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Of course, with that said blessing Mother lived happily for around a month at least and around half-a-year at most—while she escaped from the patience and sense of responsibility.

“So, this is her fifth time.”


“Madam really is someone with too much love.”

Orion asked me in a little voice after looking at the priest who was smiling gently.

“How could this be the fifth From what I heard….”


It was true that she had only held three acknowledged official ceremonies.

However, the number of times she had entered the ceremony halls was five.

“One ended because she fought in the wedding hall, and the other one, because the groom went through a bad thing just before the wedding, it got cancelled.”

“A bad thing”

“He evaded tax then got his property confiscated and got imprisoned.”


The man who was getting dragged helplessly by the posse a day before the wedding was still clear in my eyes.

‘Fortunately, Mother came to her senses after seeing that.’

Mother had a personality that when she fell in love, she paid no attention to whoever her partner was.

But, when that love had cooled down, only her partner’s flaw stayed engraved.

It was a convenient personality.

That she could only see their good points when she was in love, and only their flaws when said love had cooled down.

The wise priest pretended to not notice our whispering and kept on waiting.

With a very disturbed face, Orion politely greeted the priest—wished him the best for officiating the wedding tomorrow.

“You don’t need to worry.

Marriage is a happy event no matter who does it.”

“That’s right.”

“Looks like the two of you, who will be siblings, are already on good terms.”

“Do you think so” Orion stole a glance at me with a complicated expression.

When the priest left first, saying he had to rest for tomorrow’s wedding, I also furtively began to talk.

“Since I have looked at every corner of this place and the wedding is supposed to be tomorrow, I think it’s best for me to quickly go home and prepare for tomorrow.”

“I will take you home.”

“No, thank you.”

As I rejected him on the spot, he looked at the hall’s ceiling and once again talked with a choked up voice.

“It’s an ordinary carriage.”


“It is also not accompanied by a knight.”

I wondered why this person wanted to ride a carriage with me so badly.

I absent-mindedly looked at him then nodded my head as if I had no other choice.

Where drums beat, laws are silent.

The laws were far, but the authority was near.

The son of a Duke who could take down even a flying bird showed his sincerity so much that I couldn’t bring myself to reject his offer to ride the carriage.

“Yes, thank you.”

I saw him clench his fist which I didn’t know the reason for, so I pretended to have not seen that.

I also decided to not think of why he was blushing slightly.

However, in this—being unable to do anything but accept his escort—situation, I was horrified by the anxious foreboding that there would be a lot to be let go of.

* * *

“How is it”

‘What did he mean by how’

The exterior of this modest carriage was not much different from the carriages I commonly saw in the street.

Only this carriage was equipped with a cushion that was very comfortable to sit on.

For me, I had no problem with sitting on a hard surface but it seemed like he was traumatized from the suffering from last time.

He talked proudly as he straightened up his shoulders.

“With this, now you can go anywhere with our carriage, right”

“Pardon” I got flustered for a moment then asked back about the words I had thought over and over.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t rent the carriage but you renovated the Duke’s carriage”

“This was nothing.

I only requested for the magic tower to slightly change the exterior and for the interior, I asked them to add comfort, so that this wouldn’t rattle.”

No wonder the appearance was oddly familiar, but the ride comfort was different.

The reason the comfortable seat didn’t shake even when the carriage ran through rough grounds wasn’t simply because of the cushion.

“I gave consideration to the parts the Young Lady found to be uncomfortable.

From now on, there won’t be any problem for you to use this carriage whenever you go out.

I reconstructed this as modestly as possible.”

“….” I was at a loss for words to say since I had already known about this carriage’s original exterior.

I really wondered at the reason he had renovated a good carriage to disguise it as a modest carriage.

Something such as a request to the magic tower already cost thousands of gold.

This carriage looked modest, but wasn’t this carriage actually daubed in money

“I see.

Thank you for your consideration.”

The tips of his mouth twitched.


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