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“What’s this”


“What is this”


Rosé and Ferre’s eyes were wide as they tilted their heads to the side.

They looked so lovely and so adorable that Sera wanted to pinch their chubby cheeks.


“This is called a sticker.”




The twins turned their heads, trying to look at it at different sides.

If they turned their head to the left it was pink.

From the top it was purple, but green from the right.

Other sides were a gradient of orange, yellow and red.


The stickers that Sera showed had different colors.

And the color would change depending on where you’d be looking at it from!


As they saw this for the first time, Rosé and Ferre’s curiosity soared.


Sera smiled and picked up a star-shaped sticker on top of the pile.

Then, she slowly peeled off the paper on the back of it.

The children watched her movements closely.


“In between this and the smooth paper is a sticky glue.”




The twins focused on what Sera was holding between her fingertips.


“If you roll the tip a little and push it, the smooth paper will be removed.”




Rosé and Ferre were so amazed that they admired it with their mouths gaping open.


Unlike Korean children in her previous life, who could easily access stickers even if they’re just three years old or younger, the twins were so surprised by this because they had never seen something like it in this world.


“Now, can you see what’s on my hand There’s sticky glue there, that’s why it’s like that.”


“That’s so cool! Sera, can I have this”


Ferre said this while looking at the sticker with a yearning gaze.


“I also want it! Sera, give one to me, too.



Rosé’s eyes were glistening as with a begging look.

It was clear that Rosé, who was quick to read people, already knew how to sway Sera.


“I’m giving you only one each today.”


“Just one each”


At the same time, Rosé and Ferre visibly drooped as they spoke in disappointment.


Thinking that they were like puppies whose treats were stolen, Sera instead placed one star-shaped sticker each under their eyes.


“Huh, what”


Instead of explaining, Sera took out a small hand mirror and showed the twins their reflection.

The star-shaped sticker looked like a cute beauty mark under their eyes.


Rosé and Ferre touched their faces to see if they liked the stickers on their faces.


‘In my previous life, the kids had stickers like that during the school arts festival.’


With a pleased expression, Sera smiled as she watched over the twins.


After perhaps being satisfied by looking at their faces in the mirror, the twins seemed to start getting greedy for other stickers.


They looked at the stickers that were piled up in the box container, their gazes lingering.

Then, they turned to Sera with sparkles shooting out of their earnest eyes towards her.


Give me one more, like that.


‘But I won’t surrender that easily! I didn’t bring these just to give them to you!’


“These stickers aren’t just regular stickers.

They’re good job stickers.”


“Good job sticker”


Sera nodded and held out a piece of paper towards the two, and there on the paper was a drawing of a grapes bunch.


“If Your Highnesses do a good job on one thing, then you can have a sticker one at a time.

For example, if you answer all my questions, eat your food without leaving leftovers during lunch and dinner, or go to bed early, then I’ll give you a sticker.”




Rosé and Ferre both made a grumbling sound as though they didn’t like Sera’s proposal.


The two children, whose cheeks puffed up, looked at the box of stickers with a yearning expression.


‘But I don’t wanna finish everything when eating…’


Rosé’s expression crumpled as she pouted her lips.


‘I have to study hard…’


Ferre sighed.


However, this reaction was just as Sera had expected! So she prepared something.

And that was…


“If you collect ten stickers, you can get a special gift.”




The twins’ eyes widened as they shouted at the same time.


That’s right.

What would be fun about just collecting stickers Of course, there should also be a special reward alongside collecting stickers.


Stickers were a teaching aid, so they were even like magical items that could draw in seven-year-old children—no, even as old as twelve-year-old children.


10 stickers.

20 stickers.

30 stickers.

It depended on merit, but children tend to rush and collect stickers like crazy when there are bigger rewards to be given.


Would they be any different just because they were children from the imperial family Nope! The psychological framework of all children was the same.


Wasn’t it obvious just by the twins’ reactions


Rosé and Ferre were already drooling at the sound of ‘gift’.

They were like young fox pups who were looking at something shiny!


“Alright then.

Can you see what’s written here at 10 stickers, 20 stickers and 30 stickers First, Your Highness, can you read it for me”


“Uh… umm… Eat sna… snacks with Sera.”


Ferre, who had just started learning the imperial language, stuttered as he read the sentence aloud.


“Very good.

Next, your turn, Your Highness Rosé.”


“Take a walk with Sera.”


Compared to Ferre, Rosé could already read clearly.

Rosé raised her chin and shrugged as though to show off that she could read better than her brother.


‘Maybe because cognitive language skills develop faster for girls.’


Sera patted both kids’ heads.

Rosé and Ferre, happy with the gentle touch, smiled at her.


“Now, Your Highness Ferre, please read it one more please”



Pl…ay a game with Sera!”


The twins alternately read until they reached the 100 stickers mark.

Whenever they read each sentence, the twins’ eyes twinkled greedily.


‘I’m gonna get more good job stickers from Sera faster than Ferre.’


‘I’m going to collect more stickers from Sera faster than Noona!’


Rosé and Ferre made eye contact.

Without a word to the other, they hugged one arm each of Sera’s.


‘I’m gonna eat everything on my plate and play with Sera!’


‘Sera’s mine! I won’t give Sera to Rosé!’


And so began the competition of sticker collecting and the fierce battle of nerves.



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