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Sneers filled the room when I returned to my seat.

Not only the students, but the professors’ eyes, too, showed contempt and light ridicule.

“Nothing will change even if you try.”

The words said by Abigail while sneering were clear enough for everyone to hear.

It seemed as though I had already been branded the culprit in everyone’s head.

There would be no adult who wasn’t aware of the truth of this one sided hearing.

Why was it that even the professors, who knew of the truth, were able to face me so easily Just like those students who were influenced by Abigail’s story

Nevertheless, they kept spewing ‘facts’ of my supposed crime that didn’t ever happen with leisurely faces.

“The poison used by you, Marianne, was revealed to be Methomyl that is known for its tastelessness and odorlessness.

A poison that is widely used to catch strong wild animals.

This could be easily obtained by mercenaries, so when your brother comes, he will also be interrogated.”

“Who knows if she obtained that from Viscount Rocke’s guild.”

Abigail spoke out of personal emotion.

Some professors interrupted her with awkward fake coughs.

Their thoughts were shown clearly.

No matter how strong the academy was, they didn’t dare to provoke Rocke Guild.

How many people could live without one of the aristocrat’s merchant guilds that continued to pile them with lavishness and donations

It was no different for the professors who taught students sophistically.

Someone then added sarcastically, “It looks like you’re closer with your only brother than Miss Rocke.

From the way you chose to call him.”

That tone sounded like I was cementing my status as the culprit from the way I chose to call my guardian.

Even this person was showing an attitude of ending this by inculpating me.

Was it that they had to endure at least this much to satisfy Count Amber

But they weren’t even the one who had to endure the sacrifice.

Rather, it was the innocent scapegoat that they chose.

I couldn’t imagine how many powerless students in this academy were sacrificed just for the academy’s reputation in the eyes of those with power.

I calmly stared out the window.

The carriage still had not come into view.

It only amplified my guilt for calling him while he was busy.

The wrath I felt because of these people was as guilty as I felt for calling Orion.

And that turned my heart cold.

The professors kept reciting evidence as if it were real evidence, and I quietly counted the added charges for me inside.





And half.

Surprisingly, it looked like their guilt faded the more they added to my crime.

It must be easier for them to think of me as complete trash, huh

While I was pretending to listen as I clamped my mouth tightly shut, someone suddenly slammed the door wide open without knocking.

“We-we’re in trouble!”

I saw a face evidently pale.

I lifted my head and stared at the dean who looked displeased with the sudden disturbance.

“What is it”

“That, about that .



The person who came to convey the situation stuttered a few times and couldn’t say anything.

Looking at his flustered expression, the professors frowned as if they sensed the seriousness.

I scanned the door, not caring for the people who were still standing next to me— ready to tie me up.

Crude steps were heard from the hallway.

The students’ surprised shouts rang higher.

At this serious situation, the professors finally raised their bottom that was glued tight to the chair.

From behind the person who came to announce the news, someone slowly appeared and spoke.

“Let me explain instead.”

Blond hair that was brighter than the sun and clear blue eyes.

The owner of the ‘beautiful’ appearance that always garnered everyone’s gaze entered the conference room in full armor.

Right behind him, knights from the Blue Knight Order with their swords stood in row showing fierce expression.

He was telling me the truth when he said that he was training.

I felt sorry for them but I was also a bit bewildered.

How come they all came with dirty feet

I was sure we had to wear slippers and took off the coat inside the academy building.

On top of that, all the knights that came wearing their full armor inside this building, where temperatures were always fixed .



It must be hot.

They were sweating endlessly.

Of course it appeared that no one noticed because they were overwhelmed with the situation.

But, as I was the one who called them while they were training, I felt sorry.

Amongst them, Orion, the only one who wore expensive lightweight armor, came closer to me.

“I think my little sister is in a situation where she needs her guardian.”

He put his hand on my shoulder.

Everyone stared at me and Orion while they couldn’t close their mouths at the word ‘little sister’ that flowed from his mouth.

I ignored the buzzing noises and nodded slowly to Orion who was calming me with his smile.

I saw students gathered all outside the door.

The bigger this case gets, the more thankful I will be.

I stared at the stunned dean.

He was intimidated, not knowing how to solve this situation.

His eyes were showing that he slowly realized the situation was flipped in an instant.

All of these people were the witness of this disgusting situation all while being an assistant of an awful sacrifice ceremony.


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