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“Then I’ll wear a pretty party dress!”


Rosé also joined in the conversation, her face full of anticipation.


Now that Ferre mentioned it, it was going to be June soon.

It was the twins’ birth month.

Being born at the beginning of summer when the scent of grass was pleasant, just like other children, Rosé and Ferre thought that their birthday was a very special day.


In addition, Rosé and Ferre were members of the imperial family.

Because they were such illustrious children, their birthday was a national event, and for that reason, their birthday was celebrated every year as a national festival.


The imperial family also held a large-scale birthday banquet for them, and since they were of the direct imperial bloodline, even royal families from other countries would send delegates.


However, the situation was a little different this year.


“It could be a little different compared to last year, Ferre.”


Helios said this with a slightly darker expression.

A pretty hand patted Ferre gently on the head.


It’s only been half a year since Helios took over state affairs.

If Ferre was going to wish for a colorful gift like last year’s fireworks show, it’ll be a bit difficult to do that this time.


“Mm, I know.

That’s why I want to be with Sera and Hyung on our birthday.”


“Me too, me too! Sera and Oppa!”


With her silver hair fluttering, Rosé nodded and begged with earnest eyes.

Ferre unexpectedly suggested their birthday party first.

This was something she had to help him out with.


“Hyung, please I want my friends to come over and celebrate our birthday with Sera and Hyung.”




For a moment, Helios agonized and thought it over.

Then, he turned to look at Sera with a calm expression.


“Would it be alright for you to be with us during my younger siblings’ birthday”


“Ah, of course, sire.

If I won’t be a nuisance to Their Highnesses… I’d be happy to any time.”


On the most special day— they’ll be with Sera!


Rosé and Ferre raised their hands up high in hurray at the same time Sera answered.

Stomping their small kitten-like feet, Rosé and Ferre waited for Helios’ decision.


With his head tilted to the side and one hand on his chin, Helios thought about it, but he soon came to a conclusion.


“Alright, shall we have a tea party to celebrate your birthday, Rosé and Ferre”


Wouldn’t it be possible to call some of the aristocrats closest to the imperial family, along with the twins’ peers They hadn’t held a tea party in a while, but wasn’t it originally an event where conversations and meetings with nobles could take place


It wouldn’t be bad to start with a small event to celebrate Rosé and Ferre’s birthday since it was still unknown when the right time for an imperial banquet could come. 


For Rosé and Ferre, who couldn’t meet their peers often, it would be nice to give them a chance to make some friends at this party.


“Is that alright with you, Miss Popo It’ll be a small gathering where Rosé and Ferre’s peers will be invited only briefly during the day.”


Helios asked carefully.


“Yeah, it’s our birthday.

My wish is to be with Sera!”


“I want Sera to wish me a happy birthday!”


Rosé and Ferre shouted excitedly one after another and hugged one each of Sera’s arms.

As they waited for her to answer, the twins had eager twinkles in their wide eyes that resembled jewels. 


“That’s a-okay with me! It’s during working hours anyway, so I’ll be watching over Your Highnesses.”


‘It’ll be great since it’s a tea party where the twin highnesses can meet children of the same age.’


Sera thought it over for a while, but if it was a small event catered for children, it wouldn’t be burdensome since it’ll be alright to stand on the sidelines.


In any case, rather than a real guest of the birthday party, the role Sera wanted for this event was to be more like Rosé and Ferre’s nanny. 


When noble families gathered in a banquet like this, it wasn’t unusual that the nannies would follow the children to watch them.


As long as she could watch Rosé and Ferre from the back, she wouldn’t feel that conscious.


‘During working hours anyway.’


Helios felt that his invitation seemed to have been misunderstood by Sera.


He was thinking that she would be Rosé and Ferre’s party guest in the literal sense.

In the first place, he proposed a small-scaled tea party mainly for children of the twins’ age because he was considering Sera’s attendance.


But Sera didn’t seem to think about it that way.


“Miss Popo, on that day…”


But at that moment, Rosé and Ferre rushed to him in their excitement.

The twins grabbed Helios’ face with their small hands and rubbed his cheeks.


“I’m so exciteeed! I want our birthday to come quickly!”


“Hyung, please give me a biiig present!”


“I want a lemon dress!”


After thanking Helios profusely, Rosé and Ferre now clung onto Sera’s arms and pulled.

Caught by them both and dragged away, the twins spun her around the terrace.


Because of the twins and Sera twirling now, Helios missed the timing to bring up what he wanted to say.



* * *



The news of the twin highnesses’ birthday party quickly spread.

The long-awaited event set the entire Imperial Palace of Adelio abuzz. 


There was a notice that the birthday party was going to be at the Star Palace, so the people of the said palace had been busy since a few days ago. 


Their preparations were in full swing.

From cleaning the palace and landscaping the garden, all the way to preparing food at the kitchen, everyone was absolutely busy.


Sera was also one of the people swept away by the hectic schedule.

This was because everyone turned to Sera and kept asking about Rosé and Ferre’s preferences.


“Lady Popo, what kind of cake do Their Highnesses like”


“Lady Popo, I think we’ll need to prepare a simple game for Their Highnesses, but what would be a good game”


“Lady Popo!”


“Lady Popo!”


After being called here and there, from one place to another, even two Seras wouldn’t be enough.

Her main job was the twins’ tutor, but at this moment, it felt like she’d also become a party planner.


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