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My body was very healthy, aside from the fact that I fainted.

I was happy that my body— tired as it had been due to studying for the exam— had become lighter, but knowing that it was due to the power of holy water, I wasn’t truly happy.

As I scanned around since Mother, who slept with me last night couldn’t be found, a maid carefully approached me and informed me.

“The Duchess left around dawn.

She went to have a talk with Lord Duke.”

A talk.

I wonder what kind of talk that is.

I pretended to not notice the subtle blush in the maid’s face and raised up.

This is better, I guess.

It would be hard for me if she tried to hold me by asking to have breakfast before going, but now that she wasn’t present, I could just leave the mansion.

As I changed my clothes and crossed the hallway, I could hear shouts ringing in the training ground.

The knights had already come out since dawn and were swinging their swords.

And the expression of Orion as he walked around them was unexpectedly serious.

When I saw him watching over the other knights with a serious face, I got an impression of him.

“I didn’t expect him to be normal.”

Upon hearing my words, the coachman faked a cough as he turned his head, pretending to not hear that.

Leaving the passionate knights who were having morning practice behind, Rany was already waiting for me in the mansion I came back to.

“The class is cancelled.”

The students were quiet on the day of the accident, but their mouths couldn’t stay closed like a clam.

All classes at the academy had been canceled.

“The atmosphere is really unsettling.”

“Uh huh.”

Because the most promising student vomited blood as he collapsed in front of everyone’s eyes.

As the academy, they would do everything they can to fix this situation.

Of course, in a direction that wouldn’t tarnish their honor.

“The magic tower and Temple came to investigate it, but they were being careful.”

“Since this is not a problem they could judge rushly.”

Whether it was black magic or other witchcraft, it was clear that once it was pointed out as heresy, many would be hurt and ensnared in trouble.

Unless they want to become nemesis with the aristocrats, the Temple would approach the problem carefully, and the same would be the case for the magic tower.

“And soon I will get investigated too.”

All the exam takers in the exam room would be investigated.

Touching my nape, I huffed out a sigh.

“Before the investigation starts, I think I have to prepare my testimony in advance.”

It would be a real problem if Trevor was really related to witchcraft, but I would also be in trouble if during that process I was found out bringing an item imbued with divine power.

I’m sure that isn’t something that can be obtained through a legal route.

I got a headache only by hearing a baptized cloth or processed with magic.

When I looked at Rany, she smiled widely as she spoke.

“Don’t worry.

I’ve taken care of it perfectly.

Even if they find out something, the one who will get struck by the arrow will be the Master of the Rocke Merchant Guild.”

“The Master of the Rocke Merchant Guild is your father.”

Rany smiled cheerfully as if there was nothing wrong with that.

Then, she continued talking as if nothing happened.

“Count Amber visited the academy.”


It wasn’t really surprising since he was the sponsor of Trevor as well as a candidate in his  adoption.

“I heard the principal welcomed him while cowering.

Seems like he is truly complaining about this accident.”

That was to be expected, as the talent he personally invested in was attacked in an incident with an unknown culprit.

No matter what, it was strange for a healthy person to suddenly vomit black blood and faint.

“Well, thanks to the Count visiting in an imposing manner, the academy won’t be able to dismiss this accident quietly.”

I wonder if the academy truly investigating it would advantage me.

I had a lot of thoughts, but it was hard to predict the situation.

“First, we should go to the Temple and make sure of it.”

To be exact, we had to ascertain whether the attack Trevor sent to me was the cause of my fainting or not.

Rany nodded her head.

* * *

We went to the Central Temple where Mother’s wedding was held.

As it was the largest temple in the capital, people were lined up in front of the main gate.

Our carriage passed through the line of people and moved to the back of the temple.

From afar, the waiting priest in training gave us a signal.

As the carriage entered a narrow tent, he welcomed us.

We entered the small door, which led to the central hallway of the temple.

The priest with a warm impression welcomed us.

“Isn’t this Young Miss Rocke”

Rany lowered her head politely and greeted him.

“Father said he dreamed of you last night, Your Reverence Father Vael.

He said it was very vivid that he was unsure whether he really catched the holy light of Your Reverence.”

“I see .



The priest looked at her with a very touched expression.

Rany smiled brightly as she fiddled with her dress, speaking with an embarrassed expression.

“As soon as I heard that, I wondered why I wasn’t the one who met Your Reverence and I was very upset.”

I wondered why she failed theology class twice when she could call Father Vael with such a sincere expression.

The two were no different from a faithful believer and a faithful priest.

There was no mentions of ‘charity’ or ‘bribes’ in their conversation, but the two people clearly knew each other’s minds.

“It’s impossible actually, but it is the will of His Holiness, who looked at how faithful Sister Raynia is.”

When he let us inside the hallway, Raynia smiled and made the sign of the cross.

“May you be blessed in the name of God.

This is not much, but this is a humble tribute to the altar.”

The fruit basket that was prepared beforehand was heavy.

The fruit basket, slightly covered by grapes on top, was full of shining gold coins.

If only I didn’t watch the process of filling it up, this would be a very touching situation.

Both of them were very talented actors.

The waiting room, which the priest guided us to, was blinding.


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