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Chapter 90

Translated by Yonnee


Without even knowing the reason himself, Helios walked forward with wide strides.

Then, before he knew it, he shoved Jean aside—who looked at him with an incredulous expression—then peeked into the carriage door.

About half of his body was inside.


“Uh… Your Majesty What’s wrong all of a sudden”


With her round eyes, Sera looked at Helios as he practically entered the carriage.


“It’s just…”


Considering how decisively he walked forward, he couldn’t think of anything to say.


“Be careful on your way.”


“Ah… Yes, Your Majesty.”


There was nothing else to say, so he smiled helplessly then stepped back from the carriage he had walked into.


When the coachman asked if they’re allowed to take off now, Helios nodded wordlessly.

At his permission, the coachman cried, ‘Giddy up!’ and the carriage took off at once.


“Heli, what are you doing”


Jean asked from a distance.

His voice expressed just how confused he was by Helios’ interference.


And Helios didn’t know why exactly he did that either.


All he knew was that he couldn’t possibly say, ‘It bothers me that Miss Popo smiled so brightly for you.’




* * *




“Your Majesty.

You can’t just leave the Empress’ seat empty forever.”


The sudden claim of Count Burrhus, who had a daughter in her early twenties, brought silence to the hall.

When the count mentioned a fact that everyone already knew, but nonetheless a difficult thing to bring up, a lot of similar remarks also followed here and there.


“Yes, that’s right.

You also need a companion, Your Majesty.”


“The Empress must be ushered in as soon as possible to continue the imperial lineage.”


“The neighboring country’s next king has not yet ascended to the throne, but he already has two children.”


“Your Majesty, we must hurry and hold the national wedding soon.”


“Your Majesty! At least please bring in an imperial consort.”


Here and there, the nobles talked about marriage with such vigor that the veins on their necks seemed like they’re about to burst.

In particular, those who had marriageable daughters reacted more intensely.


The nobles took this opportunity to imagine what it would be like to have a grandson who’ll succeed to the throne one generation later.

And they were in anticipation of having such a perfect and flawless emperor as a son-in-law.


But even as Helios was the very topic of this conversation, to him, it didn’t seem like it concerned him at all.

He just smiled lightly and wordlessly watched everyone who spoke.


Not long ago, these ministers suffered under the cold anger of the emperor, who they thought was only gentle.

Did they not remember what happened to Duke Bethmann, who uttered those wrong words


When spited, this silver wolf did not show generosity.

Even with a gentle voice all the while, the emperor was merciless when he made Duke Bethmann kneel before him.

Though he was hiding these fangs, it was true that he could always show them and instill fear at any given moment.


Slowly, the nobles’ chatter died down, fearing that the same icy glare would make its appearance again and be directed at them this time.

It was difficult to determine whether the emperor’s smile was the same gentle smile as usual, or whether it was the kind of smile that was telling them to shut up because they were too noisy.


As the commotion gradually fizzled out and calm silence ensued once more, Helios leaned his head to the side with a serious expression on his face.


He realized that just being kind and gentle would not be good for everything.

Actually, he’s been thinking about this a lot more lately.

Of course, the ministers seemed much more frightened than he had expected.


“Let’s set aside the matter of the imperial marriage.”


Smiling, Helios stood up from his seat with a relaxed countenance.

No one else tried to refute the emperor’s words, so everyone also stood up from their seats and bowed as he left.


When Helios returned to his office, which was the space that was entirely his, he sat down in his chair and leaned back completely.


The deep red beams of the setting sun streamed over his shoulders and landed on the pile of documents on his table.

The pile looked like a hardbound book in its thickness.


He had to go through all these papers and documents, huh.

As if telling him that it’s impossible to avoid his responsibilities, one corner of Helios’ lips rose crookedly—it was an empty smile.

Slender fingers pressed against his temples, and he felt the signs of fatigue.


“You look tired.”


Raphael glanced anxiously at Helios’ face.


“A little.

I can’t deny it.”


“But you do know that what Count Burrhus said is correct, right”


Raphael once again pressed down on the matter.


“I know.”


At times like these, Raphael really did his job as an aide well.

After a short sigh, Helios pulled the documents on the table closer to him.


“How many noble ladies have you included here Why is it so thick”


With his silver hair dropping over his eyes, he flipped to the first page.


Fiery red hair and bright red eyes.


It was a familiar face.


“Duke Saruvia Cross.

Of course.”





t/n: had to go back a bit to chapter 68 and apparently Saruvia Cross is a duke, not a ducal princess.

I’ll be amending past chapters accordingly, sorry for the confusion.


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