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Chapter 9

Translated by WuXing

Edited by WuXing


There was a large window behind the Emperor’s desk.

It was Spring, and the warm sunshine poured into the study.

A young man was sitting at the desk, his silver hair glistened in the sun and fluttered as the gentle wind breathed through it.

Anyone who stole a peek into the study now would be instantly captivated by the appearance of the young Emperor of Adelio, Helios Adelio.

His mysterious purple eyes were surrounded by his long eyelashes which were a darker shade of silver when compared to his hair.

The drowsy weather in Spring had made him weary.


“Your Majesty, you looked extremely tired today.” said the man who was at one time Helios’ childhood friend, Raphael Dempsey.

He was now his secretary and personal assistant.


Raphael was concerned about the increasing dark circles underneath Helios’ eyes.

He noted that Helios’ complexion was getting worse and worse compared to his old self.


“My two dongsaeng didn’t let me sleep yesterday.”  (T/n: dongsaeng means little brother or sister)


Helios straightened his back.

Due to exhaustion, his eyes had become dry.

He massaged his temples with his long slender fingers.

Prolonged periods of overworking himself had taken a toll on his mind and body, he felt lethargic.


“Had the twin Highnesses Rosé and Ferre created more trouble for you” Raphael asked while letting out a sigh.

He had guessed what had happened.

“Rather than saying that my dongsaeng had created trouble for me, I think it’s much preferable to say that they had refused to leave me alone.” Helios said affectionately with a warm smile on his face.

“Sigh…  they must have kept you awake until dawn.

Your Majesty is too soft on them.

You have to take care of your own health too.” Raphael, who knew better about the Emperor’s schedule, pressured him.


It was not that he could not understand Helios’ intention, but he was more concerned about how Helios had not rested properly for the past three months.

There were even rumours within the palace that the Emperor could not sleep.

It was like when Helios ascended the throne and became the Emperor, he had always completed his tasks perfectly.

In order to achieve this, he had to commit far more time and effort than anyone else.

In addition to the overwhelming amount of work as an Emperor, he also had to act as a guardian for his dongsaeng…

Raphael let out a deep sigh.


“There’s no helping it.

They are still at an age when they need a parent’s guiding hand.”


Last night, Rosé climbed onto Helios’ shoulder, and Ferre grabbed onto one of his legs.

Their energetic green and purple eyes locked onto him like a hunter’s eyes onto his prey.

In the end, both of them fall asleep in his bedroom.

The royal twins were given birth by the lovely Emperor and Empress in their later years, 20 years after the birth of their brother Crown Prince Helios.

In light of this, their highnesses Princess Roseline Adelio and Prince Ferreritan Adelio were greatly loved and adored by all the people in the Adelio Empire.Ever since they were born, they had become the idols and mascots of the Adelio Empire.

The people of the Empire had even given Princess Roseline and Prince Ferreritan their cute pet name Rosé and Ferre.


“Did you cry again yesterday” (T/n: The twins never cry, so he was talking about Helios.)

Helios answered Raphael’s question with a bitter smile.


“You must have had a hard time.

Your Majesty.”

“I don’t know when Rosé and Ferre will ever cry again.

What do you think about the proposal proposed by the maids who came a few days ago They had requested that we hire a motherly figure as the twin’s nanny.”

“Have you decided on it”

“I think that Rosé and Ferre will get used to the situation in the near future, so I’m going to put that on hold for now.”


Helios closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath.

It was a troubling thought.

It had already been three months since the sudden passing of the late Emperor Endymion and Empress Charlotte, but the twins were clearly still grieving.

Seven years ago, the late Emperor and Empress were still in good health and were able to give birth to twins at a considerably old age of 50 years old.

Then came the fateful day when news regarding the death of the late Emperor and Empress shook the Empire.

They were killed in an accident involving a train and the news of their passing shook the whole Empire.

Even for Helios who was known to be firm and resolute, the shock was overwhelming.

His heart ached every time he recalled the miserable faces Rosé and Ferre wore in their black funeral garbs.


‘It was a heartbreaking event for me, but it must have been even worse for Rosé and Ferre.’


Rosé and Ferre had not cried on the day of the funeral, they had stomached the death of their parents silently.

Since then, no one had seen them shed a single tear.

Yesterday, Rosé and Ferre fell asleep with tears in their eyes.

The royal twins said they missed their father and mother dearly.

They were also upset that their older brother could not visit and accompany them more frequently.

The thing that bothered him was that whenever the twins begged him with their eyes, pleading him not to leave them, the only thing he could do was to persuade them gently to sleep.

Helios had a lot of responsibilities to attend to.

Starting with the investigation into the train accident that killed both his parents, the Empire’s foreign relations, policy-making, and various other matters.

His workload had increased by 2 folds.


‘During my time as the Crown Prince, although I had actively participated in the governance of the Empire, I had never expected to ascend the throne and take in so many responsibilities in such a short time.’


Due to his busy schedule, Helios’ time with Rosé and Ferre had reduced significantly.

Rosé and Ferre were upset with this arrangement.

Ever since two months ago, from the very moment the twins woke up, there were big and small disturbances happening all around the palace.


“On another topic, Raphael.

You should have known by now right That Rosé and Ferre had been throwing frogs at the maids”


Helios, who was sitting there with his stiff and heavy shoulders, let out a deep sigh and looked at Raphael.


“I apologize for not reporting this matter to you, Your Majesty.”

“It’s alright, Raphael.

You’re only doing it for my sake.”


Helios gave a warm and gentle smile to Raphael who had lowered his head to apologize.

However, his eyes looked worried.

His beautiful face looked dimmed because of anxiety.


“It’s not because I don’t understand the feelings of my dongsaeng, but it’ll be extremely difficult if this goes on any further.”


In just a week’s time, dozens of incidents involving Rosé and Ferre had occurred throughout the palace.

Helios who had excelled in every national examination, was close to reaching his physical limits.

It was then…

Thump…clang clang clang!

There was only one person in the palace who could make such a loud entrance and break the peaceful conversation between Helios and Raphael.


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