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As Orion’s sparkling blue eyes dimmed, I quickly denied,


When did I say that!”

“You said that to me when you just got back from seeing him for the first time.

That day you met that bastard, and you borrowed my money to buy a new lunch because you couldn’t eat properly.”

“It was just because I was nervous.

When did I say he’s a pervert!”

Then, when Orion’s face filled with relief that I never called him a pervert, Zen answered with a serious face.


Now that I see him, he is like a pervert.”

“Please stop saying this nonsense!”

What kind of nerve does he have that he dares call the Young Duke of the empire a ‘pervert’

This situation was as chaotic and confusing as Orion’s confused eyes.

I tried my best to defend myself in the midst of all those glances.

“I only said that he was a bit peculiar and hard to understand, I never said he’s a pervert!”




When I felt Orion’s eyes start to wet again, strangely, I broke into a cold sweat.

At the same time, Zen looked at Sir Rune who was standing in the doorway.

I didn’t know why, but Bertin and Sir Rune had already pulled their swords.

A spark flashed in Zen’s eyes when he looked at Sir Rune who was holding a sharp sword.

“I see that you also have a gang on the stand-by!”

“He doesn’t!”

And one of them was actually our ‘gang member’.

I felt frustrated at Zen because he had lost his rationality to the point where he couldn’t even recognize his own friend.

Let alone stopping this situation, Bertin was rolling his eyes at the doorway.

In the end .



Bang! I slapped the table next to me, hard.

“Everyone! Throw down the weapon you hold in your hands, and stop casting the spell! Right now!”

I really hated to speak in a loud voice, hated to give orders, and hated to ask anything of anyone.

“Everyone, throw away what you have in your hands and display your palms!”

I felt tormented because, again and again, I was forced to speak up and do the very thing that I detested doing.

At my order, not only Orion but also Bertin and Sir Rune quietly put down their swords and slowly raised their hands.

The cafe’s clerk, who was hiding at the counter, also put down the serving tray he was holding and raised his hands together.




Everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at me, but all I felt was indescribable tiredness.


In this deep silence, we were all gazing at the floor.

Even the clerk who was serving couldn’t make eye contact, as though he was feeling ashamed of being unable to maintain his usual professional appearance.




“That’s why I said ‘no’, didn’t I”

Zen glared at me to death.

Even in this kind of situation, Orion stood by me, which I felt sorry as well as thankful for.

“When we say something, it can be twisted.

It’s fine.

I won’t get angry.”

“I’m sorry.

This happened because I decided to explain to him later even though I know he is very hot-tempered .



“Such a thing could happen.

It’s no wonder.”

I saw Sir Rune who was on the side turned his head to hold his laugh.

I gave a questioning look at Bertin, who came barged in here with Sir Rune.

As if he felt my gaze, he drew a bitter smile.

“Rany asked me to stop Zen so you won’t get through difficulty because he was definitely going to go berserk.”


I appreciated it, but I didn’t think he had been much help in sorting out this mess.

Orion, who had politely greeted Bertin, asked as if he was curious,

“Seems like the two of you weren’t introduced to each other for the first time at the ceremony”

“We are classmates at the academy, but we also had known each other before through Zen.”

“Because he is very famous, I asked him to pretend to not know me in a crowded place.”

Orion nodded as if he was finally convinced.

Once again, the awkward silence surrounded us.

I wondered if this was because everyone had a common embarrassing point, which was that they had been about to kill each other just a moment ago.




Everyone was staring vacantly, not knowing how to deal with this situation.

In the midst of that, Sir Rune, who seemed to be the most reasonable, stepped up.

“For now, I think it is enough for us to know each other so how about we split up”

“I would like that.”

As I immediately answered, Zen’s response was to stare at me without words.

Orion flinched at ‘split up’, but when he looked at me and saw that I was exhausted, he nodded with a rather depressed expression.

“When this exam ends, I’ll come visit you at the Duke’s house.”

If I came and brought good results, won’t Orion be relieved and leave me alone

Orion nodded with a very happy expression.

“I’ll wait for you.”

Only after he left the cafe did Zen speak

“So he’s not a pervert.”

“I’ve told you so.”

“But it’s true that he’s weird.”




I shut my mouth tightly because I couldn’t bring myself to say no to that.

Bertin took out the communication crystal that was vibrating crazily from his chest pocket.

“Seems like the situation is sorted out here, but .



Ever since a while ago, Rany has been calling.

What should we do”

I, Zen, and even Bertin, looked at the crystal that was vibrating like an earthquake without saying even a single word.

“How about we pretend to not know until tomorrow and say the crystal was left somewhere”

I really wanted to rest for today.

I was completely drained.


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