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He raised up his head as he glanced at me, who was flustered.

As I quickly pulled out my hand and took a step back, he let go of my hand as if it was unfortunate.

“Looking at your eyes, which are full of vigilance, it seems like I’ve lost the score I’ve barely earned in these past few days.”




“Excuse me.

It is because My Lady was so off guard.”

He lifted his index finger above his lips with a smile as if he had already accomplished his goal.

“My taciturn lady, I believe you won’t say anything to Orion.”

Instead of speaking any more, I quietly turned my back and boarded the carriage.

The voice of Sir Rune talking to the coachman after closing the door carefully was heard faintly.

That surprised me.

I thought he was only a decent person and had too much love for his friends.

I really couldn’t let my guard down around the people of the Duchy.

The sensation of lips that slightly touched the back of my hand didn’t disappear and tickled me.

I kept rubbing the back of my hand as I heard the breath of the excited horses pulling the carriage.

* * *

When I got home, it was so dark that I couldn’t see the surroundings well.

I got off the carriage as I took a careful step.

Right then, I fumbled my first step.

Because every step under my feet was lit with a small light.

Little twinkling lights flashed and lit up.

A step.

Another step.

The road I was walking upon brightened up.

As if  fireflies were hovering, bits of lights surrounded me.

There was only one person who could do this.


Someone sat on a large tree that grew up to the window and faint moonlight fell upon him.

After looking at me, he jumped down and his body slowly came down from the air.

“Since when have you been here”

“A moment ago.”

“What about dinner”

“I’ve already eaten.”


Otherwise, he wasn’t impudent enough to suddenly visit someone else’s house at such a time.

I wondered if he was embarrassed to ask for food at this late time.

“What do you want to eat I’ll make it for you.”

At this time, the cafeteria in the academy was already closed, and restaurants in downtown areas would be too crowded and noisy.

“Since I owed you last time, I’ll be generous.”

“I’m not hungry.”

The lights that were sparkling under my feet gradually gathered and disappeared under his palm.

As I opened the door and entered, the guy who said he wasn’t hungry suddenly spoke.

“If you’re going to make something, make it with meat.”

“Ah, this time we have good seafood.”

“I want meat.”

“Do you know Octopus has taurine, so it’s very good for fatigue recovery.”

“Why did you ask if you’re going to do whatever you want”

I laughed awkwardly at his words.


But I bought the octopus because of you.

According to the usual pattern, he should have already invaded the house three days ago.

The octopus was trapped in the freezer for quite a while because of a certain someone who hadn’t come for a long time.

I couldn’t continue to keep the poor Mr.

Octopus there.

“Use meat.

I will eat the octopus as well.”

“We’ll have to buy meat first though”

“I’ll buy it.”

“Oh, then buy some extra when you buy it.”


“Stop by the fruit store then buy tangerines and apples, also mini tomatoes, asparagus, and red onions to eat with the meat.

By the way, can you also buy me some scented candles”




Zen glared at me gently.

“You don’t have to if it’s too hard.”

Because it was fine as long as you didn’t eat meat.

* * *

I prepared the dinner very simply.

I placed a moderately appetizing steak and octopus salad in front of Zen.

“Where’s yours”

“I’ve already eaten.”


“In the Duchy.”

He lowered his head without asking any more.

I picked the octopus with a fork and put it in my mouth before looking at Zen who was chewing.

“It’s nice that you’re eating well.”

“Why That bastard couldn’t eat well”

“The one you address as that bastard isn’t Orion, is it”




Somehow, there was something like a competitive spirit in his eyes.

Orion is burdensome, Sir Rune is absurd, and now there’s something wrong with him

As I thought of the people around me who made me suffer recently, I felt miserable.

“It’s my business on how I’ll get along with the son of my mother’s marriage partner.

Please just enjoy your meal.”

“Don’t let your guard down.

Why eat together when you don’t know what intention he has”

“Then what about you”

Who are you to suddenly come and ask for a meal at this late hour

Zen cut the meat and put it in his mouth before answering indifferently.

“I’m a man of principle.”




I stared at my friend who insisted he had a so-called ‘principle’ I had never seen before, and realized again that he also was not normal.

Is there even a normal friend around me

For a moment, Bertin crossed my mind, but he was Zen’s best friend.

There must be some way for the two to get along.

Looking at him chewing, I picked up an octopus on his plate.

The sweet and sour seasoning and the moderately chewy texture lingered in my mouth.

“You said you’ve eaten.”

“I just wanted to taste.”

“It doesn’t taste good.”

The one who said that had already emptied half of his plate.

It seemed like his rebellious side, who wouldn’t say what others wanted to hear no matter what, had surged.

Propping my chin, I smiled for no reason as I looked at him.

“Why the smile”

“No reason.”

It’s because I feel somewhat relieved at this quiet time.

Strangely, I felt more relaxed now that there was only one unattractive dish, rather than the dining table in the Duchy which was full of fancy and pretty dishes.

It was a wonderful thing.


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