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“There’s nothing wrong with me.

What kind of problems would I have except for handling problems made by the idiots around me”

She spoke boastfully while patting her chest, but the kind friend didn’t stop worrying.

“I’m telling you everything is fine.”

“Well, I’m glad then, but .



Along with a sigh, Marianne’s voice blurred.

“Eat well, don’t be so hard on yourself, and keep your head up high.

If there’s something that’s not enough, just live off Orion.”

“I don’t need that.”

Leaving the friend that sent her off with a faint smile, Raynia, who boarded the carriage, sighed when the horses took steps.

“Those annoying bastards.”

The Rocke Guild recently got excessive competition and pressure.

In particular, starting from the hunting competition, the intervention continued on full scale and explicitly.

Like opening sales on the day they were releasing products, or spreading bad rumors about their customers using backers.

The tricks were dirty, but they were utterly effective.

“Well, it’s bound to happen someday.”

Raynia straightened up her back.

Rather than that, Marianne’s demeanor toward the young prince bothered her more.

The circumstance of the young prince was indeed pitiful, but the Marianne that Raynia knew wasn’t someone who would reach out because of nothing more than pity.

“It seems like there is something .



It weighed down on her looking at how Marianne spared her breath as if she wanted to tell only when she got more certain.

Raynia narrowed her eyes as she bit on her nails slowly.

I feel like I have to dig into this.

If she wanted to be able to touch the Imperial family, she had to raise the popularity and scale of the guild.

Although she had money, it wasn’t enough, and the road was still far away ahead.

She indeed made profit through luxury items, but it was mostly thanks to Madam Titi’s influence.

As she stuck to the Duke after remarrying, rarely joining numerous social gatherings, the sales were going down.

“One thing I’m sure of is that Aunty is an incredible model.”

Whether it was fancy jewelry, delicate accessories, it would be sold out on that day if that woman wore it.

Of course, that was when Madam Titi wandered around enticing people’s gaze on her.

“And I can’t drag an aunty who was enjoying love out.”

She opened the carriage door and stepped down while swallowing a sigh.

The moment she stepped down from the carriage, the guild workers quickly ran and bowed, “Boss!”

Raynia looked at the vigorous young men who were bowing to her, then waved her hand.

“I’m sick of this concept.

Next time, try using a cute image.”



Well, if it doesn’t work, then try using a fluttering one-piece.”

As soon as Raynia’s appealing order ended, someone called her.


Raynia, who was examining her workers with a boring face, turned her head.

A young boy who was standing with a calm face with a similar height to her entered her sight.


“Please stop making fun of the workers.”

“What’s wrong with that”

I’m the one who hired them.

Despite Raynia’s apathetic words, the boy was firm.

“If you keep giving such orders, their effectiveness will decrease.

Everyone says they can’t work because they are nervous.”

“They’re just whining.”

The boy turned silent at Raynia’s words.

She changed the topic without reprimanding her little brother who dared to raise his eyes to his older sister.

“So, what about those”

“Brother Zen looks better now.

His fever also went down.”

“It’s fine, then.”

“But Brother Bertin doesn’t look very good.”




Raynia chose to stay silent at the words spoken by her brother while he was gazing vacantly at her.

Bertin Gramia, who seceded away from the line ‘for a moment’ to save his friend when it was a busy time to fight wyvern, was placed under probation by the Temple.

It was a light probation for a few weeks, so he could return soon, but it would feel like an insult for the Head of the Gramia Family who didn’t tolerate even a small mistake.

“It’s not funny at all.”

The boy, who was forced to turn into a paladin at a young age just because he was a second son, was treated as an excellent ‘accessory’ by the Temple, and a ‘symbol’ of sincerity by his family.

If he rejected his role, he would be punished severely.

Just like now.

Lifting her dress to her ankles, she strode away.

As she opened the door wide, she saw Bertin Gramia on top of Zenin Arcadia while pushing down both of his hands.

The two people that were looking at each other turned their heads at the same time and looked at Raynia.




At the end of a short silence, she asked.

“Is this, uh, a situation I should avoid”


This is a situation you should be involved in.”

She entered the room with an uncomfortable face at Bertin’s answer.

While crossing her arms, Raynia looked down on the fierce Zenin Arcadia who looked like he would soon be squirming away.

The pale face turned red.

It also seemed like he was better looking at how he was struggling energetically.

“Let go.

Before I hit you.”

His temper also became worse.

Raynia lowered her gaze and asked.

“Why is he like that”

“I think he is overly proud of his skills.

He looks like he is thinking of going around freely in the Duchy like in Marianne’s house.”


Raynia quickly reached out and slapped the back of Zenin’s neck.

At the same time a slap sound rang, Zenin’s head hung down.

Zenin, who was growling, shut his mouth when he saw Raynia held a candlestick tightly and swayed it around.


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