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Right as I lowered my head and turned my body, a voice rang out to me.

“Ho, hold on.”

‘So he’s the lingering type.’

The type who came and waited on the day his love was going to have a family gathering with her marriage partner.

Even if there had been no news of Mother’s marriage, or even if Mother had no dating partner, he wasn’t the kind of person that I would like.

“I, I am!”

The young noble who had lost his grace, raised his voice with a flushed face.

“I have come not for Madam Tatiana, but to escort her daughter, Lady Marianne.”

I stopped at his words that were said hurriedly and turned back.

The flower bouquet that was in his arms now was rolling on the floor.

He sighed as he brushed back his hair with the hand that was covered with white gloves before he talked.

“Please call her.”

I looked closely at his face and racked my brain.

‘My memory isn’t bad.’

I was sure it was a face I had never seen before.

There was no way I could easily forget such an attractive face.

One of the knights on his side opened his mouth as he couldn’t stand that I was silent.

“The Lady is inside, right Please tell her.”

I looked around while keeping my silence.

A man with a bouquet in his arms had come with a velvet carpet spread underneath, a luxurious carriage, a good bred horse with white saddle, and knights dressed in uniform with insignia on it, was looking for me

He was even looking for me when I was actually standing in front of him.

This situation was hard for me to digest but I guessed I still needed to accept it.

First I addressed the part that was disturbing me the most.

“Please refrain from calling me ‘Lady’.”


“I don’t like it.”

“What do you….”

He was flustered as I told him a truth that he didn’t know.

“I am Marianne.”


The young noble’s eyes trembled as if there was an earthquake.

At the same time, the knights who were on the side were also flustered as they let out a funny sound as if their neck was being caught by something.

“Madam Tatiana’s Her….”

It was a familiar gaze.

This level of reaction was more like the reaction of nobles.

Even though all these years I had lived as ‘my mother’s daughter’, every time I introduced myself, I received suspicion, wondering if I really was ‘the daughter of that Tatiana’.

Maybe it was because the image of her daughter in people’s minds was very different from what I was actually like.

The best thing I could do for them was only answer all of their questions.

“Yes, I am Marianne.”

The daughter of Madam Tatiana, Marianne, that was me.

Dana, who had come down later, hid behind the door and whispered to me.

“My Lady, please hurry up.

I have rented a carriage and left it by the front gate.”

It looked like she also awfully wanted to avoid this unfamiliar scene by the back gate.



I think it is better for you to depart now so you aren’t late.”

Right at the moment as I tried to turn my body away without any regrets, after I had glanced at the Extravagant carriage in front of me, the man that had said he had come to escort me, quickly lowered his head and held onto me once again.

“I’m sorry for mistaking you for someone else, my Lady.”

“Just call me Marianne.”

“I am….”

He was hesitating for a while but soon, as if he had made up his mind, he took a step forward and revealed his identity.

“I am Orion Miller,”


He slowly lowered his body as he revealed his identity.

“The heir of Duke Miller and the one who will be Madam Tatiana’s stepson.”

I was stunned as I watched the man bend to his knees and bow his head to greet me with courtesy.

Although my mother was famous in the society, I, her daughter, was a commoner whose father was unknown.

I would never have guessed that he, a high ranked noble, would lower his body and greet someone such as me.


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