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Everyone’s breath got rough every time the carriage rattled, and the three men’s shoulders bumped against each other.

The weather was cool, but all three were in uniforms and even wearing insignia. 

There was no way they wouldn’t be sweating when they were wearing extra clothes underneath and kept bumping against each other in a narrow space.

“It would be better if one of you came to my side.”

The knight on the left side politely refused as he suffered because he couldn’t wipe the sweat that flowed down his chin.

“As a knight, I wouldn’t dare take a seat next to women.”

Maybe because the ride comfort was poor, he was clenching his teeth as he slightly held up his ass using the power of his thighs.

‘People will die trying to be polite.’

In spite of the suffering, Orion looked like he wanted to say something to me.

Looking at him hesitating, moving his lips slightly but with nothing coming out from his lips, I could guess the goal of his visit here.

A Duke.

My Mother would be remarried to a Duke.

There were only three families in the Empire with the title of ‘Duke’. 

If the two became an official couple, I too, who had not even a drop of the Duke’s blood, would become a member of the Ducal family officially on paper.

Ah, so that’s what it was like.

I was sure he couldn’t easily say it because he was a courteous and polite person.

‘Let’s talk about it first and ease his burden.’

I talked softly as if I was very understanding.

“I think it’s fine for you to not worry.”

The blue eyes under the long eyelashes, rounded.

“Wh, what”

I talked straightforwardly as I admired the bright light of his eyes, akin to a glass bead.

“You don’t have to care about me.”


“I don’t care even if I’m not in the family register.”

I would be removed from the register someday anyway.

“What do you….”

“I am not going to be a moocher.

I have already made a plan to be independent once I graduate from the academy.”

He opened his mouth,  looking at me like he was at a loss.

The knights who were lifting their ass as they sweated cold sweat, fell down as if they had lost their strength at my words.


All three screamed a single sound, as their ass was caught against each other all at once.

“It seems like it would be better for you guys to ride this carriage.

I’ll get there by walking.”

“Wa, wait.”

“Excuse me.

Please stop.”

As I jumped out of the carriage and looked back, I saw the three of them were struggling with their arms.

“Oh my.

Looks like you have become sandwiched firmly.”

Their ass and shoulders must hurt.

The horse that was pulling the carriage also showed signs of exhaustion with its tongue out.

‘It’s because you guys were sandwiched in that narrow carriage that he became like that.’

It would be better if he talked to me before so that I could have given him what he wanted, whether it was a contract or a blood pledge that I would give up my fortune.

What kind of hardship that innocent horse had to experience because of this.

“Ah, I should tell him that he does not need to worry about Mother either.”

Madam Titi was someone who ‘completely’ lived for love.

She wasn’t a person who desired wealth or power.

The sponsors and gifts she received from society were enough for her to live by, and she was satisfied with the new products offered to her at the salon and show venues.

She merely had a personality that made it easy to fall in love and got engrossed in said love.

I walked relaxedly to the place of the appointment.

‘Even if I am late, I won’t be the last person.’

Of course because I wasn’t the one who had asked the Young Duke to go together with me, it wasn’t my fault if he arrived late.


The shop assistant saw me as she walked around the front of a high-class looking café, before talking kindly with me.

“Today, our café is rented for the whole day, so we don’t operate.”

I was awed with being told that the entire café was rented.

The scale of a Duke’s power sure was extraordinary.


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