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The deal I made with Sir Rune bothered me in various ways.

I didn’t think much of it when I asked him for help, but the condition he gave me was far too ambiguous.

Instead of asking for money or something pricey, he asked for me to ‘not feel burdened by Orion.’

I wondered if it was even possible for me to not feel burdened when I faced Orion Miller.

If only his eyes were less teary, or his voice less expressive .



If only he had not even an ounce of interest in me.

If only he were indifferent and unfriendly— good at his work with no need for human relationships.

Then I would be able to face him without feeling burdened.

This problem was too troublesome for me.

I wasn’t sure if it could be considered fortunate or not, but this worry didn’t last long.

The next day, when I entered the academy early in the morning, unusually harsh gazes poured out on me.

Some snuck glances at me and whispered.

Some looked at me openly and curiously.

And then some of them .



“So shameless.”

“She’s really .



Showed hostility and threw torrents of criticisms at me.

Rany sat next to me, glaring at the whispering students.

As she crossed her arms and gazed around with that death glare of her, the students from the other class quietly dispersed.

I lowered my voice and asked.

“Do you perhaps know what’s going on”

“There’s a strange rumor spreading in the academy.

It seems like you’re involved in it.”


I tilted my head at the odd sensation.

It was rare for the students to show such a conspicuous response for a simple rumor, unless said rumor was about my true identity.

This was not simply a few whispers.

Gazes were always following me whenever I walked.

It felt as though the rumor had spread throughout the whole grade.

“This fast”

“That’s what I’m saying.

This is too fast.”

The thing called rumor was unclear and fabricated, so they were often taken as simple gossip.

Even if the rumor was true, there must be clear evidence or testimonies for it to spread this quickly.

An overly fast spreading rumor.

However, the content was nothing.

“It said that there were students who saw Trevor act kindly toward you before the exam.”

“What’s wrong with that”

Why did Trevor suddenly pop out

I thought it was about people witnessing me with Zen or Bertin.

All I did with Trevor was answer his one sided conversation a few times.

I was bewildered, but I understood it.

“The school’s prince collapsed, and the last girl who had a fling with said prince was you.”

“If I had actually had a fling with him like the rumors say, I wouldn’t feel so wronged .



What was worse, said person was the one who tried to harm me by cursing me.

A scandal with the enemy

I really had no luck.

It wasn’t just because of rumors related to me that the academy was unsettled.

All the professors who came into the morning class were anxious and couldn’t concentrate on teaching.

On the way to the small auditorium for the other class, a group of people in unfamiliar uniforms walked through the academy.

“It is the investigation team.”

Rany whispered to me.

They were accompanied by the tense dean and some senior professors.

It was quite humiliating to bring outsiders to the academy, even to investigate the case.

I thought so and didn’t think things would grow bigger as I walked.

“What a nerve to walk around the academy!”

It was at the moment I entered the cafeteria for lunch.

The face of the student in my way appeared familiar.

I saw her at the exam.

She was a student who blushed when she looked at Trevor.

She was also one of the groups who sobbed soullessly due to shock right after the incident.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Of all times, the weather was not good, so everyone eating outdoors had flocked to the cafeteria and it was crowded.

The attention of all the students in the cafeteria was now focused on us.

To avoid creating a disturbance, I rose from my seat and spoke calmly.

“If you have something to say, then let’s .



“I don’t want to be alone with you! Who knows what would happen to me.”

The burning eyes overflowing with hostility only increased the confusion I felt.

Due to her unilateral criticism, I was perplexed by her baffling attitude.

Raynia, who arrived late while holding a plate filled with meat, looked puzzled.

Several students flinched at Rany’s appearance and exchanged gazes.

Raynia looked at the person in front of me in a defensive pose.

“What kind of gibberish is she spewing out now”

“Birds of a feather flock together.

A combination of a noveau riche’s daughter and a would- be murderer.”

When she said that, the atmosphere of the student cafeteria turned cold in an instant.

Everyone stared at me quietly.

As soon as the word ‘murderer’ was thrown out, the students gazes exposed their curiousity and surprise.

Though most of them were still showing a ‘who is she’ expression.

I felt as though I knew where her hostility came from.

Perhaps she suspected me as the culprit of Trevor’s case .



But why did she house such ridiculous thoughts

Is this because of the rumors

No, I was ‘having a fling with him’ until a moment ago.

But now I suddenly become a culprit of murder case

“You sat next to Trevor, and chose the same topic as Trevor! The land of death It was an unusual topic.”

The surroundings were buzzing at her tearful voice.

Everyone knew that Trevor collapsed while vomiting blood at the exam.

Everyone started listening to this interesting talk.

This was a troublesome situation.


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