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Orion began to speak once again.

“Miss Rocke there has told me the details about the case.”

Raynia came closer from between the knights and slowly lowered her back— showing greetings.

Last time, they both were carelessly showing rivalry towards each other, but today, they looked like very good close friends.

“Poison was detected, right From the son of the Beryl Family.”

“That .



“But where’s the source The mage must be at least of third class for them to differentiate and detect the origin of the poison from the victim.

I see the magic tower is fast in giving cooperation.”




To call a 3rd class mage and higher for a public official investigation, they had to ask for cooperation from the magic tower.

Especially, for them to easily detect specifically what kind of poison in Trevor’s bottle without interruption.

How could they find out of a rarely known colorless, odorless, and tasteless poison in just a day and a half

“As the guardian of my little sister, the one who is suspected in this matter, I have to see the record of the investigation.”

The mage next to the dean turned pale at that.

It seemed like he was only brought here to scare me and if he were to move himself, he would be in trouble.

Everyone was humming to themselves— they were at a loss of words.

If they admitted to what happened just now, this would not end with only one or two people losing their heads.

As this was about pinning a false accusation on the head of a Young Lady of the Duke family and treating her as a criminal.

Just from what they had already done, it was enough to be accepted as a crime.

Then, what if this was added with things that would happen after this.

How scary.

“Miss Marianne .



I stared at the desperate face of the dean as well as the face of the professor who was in charge of me this one year.

Looking at how they stared at the student they were about to push off the edge of a cliff desperately as if looking at a savior made me sneer.

Orion then asked again while smiling.

“So, is this a hearing to catch the culprit, or a dirty scheme to persecute a powerless young student and make her a scapegoat”




“By any means, I really hope the scapegoat isn’t my little sister.”

I just found out that he could lash out at someone fiercely like that.

Rany, who was next to him, took out a pocket notebook and wrote something while checking the professor’s face one by one.

Hey, what are you planning by writing that down

Her appearance overlapped with her smiling face which practically said, ‘It’s easy to bury someone as long as there’s money.’

I was worried that my friend took a path that shouldn’t be taken.

* * *

The theology professor asked faintly with a dark face.

“Are you faking your identity”

“If hiding my identity in the academy is a problem, then I will gladly accept the punishment.

But from this incident, I notice there is a lot of unfairness in the academy’s management.

I think the investigation process should be done transparently and in detail.”




“I have no reason to intimidate everyone here with my status.

Since as soon as we investigate properly, everyone here is no different from a criminal.”

I saw the professors fly into a rage.

Meanwhile, I felt bitter because the armed guards were stealing glances not because they were afraid of my words but because of the knights’ swords.

“In addition, I am different from Miss Abigail whose words were illogical and who couldn’t even understand the situation properly.

I have something to say about what happened back then.”

I ended my statement with glancing sideways at Orion.

He noticed I was asking for the thing I requested before and nodded.

The knights once again parted to the sides.

Behind them, the man who walked slowly and with a holy air shocked everyone in an instant.

“How, Sir Bishop .



The appearance of Sir Bishop who blessed Mom and the Duke’s wedding as well taught Orion theology since he was a little made everyone near passing out.

Then, the vice dean stormed up from his seat.

“This is the academy’s problem! How can you drag the temple to this, sir Young Duke!”

“I came only because of the information I received.”

Sir Bishop spoke out gently.

Just like how he stood before thousands of people for sermons and speeches every week, there was a bizarre force that made people couldn’t move at his soft tone.

When our eyes met, I nodded at him.

“Miss Marianne Miller here testified that the young miss of Frey County was related to witchcraft.”

His words covered the room with shock, once again.

Everyone stared alternatively between me and Abigail as they whispered to each other.

She and I, it was clear that one of us was lying.

My position as of now was backed by the Duke and I brought the Bishop here.

In a blink of eyes, the situation where criticisms were directed at me began to be directed to her.

I stared intently at Abigail Frey, who was turning white.

She began to take a step back while unable to hide her trembling hands.


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