too much force, there was a scratching sound whenever their quills moved.


Sera peeked over their heads to check what they were writing.

On Rosé’s card, the crooked letters said, 「 Hali Oppa, hi! This is Rosé.

」 Then, on Ferre’s card he wrote, 「 Heli Hyung, hallo! This is Feree.


Their spelling was wrong, but even so, they wrote very well.

Sera smiled and let it slide, then she taught them how to write the next sentence.


“Next, let’s write down our honest feelings of gratitude to His Majesty.

Or if there’s something you want to be sorry for, you can write that, too.

The most important thing is to write frankly.”


“Frankly What does that mean”


Rosé tilted her head to the side.



After she said this, Sera inwardly thought, ‘Ack!’ Perhaps this was a word that was still too difficult for them.

After thinking for a moment about how to explain it, Sera opened her lips to speak.


“Well, ‘frankly’ means that you’re speaking sincerely without lying.”




Fortunately, the children who repeated the word ‘sincerely’ nodded as though they really understood her explanation.


Ten minutes passed by and the twins filled each of their cards in their own way.

Then, they put down their quills in a contented manner.

They were looking at the first letter they made with very proud eyes.


‘Sera said Oppa will like it.

I’m going to ask Oppa to hug me!’


‘After Hyung reads this, he’ll pat me until I go to sleep today, right’


The twins were practically bouncing in anticipation.


“If you’re done now, let’s decorate your cards with many colors.”


Rosé and Ferre began drawing on their cards with crayons.

As seven-year-old children, they drew their favorite things on their respective cards.

On the margins, Rosé drew colorful flowers, while Ferre drew several swords.


When Sera finally placed them in envelopes and wrapped them prettily with ribbons, their thank you cards were completed at last.


“I can’t wait to show it to Heli Oppa!”


“Me too, I want Heli Hyung to come quickly!”


Rosé and Ferre held up their cards and stomped their feet.

There was still some time to go before their older brother would come, but they couldn’t wait to see his bright, shining smile already.



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