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The wedding ceremony was about to end.

The bishop in charge of delivering a congratulatory speech gravely opened his mouth.

A familiar figure was seen next to the bishop, who was sent by the Vatican itself.

No wonder the young ladies’ eyes kept roving there.

The figure who was protecting the bishop, who was showing a bright smile on his face, was doing nothing but standing there, but even so he stood out.

Every time his silver hair was swept upward by the wind, every time his purple eyes blinked, I could hear the young ladies on my sides swallowing their saliva and sighing with longing.




Only Reynia was waiting for the end of the congratulatory speech with a sullen expression.

“I’m starving to death.

Why is the congratulatory speech this long”

“He’s giving blessings for the marriage so this is something to be grateful for.”

“It’s obvious that he’s secretly trying to get close with the neutral Duke Miller while the political battle within the Empire is going on.”

“It’s not like you hate the bishop.”

Reynia shutted her mouth tight without any further words.

The one who stood there— the youngest paladin who had ‘stolen the hearts of half the academy’s female students’, was incredibly hated by Reynia, the one on my side.

“Are you acting like this because he caught you when you were about to bet your money in the academy”

“Do you see me as someone who would be angry just because some petty penny was confiscated Rather than that cheap money, I hate getting oppressed by unloyal students who only know to suck up to the teacher’s authority.”

She’s quite angry, huh

Even so, I wished she would stop her sulking here, as the entire scenario was petty.

The one who operated the illegal gambling den wasn’t Reynia, but she was the one who spent the most money there.

“I clearly told you before, the one who reported it was Zen.”

The reason he reported them was because the crying sounds of the kids who lost their money to their gambling addicts was far too loud.

There was no reason for the figure who only ‘executed’ the confiscating order from the professor to garner more hatred than Zen, who did the reporting.

But Reynia kept on glaring with a curt expression at the face that was drawing so much attention from others.

Soon afterward, the bell rang, notifying everyone that the basic ceremony had ended.

Everyone began to scatter around to change into clothing that was suitable for the banquet.

“I’m going to talk with my mother for a moment.”

“Okay then.

I’ll go change my dress first.”

After Reynia had left, I attempted to approach Mother to have a little chat just before the banquet started.

But then, right at that time .



“Lady Marianne.”

“Sir Bishop.”

When I greeted him, bending my knees as I did so, I saw him raise his hand and let out a gentle smile.

It was often said that the smiling face of a politician is not reliable, but the calm atmosphere that was a priest’s characteristic was different from that of other nobles.

“Should I address you by Miss Miller, now”

“The family registration will be finished soon, so I think it’s fine for you to call her like that.”

Someone who suddenly appeared behind had answered in my stead.

When I turned my head back at the voice that was pleasant enough to my ears, the blond hair I was already used to entered my eyes.

In the middle of the luxuriously decorated ceremony hall, his appearance stood out even more.

I wondered if the appearance of an angel in verdure would be like his.

His attitude, which stood upright in a strict manner, seemed to make his atmosphere more mysterious.

“Isn’t this the Young Duke Miller”

“Long time no see, Bishop Vincent.”

I wondered if they were acquaintances due to the way they greeted each other with familiarity.

The bishop offered me a friendly word.

“It’s good to see an attractive groom and bride, but the appearance of Miss Marianne blessing the couple also impressed me.

You are more mature and polite than your peers.”

“Well, that is my Marianne.”

My face was burning with the excessive praise.

Then right at the moment when I tried to open my mouth in response to Orion’s ridiculous answer, the Bishop raised his hand and called someone.

“Now that I think about it, I still haven’t introduced him.”

A hand gesture and the figure in the back, who had been guarding him in silence, came a step forward.

The calm purple eyes looked at me.

As if he had read my mind without me giving him any sort of signal, he bowed his head with a smiling face while his eyes curved like crescent moons.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Marianne.

I may be lacking but I am Bertin, one who holds the Gramia name.”

The unique pattern of a paladin stood out on the back of his hand.

The appearance of him right in front of Orion was enough to attract gazes from a lot of people.

Public attention was focused on the gentle paladin who brought a spring-like warmth and the rational but beautiful Young Duke.

Catching sight of the bishop examining my expression while displaying a pleasant smile, I thought I understood it.

So he’s trying to use the power of beauty.

It was apparent that Bertin Gramia was the ideal paladin straight out of a fairy tale.

His great skill and humble personality, as well as his outstanding appearance.

He was the suitable figure to be the first love of the girls who dreamt of a beautiful love story.

He was even the object of attention of many female academy students.

That’s why he must be thinking of introducing me to get a favor from me.


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