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‘No. Never. If I wait a little bit, someone will definitely come.’


Sera once again resisted fiercely.

And to her luck, the pointed heels of her shoes landed on the duke’s foot.




At the sharp pain, the duke let go of Sera.

With how hard she had stepped on him, his luxurious leather shoes had caved in.


“Not just once, even a second time!”


He looked down at Sera threateningly.

Eyes wide open and nearly showing only the whites of his orbs, a growling sound could be heard coming from his throat.


Duke Bethmann raised his right arm up high.


As a dark shadow was cast over her face, Sera closed her eyes tightly.




* * *




Some ways away from the crowd, Helios was with his younger siblings.

When he turned his head, he could see that the tea party venue’s atmosphere still hadn’t returned to normal.


“First, find Duke Bethmann.

I need to speak with him.”


Helios ordered Raphael in a low voice.

Raphael was startled by the unfamiliar tone, but nevertheless, he bowed silently.


“I understand.”


Helios’ top priority was the safety of his younger siblings.

Since someone dared utter those kinds of words towards his younger siblings, Helios couldn’t control his anger, which was soaring to the sky right now.


Besides that, Ducal Princess Lucille acted in that way right before him.


No matter how kind Helios was, he couldn’t stay still.


Raphael left, running back to the garden.

Meanwhile, Helios carried his two siblings and sat them down on a bench.


“Rosé, Ferre.”


Calling the twins’ names affectionately, he glanced at them both.

Those big, jewel-like eyes never blinked and looked away from his gaze.

Just seeing how swollen their faces were and how red the area around their eyes were, he could guess just how much they cried.


“Heli Hyung, are you angry”


Worried, Ferre asked as he tilted his head to the side.


Just how much shock did Elijah’s words give them Helios smiled heavily, feeling his chest tightening up.



A little.”


It was too cruel, especially for children who were only seven years old.


“Because of us”


Rosé and Ferre asked cautiously.

Helios was always sweet and gentle, and it was the first time he was showing his anger.






“I don’t think I’ve told you both enough that I love you, Rosé and Ferre.

I’m angry at myself.”


Helios whispered in a trembling voice.

Seeing such a tearful face, the twins smiled brightly.


“Sera’s right.

Oppa loves us.”


“Sera kept telling us not to worry because Hyung loves us.

She’s right.”


Reaching out slowly, Helios hugged Rosé and Ferre.

Their small arms wrapped over to his back.


Looking at his two younger siblings, who were still in his arms, Helios held them even more tightly because they had such a hard day.



I feel better because of Heli Oppa’s hug.”



Heli Hyung gave us a hug so it’s nice.”


Rosé and Ferre nuzzled deeper into his embrace.

When they rubbed their cheeks on Helios’ arms, they felt even better.

They were afraid that Helios wouldn’t like them anymore.

But the moment they met their older brother, those worries slowly vanished.


“But Heli Hyung.”


Ferre’s small voice tickled Helios’ ear.


“I can’t breathe.”


“Me too.”


He must’ve hugged them too tightly.

Listening to their words, Helios let go of the twins with a smile on his face.

He carefully looked at Rosé and Ferre, surprised to see that their expressions were more composed now compared to before.

This also made him feel calmer.


“I heard you were with Miss Popo, but why is it only you two here”


She was always right beside them, so it was strange not being able to find Sera anywhere.


“Mmm She said she’ll come quickly.”



We used so many handkerchiefs so Sera said she’ll clean them up.”


Rosé answered, but was also perplexed.


“Really Then where’s Miss Popo now”


“A place with many trees.

Behind the Star Palace.”


It was strange.

It’s not so far away, so she’d be able to return right away.


‘What’s going on…’


Raphael was running from afar.


“Your Majesty!”




“I found out where he is.”


Raphael shook his head, narrowing his eyes as though he had seen something unpleasant.


“He’s someone who really does what he wants.

Someone said that Duke Bethmann went to rest and drink liquor behind the Star Palace.

A servant also got hit because he said he wanted to spend time alone.”


“Behind the Star Palace…”


He had a bad feeling.


“That’s right.

I heard he was resting in the shade of a tree behind the party hall and—”


“That’s where Sera is!”


At Rosé’s exclamation, Helios and Raphael’s gazes met momentarily.

Although Helios wasn’t interested in the matters of high society, he still knew enough about the rumors surrounding Duke Bethmann.


‘If perhaps…’


Helios frowned, wrinkles forming on his forehead.

Raphael also had a flustered look on his face.


“Your Majesty, maybe…”


Raphael trailed off, but judging by the aide’s anxious expression, Helios could understand what he was trying to say.

Nodding wordlessly, he rose to his feet and leaned down to hug the twins once more.


“Both of you, wait here for a little while, okay”


“Hyung, why What’s wrong”


Ferre grew anxious as he glanced up at Helios, who now had an urgent look on his face.

Ferre grabbed the hem of Helios’ suit, and at this, Helios patted the twins gently so as to soothe them.


“It’s nothing.

Can you wait here I’ll just go and bring Miss Popo back.

Raphael, keep an eye on Rosé and Ferre.”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


“Why, Hyung”


“What’s going on, Oppa”


“I just have a bad feeling.”


Helios smiled at his younger siblings again before he hurried to the rear garden of the Star Palace.

As he got closer and closer to where Sera was, his steps grew faster and faster as well.



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