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The misunderstanding between my new brother and my friend had been resolved, but my advancement exam was still weighing on my mind.

Raynia tilted her head as she looked at me.

I was nervous for the written test, something that I would never normally feel.

“You can just do it like you always do.”

“I wish, but the situation has changed a little.”

After all, the first test— the written test— was only an evaluation test, so there would be no problem as long as I passed with the minimum score.

Nevertheless, seeing the sincerity and attention that Orion had been giving to me, I thought it wouldn’t be ideal if I only scored the minimum requirements.

“As expected, the Ducal family is different from others.”

Rany grimaced.

“How funny.

He’d better worry about his own grades.”

“He’s already perfect.”

I already knew that without even needing to find out.

He had received awards directly from the Imperial family.

Furthermore, after graduating early, he had directly risen to the position of knight captain.

“What’s so impressive about that Just because his grades are excellent—”

“Not only his grades.”

No, his family as well as his appearance were all excellent.

As if her pride was hurt because of my words, Rany gritted her teeth.

“Just wait.

The Ducal family I’ll buy it with money someday.”

“Your ambition is excellent.”

I left my close friend— who was determined to buy the ducal family with money— and focused on the written test.

Fortunately, the first written test was not all that difficult.

Despite the broad range of topics, it was easy enough so long as one understood the basics.

When I exited the place designated for the exam, I spotted a familiar figure waving at me.

Trevor Beryl didn’t only flash me a friendly smile, but also drew closer and initiated a conversation with me.

“How was your exam”

“It wasn’t as difficult as I had anticipated.

I’ll bet that it was even easier for you.”

Actually, I wanted to quickly leave, but it seemed as though he still had something he wanted to say.

“I said before that your research topic overlapped with mine.



Trevor gazed at me.

“As you already know, the second round is a test where you have to study focused on your selected topic.”

Perhaps he had read the tedium in my eyes.

He finally broached the topic of his main intention.

“I was wondering if you wanted to study together.”

“About the topic”

“I’ve collected quite a number of materials.”

It was a too-friendly offer.

He was a person with good manners, but I believed that there was no reason for him to help me this actively.

There was practically no contact between the two of us and we rarely even spoke in the academy.

Does he perhaps know about me being Madam Tatiana’s daughter

If he had already known about me becoming the duke’s foster daughter, I could understand his behavior.

I blinked, then answered carefully.

“I’ll think about it.

I still haven’t decided the direction of the topic.”

“About that, I also can advise—”

Before he could finish speaking, the door opened with a bang.

I brightened at the familiar face.


My friend is here.”

After nodding to Trevor, I grabbed Raynia’s hand and left.

I felt a strange gaze boring into my back.



“Would it be possible for an academy student to know my real, full identity”

“They will never know.”



I’ve already taken care of it.

Even the professors will find it difficult to dig up any information.”

I relaxed a little at her confident reassurance.

She, who had spoken with such confidence, abruptly halted.

“But they can realize it through another reason.”


As I turned my head to the direction where Rany’s gaze was directed at, I could see a familiar carriage waiting in front of the big gate.




It was the black carriage with the horses that were still not liberated.

Raynia spoke seriously.

“That is not something that I can prevent.”




I see.”

Its presence was too apparent to ignore.

I left Raynia with a regretful face and walked to the carriage.

I swallowed a sigh and boarded the carriage.

There, instead of my new brother with his blue eyes, I saw a knight with gentle brown eyes.

“Sir Rune”

“Long time no see, my Lady.”

He smiled refreshingly before reaching out naturally and taking my bag.

“Did you complete your exam well”

“Did you also know that the exam was today”

“Of course.”

Looking at him absentmindedly, I could feel the greatness of the Duchy’s management and supervision.

I wondered if my grades were something very important to the Duchy.

Would my mother be reprimanded if my exam grades were poor

And she wasn’t someone who would keep quiet in such a situation.

Maybe she would grasp the Duke’s hair and yank it.

I was chilled to the point that goosebumps rose on my skin from the situation I had imagined in my head.

“I heard that you have chosen the land of death as your topic.”




“If it’s okay with you, I hope this will be a help.

There are a lot of materials in the Duchy’s library.”

“You’re really being serious with my grades .




Of course, this doesn’t mean that you absolutely must attain good grades.

You can say that this is but a simple favor.”

I interpreted his words differently in my head.

If you don’t reciprocate this favor and ruin your exam, you will be on your own.

He smiled to the point where his eyes became crescents.

“This is only an offer in hopes that my Lady will be successful.”

I eventually nodded quietly.


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