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While he was leaving the mansion silently, Dana came to clean up the kitchen and said,

“Don’t worry, My Lady.

You’ll do well in your exam.”

“I’ve never worried about that in the first place.”

I sighed as I looked at the ring on my palm.

“I was just worried since I found everyone around me to be unfamiliar nowadays.”

I also found it to be a problem for everyone to be overloaded with competitive spirit.

* * *

The early advancement and graduation system, which allowed students to graduate earlier than others, was difficult to take and pass.

The difficulty of the second test increased significantly, and there was the condition that if one failed the test, they could not retake it for two years.

Thus, it was difficult to pass without confidence.

Because it would be a great humiliation if one tried it for fun but failed.

When I sat down in the spacious examination room, someone came closer with a curious face.

“Which class are you from”

“Class C from the general department.”

Someone next to the girl who was blinking at my answer muttered,

“It’s Trevor Beryl’s class.”

It seemed like everyone knew about him since he was the most likely to pass this exam.

“But, there’s another candidate except for Trevor from the general department”

“I never heard about it.”

While I was taking out the material as I listened to the murmur, the question continued again.

“What’s your last name”

“It’s Hoven.”

Everyone tilted their heads when I spoke of the last name I used temporarily.

It was given since it was an unfamiliar family name.

I decided to satisfy the curiosity of the one who initiated the conversation.

If she got what she wanted to know, she wouldn’t disturb me anymore, right

“I’m a commoner.

I have no family to sponsor me and my grades aren’t that high.”

Someone’s ridiculing laugh, pft, sounded.

The girl who was asking me a question quickly straightened her body that had been leaning towards me.

For a commoner without a family to sponsor her, whose grades weren’t that great, this kind of response was to be expected.

Instead of a gaze filled with wariness, ridicule was there.

“You’re very brave.”

Instead of responding to the murmuring voice, I fixed my eyes on the material I brought.

Silence crept in.

It seemed like they could concentrate on their own studies when they realized that the unfamiliar figure was not as great as they had thought.

The moment I held the pen, it bumped into the foreign silver ring on my finger and made a loud sound.

Should I take it off

Although Zen said it wasn’t illegal, it was uncomfortable for me, who knew that concentration greatly affected the test.

As I looked around, I could see faces with signs of nervousness sticking their noses in their desks and materials.

Then, when I touched the ring, the door carefully opened and a familiar face entered.

Trevor looked around as if he was looking for someone, and when he found me, he waved his hand with a light smile.




I nodded my head awkwardly as I saw him

He had continuously shown a very friendly attitude since last week.

He was not a bad person or a mean person, but he had never talked to me or hung out with me.

I couldn’t find out why he was so friendly to me now.

“Long time no see.

Did you prepare well”


“I hope you’ll have good results.”

“Mhm, you too.”

When we exchanged greetings, the curious eyes of the students next to me headed back to me.

Among them were gazes filled with the hostility of several female students.

“Actually, I’m a little worried because I wasn’t relaxed enough to prepare.”

“I see.”

Then, wouldn’t it be more constructive for you to look through the data now than to talk

I glanced at the textbooks on his desk.

It seemed true that he didn’t have enough time to prepare.

Because all the books on his desk were stiff and clean, like new.

“Let me know if you need anything.

I have a lot of stationery and notes.”

I shook my head at Trevor’s offer.

Even though he had a friendly tone and showed a kind attitude, I kept feeling uncomfortable.

“Trevor, I’m sorry, but can I borrow your pen”

I heard a female student’s voice asking shyly.

A cute-looking girl who glanced at me shook the borrowed pen.

I turned my eyes away without bothering to respond to her boasting gaze.

“I see you’re using a good pen.”


“A fountain pen with a pattern of Rocke merchant guild.

I heard it’s a limited edition.”

“Ah, Raynia Rocke is my friend.”

Trevor nodded with a not surprised face.

Being in the same class, he must have often witnessed myself walking around with Rany.

It was the others who responded to Raynia Rocke’s name.

Everyone took their eyes off the textbooks and materials they were holding and glanced at me.

“Oh, I understand now.”

Someone said in a bostrous voice.

“Marianne Hoven.

I was wondering where I heard it, you’re the one Raynia Rocke went all in on.”

“You’re talking about the prediction of those who’ll pass this advancement test, right”

“I heard that more than half of the students already participated in it.”

“I heard that the dividends you will receive even if you only match the three passers are enormous.”




I thought she would come to her senses after getting disciplinary action due to illegal gambling once.

On top of that, I felt a headache when I heard that she bet money on my name.

Raynia .



What should I do if the kid who said it’s okay for me to fail the test bet such a big amount of money on me

No wonder she always smiled so widely whenever she saw me these days.


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