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The scary thing about Rany was that all her remarks were sincere.

“Let’s take care of him before you take a liking to him.”

“Take care, get rid of.

How can you do that to other people .



“Look at this.

You’ve already turned soft now.

You can’t be like this.”

Rany was sincerely regretting this.

“I can’t let him go peacefully without any rumors spreading.”


“Since he’s still young, returning back to when he’s still don’t know about the dirty side of this world is also-”

“If you’re going to continue spouting nonsense, then I’ll kick you out.”

Rany, who was persuading me despite knowing that I’ll disapprove of it, closed her mouth with a disappointed expression.

“It’s true that things go wrong, but I didn’t bring the prince here because of that.”

Rany lifted her head.

“I heard something that bothers me.”

The timing was completely different.

If the prince was telling the truth, then the death of the first prince was far more earlier than ‘the accident’.

However, it weighed on my mind that both happened in the Louver Village.

“I might have to look into this.”

Rany tilted her head at my words.

The moment I was about to continue, I heard cheerful footsteps from the hallway.

In the place of the footsteps that stopped for a while in front of the door, I heard someone knocking on the door.

There was no need to guess who was the source of the knocks.

Because there was only one person who frequently visited my room than anyone else.

Before I could open my mouth, Rany jumped to her feet and opened the door wide.

“Young Duke Miller.”

While putting her hands on her waist, she glared sharply and growled at Orion.

“How could you come to Marianne’s room when her body and mind is very tired”

I wondered why everyone forced my mind and body into a tired, exhausted, and terrible state.

It made my heart stuffy.

Orion glanced at me and replied with an excuse in a small voice.

“I mean, I am only checking if she’s okay .



“She’s not okay!”

I’m okay.

Why are you the one answering for me

I reached out to keep Rany quiet, but she was one step faster.

“How can you think Marianne will get better so easily after knowing what she’s been through Just look at her now.

Just by looking at how blue she is and how hazy her eyes are you can know that she’s not normal.”

My complexion was more normal than ever.

I see you’re telling me that my complexion is usually very blue and my eyes are blurry, huh

I felt like the wound in my heart that didn’t happen in the forest happened now.

Rany waved her hand and advised Orion as if showing him mercy.

“Go out now and order a new sickle, fork, or maybe shovel in the blacksmith.

Where are you going to spend the money you made I’m telling you to use it more for your little sister.”




It was true that I like collecting farming equipment, but suddenly I felt like my taste was heinous when I heard it like that.

A noble young lady who ordered farming equipment and put it next to her when she was sick to recover

I grabbed Rany’s sleeve tightly.

“Hm Should I tell him to not order it”

“Erm .



“You said you lost your shovel this time, right”

That was with the prince.

After I used it to hit Zen, it returned back to the prince’s arms.

The prince, who was near the brink of death, hugged the shovel tightly and fell asleep.

When he washed his dirty body, he carried it with him, and after they got clean together, he left it at his bedside.

According to the counselor, it was extremely normal to have an object of attachment while trying to return to being stable.

And the shovel as that object is a bit .




Orion tilted his head and looked at me.

When I saw his blue eyes looking at me, my mouth couldn’t be opened for a moment.

I had to stop him, who turned his body halfway ready to go to the blacksmith right away.

However, Rany seduced me one more time.

“Do you know that it’s a trend to make a little groove on the top of the shovel these days That way, you can handle seedlings so that the roots are less spoiled.”


Orion’s expression turned determined when I hesitated.

As if he was a soldier on his way to protect his country, he nodded his head, immediately closed the door, and ran through the hallway.

When I realized it had gone wrong, his speed was too fast for me to chase.

“Don’t you think I’m being too careless these days”

“It’s fine.

In a good sense, it means you’re out of energy.”

I was very confused with Rany’s comfort.

She sat back next to me, calmly put the snack on her mouth, chewed on it and continued,

“Well, what’s wrong with being a bit weird Is anyone normal around here”

“I have nothing to say if you phrase it like that.”

Wasn’t that also a bit sad

Every time I recalled everyone around me one by one, I became confused with what was normal meant.

Even Bertin, who was a sensible being, looked like he had some loose screw sometimes.

Of course, Rany was also not that normal.

“From what I see, your brother,”


“He is frustrated.”




“I can’t believe he is obsessed with a big little sister at his age.

Of course you’re very special, cute, and lovely, but this is not right.

You said he doesn’t look at the other young ladies, right”

“Because Orion has his position.

He’s just being cautious about meeting or exchanging promises with the young lady of a particular family.”

Didn’t Lord Duke also thoroughly hide his meetings with Mom during the remarriage process

Only after everything was decided then the news would be announced, and after that, the process would be carried out so quickly so that there wouldn’t be any silly talk.

It was a surprisingly perfect conclusion.


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