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Orion changed the prince’s room without saying anything at my request.

The prince, who acquired a neat room with a light azzure tone, finally got up from his bed.

It seemed like changing the room was enough to comfort his heavy heart.

“But, is it really okay, My Lady”

Dana really worried about the prince.

“His Highness is undoubtedly a member of the imperial family.”

Her eyes looked at me with worry.

I shrugged at her burning gaze.

“No, I didn’t do anything.”

“If you didn’t do anything, then would the prince, who had been staying still, take a walk with a flower pot next to him, and sleep with a shovel in his arms”


If I really was a farming tool worshiper, then I wouldn’t feel wronged.

In fact, I never asked about the plant’s condition since that night.

“Originally, humans led the development of civilization around agricultural life.”

The prince only fell into the charm of the start of civilization, I was not the culprit.

Dana stared vacantly at me.

She, who was about to add something, soon gave me the orange juice while sighing and saying nothing.

“Thank you.”

I always started my days with coffee, but nowadays, I started it with orange juice.

The juice entered my daily life that everyone would not believe if I said I didn’t like the orange juice.

“Well, this indeed tastes good.”

I didn’t know where this came from, but because the prince even said ‘I never drink this kind of orange juice in my whole life,’ there must be a lot of care put into this.

“Don’t you have to start preparing for the academy now, My Lady.”

“Guess so.”

I turned sad.

I finally had the chance to graduate early, but it was sorrowful because I couldn’t say anything in front of the emperor.

“But I don’t want to go to the academy.”

“Don’t fight with your friends, study well, and you have to live bravely.”

“Aren’t you treating me like a kid”

She smiled at my question.

“Because everyone treats you as a grown-up, I feel like at least I have to remind you of the fact that you’re only a sixteen years old girl.”

Her hand gently caressed my hair.

My hair had grown longer than my shoulder.

If it got a little longer, it would have been the right length to tie up.

“Thank you.

It’s fine now.”

Dana smiled at me, who was leaving my seat.

“Don’t mention it.

It’s something I’ve always done.”


When I told him about my plan to go out today, Orion looked very regretful.

“It’d be good if you postpone it a bit if you don’t really have to do it today.”


I think I really have to do it today.”

This was the day I chose after considering various conditions that were advantageous for me on purpose.

Of course, those conditions also included ‘so that Orion can’t follow me going out.’

“Erm, it can’t be helped then if you really have to do it today.”


Orion, who turned down at my light answer, quickly rose up to prepare to enter the palace.

The prince, who sat next to me and calmly ate his breakfast, glanced at me.

“Are you going out”


There are some items I need, and there are a lot that I have to buy.”

“Can I follow you”

“You want to follow me”

“There are a lot of books that are not available in the duchy’s library, so I think I have to look for it.”

Hearing his words, the maid and attendant who were quietly waiting on the side, flinched.

I tilted my head when I heard that there was something missing in the duchy’s library that was wide and large enough to have a separate librarian and a record book.

“I’m trying to find a plant illustrated book.

I can’t find out Adel’s species through the illustrated books in the duchy.”


That kid is only a weed, so it won’t come out in any illustrated book, though, sir.

I pretended to not notice the attendant and maid who were narrowing their eyes with a frustrated expression, and patted the prince.

Since he was a prince, who accepted his death day and only waited for it until recently, it was important that he found something he was interested in.

“It is because of your influence that the prince is interested in that kind of thing, My Lady.”

After erasing Dana who said that while letting out sighes from my head, I nodded.

“We’re just going to do some simple business, so dress comfortably and come down.”

As soon as I finished saying that, the prince nodded with a slightly flushed face and left his seat.

While I looked at him, who quickly went to his room, someone came closer to me and swiftly took a seat.

“You got a more companion, My Lady”


Is it troubling you”

The light brown eyes curved.

Flashing a soft smile, he shook his head.

“This hurts my pride a bit.

I am the vice-captain anyway, so I won’t get troubled just because the number of people that I have to protect increases by one.”

“I’m glad, then.”

“But, it’s a bit disappointing.”

He lowered his voice while still maintaining his smiling face.

“I thought we finally could peacefully go out alone.

I even became a traitor who exposed Orion’s schedule for that.”

Strangely enough, Sir Rune’s line was much better than Orion who read romance novels, when he didn’t even read a novel.


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