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One morning, when I wasn’t fully awake, my mother declared with a very red face in front of me.

“You know, I’m getting married.”

“Oh, is that so”

I stabbed the food on my plate while listening to my mother’s excited voice. ‘You mean remarriage, right’

It was sudden, but it wasn’t shocking news.

If it was only a marriage, I could accept it. 

However, it was amazing that she was announcing a serious matter which is a marriage, at such an important time, just when I was about to take a school entrance exam. 

‘I’m sure I’ve told her I was preparing for an exam.’

There was a good chance she had forgotten.

Well, there would be no difference even if she had remembered that.

‘I had thought that she was dating a little longer than usual, but remarriage’

Only half a year had passed since she had stamped the divorce papers while declaring.

‘I will not do this kind of thing ever again’.

‘So in the end, it becomes like this.’

I knew that she had started dating.

Her glowing face, her sweetened voice, her frequent shopping and outings.

The carriage and mail man who had recently taken to visiting the house more often, and the last clue, was my mother’s bright smile.

Her sparkling eyes curved as they looked at me.

“What do you think Huh”

If the matter was decided anyway, I only had to give her the words she wanted to hear.

“Well, if it has reached the point of marriage, he must be a good man.”

There was no need to hurt her feelings when she was that happy.

I quietly took the napkin and wiped my lips.

“I think we should hurry up and hold the ceremony.

He also wants to quickly merge our family.”

Even if that was the case, she had only been dating noticeably for two months, how could she had already been planning for marriage.

It seemed like her partner was rather a hasty guy.

I had no problem with my mother getting married, but I was a bit bothered with the influence this remarriage would bring upon me.

Her previous marriage partner was a sincere guy who liked family gatherings, so much so that he used to call me for every family event.

Because of that, someone like me, who suffered from getting dragged everywhere, learnt why a family man was not necessarily good.

Even though it was comfortable for me when she was hopping around the dance hall like a migratory bird looking for a warm place. 

To my regret, she seemed to have found another nest for her to stay.

“He said he would take care of the preparation.”

“Good, then.

He must be a kind person.” I was glad that, at least, she was happy.

“Today, I will introduce you to him, so leave the afternoon free.”

Actually, I had a study gathering with my friends this afternoon, but I decided to give up on that.


She was delighted with my answer, that I would come, thus she ran straight to the dressing room.

Dana, who was waiting next to me, sighed.

“Isn’t Madam too mean If only she had told My Lady a bit earlier….”

“I’m sure she didn’t promise anything in advance but decided on it on an impulse.”

She was someone who decided on a matter based on her mood at the time.

Today’s appointment was also probably decided right at the moment, ‘let’s meet up while I’m thinking of it’, as we were conversing.

“I don’t think it was intentional.”

Dana let out a long sigh before she cleared the table.

“And that’s even more surprising.”

‘But she’s not a bad person.’

She was just a person with too much love.

A person who used to invest her life whenever she fell in love and wanted to be loved back.

Nevertheless, she had never let go of my hands, in the name of that love.

Dana pouted at my words.

“If she had been married three times, she should be quiet by now.’

“My mom has got a certain taste.”

My mother enjoyed showing off her happiness and showing it off to her heart’s content.

She also liked to leave the impression that she was loved.

However, I wished that her partner this time was an easygoing person.

“Please, I hope he isn’t from the artist family.” Dana mumbled while shivering.

“The one who meditated in the chicken coop saying that art needs inspiration is really….”

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