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The carriage passed through a big gate.

There were guards with sharp eyes and straight postures protecting both sides of the gate.

“Because Orion is absent, you can be at ease.”

Right when Sir Rune finished his words, the carriage stopped in front of a big building.

The imposing building that would be believable if called a noble mansion was in fact the Duchy’s library.

Sir Rune offered me his arm after exiting the carriage.

As I took his hand and stepped down, the attendant who was on duty politely bowed and greeted me.

“I will be your guide inside the library.

The materials you need have already been prepared beforehand.”

“Thank you.”

My careful reply drew a smile from the attendant.

He guided us to the prepared table inside the library.

“Woah .



On top of the table, all that I required was already prepared.

In addition to the books, there were various types of writing instruments and parchments.

There was nothing unavailable.

“Please tell me if there is more that you need.”

“Thanks, but I think this is enough.”

I felt the burden gradually get bigger.

All of this felt as though it wasn’t meant for preparing me to merely pass the exam but for me to pass with outstanding results.

Sir Rune glanced at me as I intently stared at the table before smiling.

“Do you feel thankful”


I feel a bit scared now.”

The attendant who was walking out proudly, missed his step at that.

Then Sir Rune muttered with a regretful expression,

“Oh my.”

I quietly opened the book.

I didn’t know why, but since I stepped foot inside the Duchy, my instinct was urging me to quickly do my business and to leave as soon as possible.

If I didn’t do so, I felt as though an unwanted situation would definitely torment me.

* * *

Sir Rune, who I had thought would leave after guiding me, stayed and helped me organize the materials.

He was not only well-educated, but also had a rich collection of empirical examples that were not in the material.

Furthermore, he was excellent in teaching to the point where his every explanation was easily understood by me.

He’s really incredible.

Seeing that even someone with the title of vice-captain of knight order was this outstanding, I could understand why they wanted a good exam result from me.

“Shall we rest for the moment”


“But sometimes, it is more efficient to take it easy.”

“It is because the exam is near, and I feel uncomfortable staying here.”

I was planning to absorb everything I needed into my head quickly before leaving.

Sir Rune opened his eyes wide, then smiled dejectedly.

He shook his head while looking at me as though there was nothing he could do.

“It is so difficult to obtain good points from our young lady.”


“Because Orion was really down, I did this to earn a few good points, in hopes you would come to like us.”

My writing paused at those unexpected words.

“Isn’t the one who should be earning good points me”


“Because you already supported me this much, I should satisfy your expecta—”

Sir Rune said aha, and then laughed.

He did so while covering his mouth and looking in another direction, then he looked at me with a gentle and understanding gaze.

“So my Lady is someone who would always pay back her favors.”




Don’t people normally do that if there’s a motive behind the favors

I swallowed the answer that already had risen to my tongue and blinked my eyes.

“But your answer is wrong.

The reason we tried this hard isn’t because of your good grades.”

His words only sounded more confusing.

“Our captain has been acting like a dead leaf these last few days.”




“I think the reason for his behaviour is because he couldn’t give a good enough impression to the young little sister that he had been waiting for.”

I moved my eyes here and there, trying to remember.

I never had thought of Orion badly.

Was he still not over Zen’s words— a super pervert

However, I swore to God that that was not a title that I came up with.

He looked at me and said softly.

“My only hope right now is for my Lady to give a friendly greeting to someone you meet at the end of this hallway.”

“A greeting”

“If only paying the favor could relieve you, think of it as the price.”

Somehow, the outside was already tinted with the sunset glow.

When I took in the garden that was basked under the scarlet glow, Sir Rune carefully clasped my hand and helped me stand up.

As though I were enchanted, I walked to the hallway he pointed to.

With rushed steps, a maid with a flushed face bowed toward me.

“He- hello, my Lady!”

Someone appeared behind her, greeting me in a loud voice.

“Hello, my Lady!”

This time, it was a knight in a neat uniform.

He was even wearing his insignia.

Though I wondered at his greeting, I bowed my head.

While I walked through this short hallway, I met a lot of people.

Starting from maids with simple maid uniforms to the housemaid with an attire that made her appear to be at quite a high position.

Then a chef who came out from working in the kitchen, a knight wearing an equestrian uniform as though he returned after riding a horse, an executive officer with documents clasped to his side .



What is this, really

I wondered if people originally moved around the hallway this frequently in the Duchy.

When I managed to pass the hallway and arrived at the garden with a fountain in it, I blinked upon spotting the blonde hair that shone from afar.

“My only hope right now is for my Lady to give a friendly greeting to someone you meet at the end of this hallway.”

The voice of Sir Rune rang in my head.

I agonized for a moment then took a breath and stepped closer to the fountain.


It was a time where the world was filled with scarlet light.

Even the water in the fountain was tinted in the scarlet light that permeated throughout its surroundings.

Even when this world was basked under the colors of a sunset, his hair maintained its glowing, golden light.

Orion’s blue eyes blinked.

No matter the time or place, his appearance was always that of an ethereal image.

And even more so at a time like this.


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