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The destination that the professor led us to was the conference room.

The majority of the people who were already there were the students who took the exam.

There were also some professors and a mage.

The dean who sat at the head of the table spoke as he stared at me.

“Come in.”

Gazes latched onto me.

Most of them were showing displeasure and contempt, some were annoyed and angry.

All in all, there were nothing but negative emotions.

Abigail made her way over to where the students were located.

The moment I was about to take a step to stand next to her, a serious voice rang out.

“Stay there, Marianne Hoven.”

The dean repositioned his glasses as he ordered.

“Stay at the seat prepared for you.”

Unlike the other students, the seat prepared for me was right before the professors who were sitting in line.

The meaning of this was clear.

A hearing.

A process to judge the student’s wrongdoing and to give them the penalty.

As I was the subject to be judged, I was accused as a suspect in the investigation process.

However, there was no investigation going on in Trevor Beryl’s case.

Not only that, the investigators that were said to visit students’ homes were not sent out.

But the situation now, I was already finalized as the suspect, and the ‘interrogation’ place was already prepared.

I looked around calmly before realizing something.

The story told by Abigail in the cafeteria a moment ago was a charge this academy tried to pin on me.

The house of Beryl isn’t that impressive, but Trevor’s sponsor has a high influence.

Thus, the academy had to find the culprit who tried to harm Trevor.

However, it was said that no one was able to find any traces of the curse unless they were of high priest level.

They were clearly trying to frame me.

As they faced an obstacle in the investigation process, the academy used me to calm public opinion.

Because Marianne Hoven was a commoner who had no parents and lived with only her immigrant mercenary brother.

Now that I figured out the situation, my mind had quickly calmed down.

The scapegoat was always small, weak, and delicate.

The people who were considered expendable.

The things that could be very easily discarded.

There were few faces showing their nervousness.

But .



No one was guilty for shoving the student they themselves had taught off of a cliff.

Even the face of the professor who was in charge of general class C, the one who had taught me, was plainly calm.

I laughed at this unbelievable situation.

“The culprit is already decided though the investigation hadn’t even begun”

“While Trevor is still in a coma, the mage already confirmed the poison.

And there is a witness who pointed you as the source of the poison.”

I felt like throwing up at that falsely kind voice.

No matter how I responded, the situation would no doubt play out in a manner that condemned me.

“Source of the poison”

“Miss Abigail, tell us what you saw.”

I slowly turned my head to her.

The moment our eyes met, she, who had been faltering a bit, raised up her chin and began to smoothly recite an event that had never taken place.

“Marianne Hoven, who sat on her seat, took a glance several times at the person next to her.

Right before the exam started, she walked near Trevor’s water bottle.

I saw something that looked like powder fell from her pocket back then.”

Her way of speaking so coherently practically screamed that her lines had been memorized and practiced for days.

Nevertheless, there were loopholes in her statement.

If the investigation were conducted properly, the poor points such as how I walked around that powder fell down, where Trevor’s bottle went to, and such would be acknowledged.

Still, even if I refute, it would be in vain.

They had no intention to conduct a proper investigation.

There wasn’t even anyone taking notes during this hearing.

It seemed like they would record it later.

After they decided the punishment here and confirmed the ‘result’.

Everyone here was working in one mind and goal to end this complicated case by pushing me forward as the scapegoat.

I blinked as I processed those words condemning me as the culprit.

The fabricated proof presented was so lacking that it was ridiculous.

Until the end, they showed no sincerity toward their little scapegoat.

It must have been the same for all the unfortunate individuals who were used as stepping stones.

As I kept my silence, I gazed at these people who blamed me with gleaming eyes.

People who called themselves teachers.

People who had taught me before.

“Now, what will you do”

He asked me.

The dark gray eyes beyond the glasses bore into me.

He throwed questions at me as if waiting for my last defense.

Despite having made a decision.

“Do you have anything to say”

I took a deep breath.

Then I asked calmly.

“If the situation appointed me as the most likely suspect, then you must allow me to call my guardian, sir.”

“Guardian Is that your brother”


Some of their lips showed odd smiles.

I couldn’t tell if that was a sneering laugh or if that was pity for me.

The helpless little student, who tried so hard.

The dean accepted my request.

The fabricated identity made by Rany was clearly neat and excellent.

It would appear that every professor here believed in Rany’s ‘heroine of an extra dramatic novel’ background.

As humans who had rationality, how could they believe such a story

As ludicrous as it was, this was reality.


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