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The winner was Rosé.


‘Mmm… You seemed to have collected them faster than I thought’


This was what went through Sera’s mind as she saw Rosé handing over her sticker sheet, the child’s eyes sparkling.


Breaking the expectation that it would take three weeks for them to collect ten stickers, Rosé collected twenty in just two weeks.

It was tough, but Rosé didn’t complain when she was given extra food, and she also was very good during their classes.


‘I was already surprised when she collected ten in just two days… Did I set the standard too low But then His Highness Ferre…’


Unlike Rosé, who had already collected twenty stickers, Ferre was tearful because he’d received only three stickers.

He looked at Rosé’s grape sticker sheet that was full of shiny stickers, unlike his own.

His chin jutted forward as he pouted.


“Sera! I have twenty now, so can we go for a walk”


A pretty dimple could be seen on Rosé’s cheek, her expression full of excitement.


“Of course, but…”


Sera turned towards Ferre, who was shrinking in despair.

Rosé, who was quick-witted, immediately realized Sera’s worries and ran to Ferre’s side.


Rosé grabbed Ferre’s face with both eyes and turned his head towards her.

Then, she pulled his cheeks with both hands.


Ferre, who was still pouting, looked at her.


“Ferre, stupid! Did Sera ever leave you alone! Even if you can’t, Sera will take you on the walk!”


Rosé snapped as though he was pitiful.




Ferre’s expression quickly brightened.


“Instead, I’m the one who’ll hold Sera’s hand.

And when we eat or sleep, Sera will be next to me.”


With a magnanimous voice expressing her generosity, Rosé put up this condition.


How could Ferre possibly give up that place next to Sera when it’s bedtime That’s not good.

He wouldn’t be able to see the fairytale book that Sera would read to them because he’d be far away, and Sera wouldn’t be able to pat his belly.

That’s why he and Rosé took turns next to her every day…


But today, Ferre didn’t have a choice.




“If you don’t wanna, then fine.”


“I got it.

It’s my turn today, but Rosé can be next to Sera.”


Ferre finally answered.

After hearing a satisfactory answer, Rosé ran to Sera.


“Sera! I think it’s nice if Ferre comes with us too!”


Rosé grinned.

With an expression saying ‘I did well, right’, she waited for Sera to give her the reward.


“Our pretty Rosé, your heart is so lovely, too.”


When Sera crouched down and looked at Rosé, the child opened her arms and rushed into Sera’s embrace.

It was a warm hug.

Sera patted Rosé’s head once and hugged her tightly.


After Rosé had been lowered from the ceiling back then, she had started sticking to Sera like gum.

All day long, she was anxious to do only what Sera liked.


It was only two months ago that Rosé was only thinking about what kind of prank to do so she could torment Sera, but right now, that was nowhere to be seen on Rosé.




* * *




“Huh Heli, that’s Miss Sera.

She’s with Their Highnesses Rosé and Ferre!”


On this sunny day, Helios was looking around the imperial palace with Jean, unable to resist Raphael basically kicking him out while saying that working was good, but he needed to get some sun.


He was heading towards the Star Palace, thinking about going to see his younger siblings… But just in time, he saw that his siblings were with Miss Popo outside.


“Is it an outdoor class”


He couldn’t hear anything because they were some distance away, but he could see that Miss Popo and his siblings were talking.

Seeing the twins listening to her intently with much curiosity on their expressions, a smile naturally graced his own lips.


“No, I don’t believe so.

Her Highness Rosé mentioned something about collecting stickers, or something like that.

So they might be going out around the palace to take a walk soon.

Don’t you think so”


“Ah, stickers.”


Actually, Helios also felt that the stickers were magical.

Since two weeks ago, Rosé had stopped waiting up for him before she went to bed, and she hadn’t been complaining about her meals either.


Ferre’s change wasn’t to that extent, but he had also definitely changed recently.


It’s all thanks to those ‘stickers’.


“I’ve introduced the sticker reward system to Their Highnesses.

If they do something nice, they’ll receive stickers as a reward.

Then, they’ll also be given small prizes every time they collect ten, twenty and so on stickers.”


Helios also recalled that moment in his office when Sera had shown him the pieces of paper with a drawing of grapes on them, her eyes round with excitement.

When he first listened to her explaining it, he never imagined that it would have this kind of immediate and compelling effect on the twins.


‘It’s like Miss Popo really knows how my younger siblings feel.’


Looking at how the twins had changed, he thought that there really was no better choice than making Sera their tutor.


When he first suggested that she should be brought in, Raphael was so anxious as he was already showing his disapproval, even protesting as he said, ‘Your Majesty is going in person!’


If not for Helios stubbornly going to Sera’s house for a visit anyway while saying that he would somehow bring her to the imperial palace, that opportunity was almost missed.


But now, even Raphael was satisfied with Sera’s work.

He once said, ‘I’m glad that Your Majesty can have enough rest thanks to Miss Sera.’ Everything was smooth-sailing from then on.


“Heli, I think Miss Sera is really amazing.

Would we have thought that this would happen two months ago”


Jean said this as he was watching Rosé and Ferre, who were now walking along the garden holding one each of Sera’s hands at her side.

Their smiling faces looked happy.


His siblings were being calm like this.

It was definitely something he could expect two months ago.

The complaints he had heard from all over the place and the report about the Star Palace being a mess—it all seemed so long ago.


“It would have been better if Miss Sera’s status was a little higher.”


At Jean’s words, Helios turned and looked at the knight.


“What are you talking about, Jean”


“Well, you know.

She became a tutor at a young age.

She said she eagerly found a way to live after losing her parents at fifteen years old.

If she had the more relaxed status of a Count’s daughter, I don’t think she’d need to run around everyday from 9 to 9.”


He was right.

And what Jean said were already facts that Helios knew.

But, somehow…


“Being as pretty as Sera is, men would be lining up, too, right She’s also so bright and sweet.

She would absolutely be in a different league if she had made a proper debut in high society.”


Somehow, Helios’ mood soured.


“Stop now.”


Helios said this with a smile.

However, his eyes carried no laughter.


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