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Rany touched her chin and went into full-scale scrutinizing and reasoning.

“Look at that coachman.

Seeing that his shoulders are that wide, all can see that he is not an ordinary coachman.”




The coachman was looking around his surroundings.

“I think there are some people spying on this academy.

I should report this right away.”

Even before hearing my words, she ran somewhere with fiery eyes.

I looked absentmindedly at my friend who was running once again, then I looked at the carriage in front of the gate once.

I didn’t know where she went to report this, but I had no desire to board that carriage.

“For now, let’s go back home.”

Since I was about to take the advancement exam, I thought I should avoid the disturbance as much as possible, but someone blocked me on my way to the back gate.

The man who was waving his hand to me was a knight of the Miller family.

He had been introduced to me by Orion before.




“I’d like to invite My Lady to a light tea time.”

“Isn’t this not an invitation but a half-kidnapping”

“I have no other choice.

Even though we’ve called you through the crystal ball, there was no answer.

If we sent an invitation, it would be broadcasted.

Orion has been waiting for My Lady for a long time.”




I sighed, slowly nodding.

I walked behind him at almost a snail’s pace in order to avoid the guards who were looking at me with curious eyes.

I wanted to study for the exam .



From my mother who had remarried just before the exam, to the new brother who begged me to drink tea.

It felt like everyone around me had decided to ruin my exam studies.


Raynia Rocke ran through the corridor as fast as she could, then opened wide a black door that wasn’t very noticable.

The eyes of Zenin Arcadia, disturbed by the uninvited guests, were radiating killing intent.

“Won’t you go”

“You’d better wake up, kid.”

She made a path by walking in large strides and kicking the things that were scattered in disorder.

She took a seat regardless of the room’s owner’s mood, then asked with a serious face.

“Is it a difficult feat to use ebony wood as a carriage material then apply color retention magic on it and even maintain it”




“Tell me.


Zenin answered with a sigh, knowing that she wouldn’t leave without an answer.

“If the mage isn’t riding the carriage, the person who handled the magic should be at the level of an intermediate mage to maintain it.”

Raynia rolled her eyes as if she was thinking about something.

Then an expression of realization flashed across her serious face.

She nodded her head with a short exclamation,

“So that’s why Marianne’s expression became strange like that.”

As soon as the word ‘Marianne’ came out, Zenin’s head turned.

Raynia shook her head at the green eyes that were staring at her.

“Forget it.

Since I’ve found out who’s the owner, there’s nothing going wrong.

He’s originally weird, anyway.”

“What’s wrong with Marianne”

“Are your ears pricked to Marianne’s news at all times”

Raynia clicked her tongue.

She, who was scowling Zenin with displeased eyes, spoke.

“It’s nothing.

It is just because of the son of Madam Titi’s current marriage partner.”

“What’s the connection between that and the carriage”

“He rode the eccentric carriage I just told you about and took her.”

The closed windows that made the room dark, all opened at once.

Scanning the empty front gate, his green eyes darkened.

Raynia folded her arms.

“It’s a bit worrying, but I’m sure Marianne will take care of it.

The other person had just become her fami .




She suddenly stopped her words.

Zenin’s mouth was moving incessantly and chanting a spell.

Raynia propped her forehead along with a sigh.

“Did you perhaps put a location tracker magic on her again”

“So it’s the top floor in Daily Coffee House.”

“Hey, you’re crazy! If you go there and make a fuss .



Raynia shook her head while sighing when she looked at the absurd Zen who left right away without a word.

Then she expressed her condolences in advance for Marianne, who would be the one to suffer between her eccentric friends and her eccentric new brother.

“It’s not my fault.

It is because I have no chance to stop him.”

Before she could complete her murmur of excuses, someone suddenly opened the door.

Raynia flinched since she knew that it was rare for people to come here, then her expression hardened when she glimpsed silver hair between the opened doors.

Bertin looked at the lone figure in Zenin’s room and smiled awkwardly.

“Oh, my.”





I didn’t know you were here.”

“Why are you apologizing This isn’t even my room.”

Raynia spoke sullenly when she saw Bertin’s habitual smile,

“It’s fine anyway.

There’s something for you to do.”


Bertin’s head tilted in wonder.

She explained the situation quickly and concisely,

“Zen saw Young Duke Miller come pick Marianne up.

Then he became enraged and chased them.”

“Zen did”

“Now go and do something about it.”

Bertin smiled bitterly at her natural imperative personality.

“I can’t refuse this, can I”

“You can.

If you can handle the consequences.”




I’ll try my best.”

“Top floor of Coffee House.”

Bertin nodded and left the room.

Raynia, who was left alone in the dark room, muttered in a serious tone,

“Even though I don’t like Orion Miller, the carriage is just my taste.”

She was wondering whether she should spend her money crazily on a carriage just like this one.

“Should I have one made”

If Marianne had heard about this, she would have been absolutely exasperated.


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