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As if my explanation was lacking, Zen steered the talk in another direction.

“Is it a crazy person again”


He isn’t that kind of person….”

“You said he is such an eccentric human that it is even hard for you to understand, right”

“Peculiar—unique, that’s what I said.”

“Last time you also said the artist who entered the chicken coop was peculiar.”


That one was because I also wanted to talk about him nicely but since I had no other words I had used that.

Even if it was like that, Young Duke Miller couldn’t be treated on the same level as that person.

In the end, I described him differently.

“He is a person with extraordinary eyes.”

Zen face stiffened at my words.

“So he is a pervert.”

I said he wasn’t like that.

I couldn’t understand why whenever we talked, the conversation always flowed in a negative direction.

Despite the fact that I couldn’t really understand him, I didn’t think that the polite Young Duke Miller was a bad person.

Because I was afraid that the Young Duke of the Empire would be treated as a pervert, I quickly changed the topic.

“Want to eat this once more I can order it.”

He looked at me once then turned his head away, meaning ‘I’ll let you off this time’, as he answered bluntly.

“It’s my money.”

I had forgotten the fact I had no money because of which I had called him here.

“That, that’s right….” I said, before awkwardly nodding my head.

Well, I was thinking of stopping eating since my stomach was getting gradually full.

“Stop eating now.” Zen reached out his hand to touch the tip of my lips.

Maybe there was still some sauce that I hadn’t wiped off in there.

Unlike his dry and indifferent expression, his touch was very gentle.

“If something happens, don’t bear it alone and call me.

Because I can take care of simple problems as long as they are not above the level of a count.”


He was a Duke though.

I discreetly lowered my gaze.

From the way he talked, I was sure he would suffer for a while if he got to know about my mother’s partner.

Once was more than enough to experience my house getting turned upside-down by the vases that my messy-haired mother and my best friend threw at each other.

I quietly called to him as he stood up to pay, wearing his hood tightly as was his habit.



“Thank you for coming.”

As hungry as I was, I wanted to see his face.

Even if I didn’t whine ‘it’s hard’, just knowing the fact that there was someone who was willing to hear my whining anytime, was enough for me.

He fell silent for a while then came closer and asked seriously.

“Tell me the truth.”


“That rich noble bastard with pervert eyes did something to you, didn’t he”


And why do you keep changing what you are saying about him I said he isn’t a pervert.”

‘But he is rich.

He is a Young Duke, so he must have a lot of money, right’

Zen couldn’t ease his suspicion and glared at me.

I denied it once again with sincere words.

“No, it is not like that.

I only said he is peculiar because he isn’t the kind of person I usually meet with.”


Zen’s eyes were telling me something else. ‘That’s right.

He must be a pervert you haven’t met until now.’

I decided to explain this situation filled with misunderstandings once more later after my Mother’s marriage.

It was just, since I was busy preparing for exams and preparing for Mother’s remarriage, for some moments I forgot the fact that I had to explain this to him.


It was kind of a rush wedding, but even so, Mother wanted a grand and fancy ceremony that suited her taste.

Since she was someone who loved art, her outstanding sense of beauty was being excellently shown in the ceremonial hall decorations.

The Central Shrine where the reigning Emperor had held his coronation was a place that perfectly matched her dream.

Moreover, her partner was a Duke.

He had authority and more than enough fortune.

He was a very loaded partner, perfect to fulfill Mother’s extravagant desires.


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