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We made a deal.

I turned down Sir Rune’s offer to take me home, and when I arrived at home, I quickly went to bed.

It may be because I visited the Duchy, I felt a strange sense of tiredness although I didn’t do much.

“Strangely I always feel like my energy is drained every time I go there .



There were things I had to think about, but I fell asleep as soon as I laid down on my bed.

Likely due to experiencing a lot of things all day, I was so tired that I even forgot the hunger I felt because I haven’t had dinner.

As I slept to my heart’s content, it was already a dark night when I opened my eyes.

The moment I opened my eyes to the peculiar sounds, I saw a shadow lingering around the window.

Since I instinctively knew who that was, I raised up my body.

“Come in.”

The moonlight entered my room the moment I unlatched the window, making my room brighter.

It was only able to reveal the shape of the objects around, but that was more than enough.

Someone jumped into my room.

I folded my arms as I looked at him, then I drew a faint smile.

“You said you won’t visit my room late at night anymore.”

“I told you to lock the window, didn’t I”

“It was closed until just a moment ago.”

“Lock it, I said.”

If you tell me to do that, then you better not wander around the window at any time.

He seemed like he didn’t know how confused I was whenever the guards that were on patrol came to visit this mansion because they sensed something strange.

I brought a soft and dry cloth to his hair that was wet probably because of the morning dew and dried it.

It was possibly like he was outside for a long time, that the skin I touched was cold.

I put down the cloth that was already wet, and asked.

“Were you angry because of what I said last time”


Zen avoided my eyes as if he was embarrassed because he left after throwing a tantrum last time.

I grasped his cheek and examined him.

Fortunately, he didn’t seem like he stayed up at night because his complexion was good.

There’s nothing you need to feel sorry about, though.

It seemed as though he uselessly blamed himself because he got angry.

I wondered about what I should do to soothe this scaredy cat who was surprised when he was the one who got angry himself.

I decided to speak mischievously on purpose.

“Mister Zen, unfortunately, I already hired the actor to play the brother in the dramatic story that Rany bought.

Although it is regrettable, you have to give up.”

“Who wants to play that kind of role”

“Weren’t you sulking because you wanted to do that”

Without saying anything, Zen carefully removed my hand that was in his face.

He turned my hand so that my palm was on display, then he dropped something there.

It was a pendant with a deep red ruby on it.

The ruby pendant that was attached to the thin chain made of platinum was beautiful and sparkling.

“I came here for this.”




Unlike the one I wore before, I felt this one was a bit heavier.

There was an initial engraved inside.

I touched the ragged backside of the pendant.

If this was made by a craftsman, there was no way the joint and finishing would be this rough.

Did he make it himself

As I imagined this boy who was not even dextrous suffered to make this, I felt my heart was tugged somehow.

I drew a small smile as I looked at this guy, who was examining my reactions.

“As expected you’re really smart.”




“You really know how to make me unable to refuse this.”

He began to reply in desperation.

“You told me to do nothing.

You told me to only stay alive and hide behind you.

Is there anything I can do except for this”

His rough voice was filled with complaints as ever.

I took a glance at the object in my hand for a second before replying.

“I got it.

I’ll wear this.”

As if he had been waiting for my reply, he took the pendant that was on my palm.

I felt his breath, standing behind me as he was.

He lowered his head a bit as he spoke to me briefly.

“Your hair.”

The thin chain of the necklace wrapped around my neck as soon as I gathered my hair with my hands.

The person who seemed as though he never wore this kind of accessory, nor as though he ever helped others to wear this, was unexpectedly fast in donning the necklace.

I then carefully asked the guy who was currently fixing my hair.

“Is this also another artifact”

“I put protection magic there.

Communication magic too.”

Weren’t those two enough

He continued while showing there was nothing he could do although he was somewhat unsatisfied.

“I took off the communication monitoring magic.”

“What is communication monitoring magic”

“A magic to monitor with whom you’re communicating.”




He said it so confidently that I couldn’t even get angry.

After all, the ones I would communicate with would be him, mom, Rany or Bertin.

I never expected he would track all of them.

There were times when I couldn’t understand if this guy wanted to protect me, or if he was obsessed with me.

Of course, it was also possible that it was both.

“You also take off the location tracker, right”

“Why should I take that off”

“Ah, you put that on”

He nodded with a serious face as if that was very natural to do.

I touched the pendant in my neck with a very complicated heart.

Zen left me, and walked to the opened window.

“Are you going”

“Of course.”

“You can sleep here.

Aren’t you always unable to sleep properly”

I gave him an offer.

I knew he always slept lightly because he was always suffering from nightmares.

Since I had woken up after sleeping since the early evening, I was no longer sleepy.


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