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Then, Bertin’s calm voice flowed out.

“Brother, after hearing a confession, the priest’s mental fatigue will get worse.

As she is on a noble mission to convey brother’s confession on behalf of God, we need to give her time to rest.”

“Ah— there’s something I forgot.”

“If it’s about donation, you can go to the receptionist at the entrance of the temple.”

Following his friendly voice, I heard a loud thank-you from the flustered knight.

It was only after the door closed again that he slowly turned around.

His face was close enough to touch.


“I was wondering where you go, and you’re playing priest here”

His playful voice made me feel awkward, so I pushed him, who was blocking the narrow door.

“Get out now.”

“Do you even know who was asking you a favor that you recklessly followed them here”




“And what would you do if that knight saw you”

Bertin lightly flicked my forehead with his finger.

“You’re lacking a sense of danger, you know”

I rubbed my tingling forehead and nodded acceptingly.

I myself was aware of the fact that I was being overly drawn in by my surroundings.

I was trying to stay balanced, but the opponent was too strong.

“You should be careful.

What if you get hurt”

Along with his gentle voice, he gently pinched my cheek.

From my forehead to my cheek.

I tapped the guy who was fiddling with my face like clay, but he didn’t seem to have any intention of moving away.

“I feel parched.”

The guy, who slowly stepped aside after hearing my word, poured the water into a glass and gave it to me.

“Drink it a bit.

You’re thirsty because the air is dry here.”

I pushed the glass away with a suspicious face even though I was about to drink a moment ago.

“I won’t drink the water you give me.”

How can I know if it’s natural water or holy water

My skeptical words made him giggle.

As I returned to the waiting room with Bertin, I saw Raynia sitting in front of the priestess with a grumpy face.

Bertin introduced me in a soft tone while putting his hand on my shoulder.

“You were introduced to Raynia earlier, and this is Marianne.”

“I have ears, too.

I already heard it.”

She looked at me and laughed.

“How was it, was that doable”

“I think there’s nothing easy in any kind of job.”

I thought when I graduated and became an adult, it would be better than when I was a student who only had to study.

After I went through it myself, I think there was nothing easy.

“Come here, my child.”

She reached out to me.

Her outfit was shabby, but there was no way she could be a low-ranking person if she could move freely.

From the tip of the finger that was touching my neck, a light came out and slowly dissipated into the air.

She looked at me, staring blankly as I was, before laughing.

“No wonder you are filled with divine power when you look like a normal kid.

I see you were fed with holy water.”




“This kid.

How dare you steal something I cherish”

It was a stolen item

When I gave Bertin an unbelievable look, he refuted with a calm face as if he did nothing wrong.

“Because you sent me to the annoying salons and parties.

I think I could get that much.”

Rany, who didn’t care whether Bertin stole the holy water or not, asked the priestess impatiently.

“So, how is her condition She’s okay, right”

“Well, there’s nothing wrong for now.

Although there’s a problem with the guy who cast the curse.”

“He collapsed while letting out a lot of blood.”

Nodding to my words, the priestess explained about the curse that I got.

“The curse you received is called ‘marionette’.”


“Well, that isn’t common.

That curse itself is uncommon, and they are not merely used only to brainwash academy students.”

“What kind of curse is this marionette curse”

“It can be seen as a kind of brainwashing or hypnosis that governs one’s mind.

If that kid used that power frequently, he must have a lot of followers around him.

Because the corrupted aura attracts immature people.”

It was true that there were a lot of students following Trevor.

However, there was something that I couldn’t understand.

“Is there any reason to use the marionette curse on me specifically”

“Maybe you have something that kid wants.

Or he needs to use you.”

Among my possessions, the most desirable thing would be the locket that I wasn’t even aware of its value.

Well, for sure he was suddenly being friendly to me

To be exact, it was after he found out that I took the advancement exam.

Rany looked at me, who was deep in thought, and asked.

“You said he sat next to you, right Maybe he wanted your answers”

That would be good if that was the case.

But I didn’t think he would touch the dangerous curse just to raise up his score.

“Is this the only information we can get right now”

“Unless I personally meet the caster, yes.”

Rany scrutinized her eyes and grumbled.


The surveillance is too tight to take him out right away.”

“We’ll be able to take him out after some time.”

When I saw Rany and Bertin openly conspiring to commit a crime, my head twitched.

“If you can, bring him without a scratch.

That’s how we can interrogate him.”

While I was wondering about the priestess’ identity who coolly replied to them, Rany grumbled.

“What a bummer.

If I had that curse ability, I would have an audience with the Emperor.”




There was no need for me to know what she would ask when she had an audience with the Emperor.

I gave water to Rany, who was smacking her lips with a disappointed face.

I hoped she would come back to her senses after drinking the cold water.


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