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Surprisingly, the prince easily accepted my recommendation.

I thought he wouldn’t want to go because he didn’t leave his room at all, save for when he went out to buy the illustrated book on plants.

“I’m glad that you said you want to go.”

“He knows that it is for his sake.”




What did you tell him”

I asked because receiving a positive answer in one go was quite strange.

It made me feel a bit uneasy.

Orion smiled triumphantly.

The prince, who quietly drank his juice next to us, opened his mouth.

“Master gave me choices.”

His eyes looked sad, but also calm.

Just like someone who made up his mind to accept his fate.

“He said that I could either receive the postponed lessons ‘with all my heart ‘ or go to the academy.”




Orion, who was on the receiving end of my gaze, smiled brightly and his eyes sparkled.

Behind him— he who was practically sending a signal that he wanted to be praised through his eyes— I could almost see a wagging tail.

“Orion, those words are a bit .



Similar to a threat, no

The prince shook his head and spoke resolutely.


I’ve already prepared myself for such a statement when it was decided that I would stay here.

I will do my best to live because I also have something that I need to protect.”

Is the thing you have to protect .




I was glad that he was motivated to live and to go to the academy thanks to a flower pot, but I was also worried because he seemed to be too attached to a single plant.

“But we have to inform His Majesty for me to enter the academy.”

Orion replied to the prince.

“I’m not planning to report this.

If perhaps he finds out, then I can just say it is ‘a part of treatment that is meted out under the doctors’ suggestion.

The prince’s mind will gain stability through communication with his peers’.

And for that reason, you have to attend the academy while hiding your identity.

But I think it will be good for you, Your Highness.”

The prince nodded as though he agreed.

“There’s no need to stand out.”

Although it was an admission that happened through a half threat, I hoped the time in the academy will remain as a good memory for the clumsy prince in the future.

“You’ll do well.

I hope you can make a lot of memories.”

I was sincere.

The prince, who was silent for a moment at my words, squinted his eyes and asked.

“Did you make a lot of good memories in the academy you attended previously, Young Lady”

But why did you wreck it was what I read from his eyes.

Avoiding the prince, who unexpectedly hit the mark, I drank my orange juice.

Orion, for some reason, was smiling proudly.

* * *

The first day at the academy wasn’t as loud as I thought.

Orion wanted to escort me up to the front of the academy, but I would stand out, and do so rather obviously.

The prince, who attended the academy with me, boarded the very black carriage.

Meanwhile, I boarded the carriage meant for formal business.

The one bearing the crest of the Miller Dukedom.

“Are you nervous, My Lady”

I shook my head to Sir Rune who was in charge of my escort until the front gate of the academy instead of Orion.

Rather than nervous, I had a lot of thoughts.

“Well, I’m fine, but I’m a bit worried about His Highness.

From what I hear, he always studies with personal tutors at the palace.”

“He’ll be okay.

He’s unexpectedly good at what he does, so long as he keeps his mouth shut.”

Sir Rune smiled friendly.

Come to think of it, Sir Rune would obviously present when Orion tormented the prince, so didn’t it mean he observed said torture without making a move to stop it

When I looked at him in surprise, he touched his face.

“Is there something on my face”


I’m just curious as to how you became Orion’s friend.”

“It’d be better if you directly ask that to Orion.”

I didn’t think Orion and Sir Rune would open their hearts first.

Sir Rune pushed the answer to Orion while flashing a faint smile.

“I’m really relieved because there’s Young Lady Rocke.”

“Truly But I’m really worried about Rany.”

“It’s better to have everything in hand rather than have nothing.

It’s a fact that recently Rocke Merchant Guild is involved in lending money to aristocrats.”

Whether they liked it or not, they wouldn’t want to strain the relationship that was tied with money, so even if they wished to disregard Rany, they wouldn’t be able to do so carelessly.

“And you too, My Lady.

You don’t need to hold back or back down.”


“The name of Miller Dukedom is not just a title.

You are the Young Lady Miller who is acknowledged by the only successor of the Miller Duchy.”

I inclined my head at Sir Rune’s words.

It was a bit uncomfortable for me because not only Orion, but Sir Rune too excessively thought of me as a good person.

“You don’t know me, sir.”

“Is that so”

“I’m more brazen and self-serving than you think.”

The gentle voice friendly went along with me.

“That’s a relief, truly.”

“I’m telling you the truth.”

“I really hope so.”

Hearing the playful voice, I added seriously.

“But I’ll do so moderately so that Orion won’t be called to the academy.”

The summoning of the guardian felt overwhelming to me, as did the academy.

I was afraid that Mom, in a fancy dress and laden with heavy accessories while linking arms with Lord Duke, would come to take over the academy.

And Orion

Orion .



“It’s not a situation I want to imagine.”

Sir Rune began to laugh.

When the carriage stopped, the knight with tears around his eyes naturally opened the door and escorted me.


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