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At the light that slowly grew bigger, Abigail’s pupils instantly lost its focus and her body began to tremble uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, faint red spots appeared on her face and it soon turned vivid.

Soon afterward, her eyes gradually turned red and shone wildly.




Dismayed silence filled the atmosphere.

The problem didn’t stop there.

The student next to Abigail began to tremble wildly out of sudden.

His eyes lost their focus, and faint red spots appeared in his face and body.

The next student too, and the next next student as well.

One by one, the students who had their eyes’ focus lost along with the light coming out of the bishop’s hand, fainted one after another.

More than half of the students that were there.

They were all top students whose futures were anticipated within this academy.

Even Sir Bishop was stunned by this unexpected situation.

Rany, who was watching the situation, came closer and whispered to me.

“Hey, this situation got bigger”




You’re right.”

I blinked my eyes, lost for words as I never imagined that there were so many people who were involved in this.

Let’s say that I could understand how Abigail Frey was easily influenced with witchcraft since she was an extreme pure blood believer of aristocratism .



The other students .



Looking at the students that were collapsing on the ground, everyone couldn’t escape from this dismaying silence.

Sir Bishop stared with sharp eyes at the dean while displaying a soft smile.

And then, he spoke to Orion with a stiff voice.

“The Academy is closed and the Temple will investigate this case.

Right now, please call all the students, and insiders of the academy, and halt any contact with outsiders.”



Closed .



Sir Bishop sent a cold glare at the dean who approached him hurriedly.

He was more of a believer than a seasoned politician.

Thus, there was no way for him to not be sensitive about witchcraft that was related to such dark magic, and curse.

“There are this many students affected by it.

What on earth is it that you were doing here!”

“We-we .



“If only you investigated this case of Beryl’s son properly, you would easily realize there’s a problem.”

The bishop’s gaze scanned on a few professors.

Everyone there avoided his gaze or lowered their heads.

“This is very dumbfounding even if all of them are gathered as heresy sympathizers who participated in the witchcraft.

The Temple will never let this problem slide.”

The bishop’s statement made the standing dean falter down, and he got back to his seat.

The other professors as well lost their souls as if they couldn’t easily believe this situation.

I stared at these people who lost everything and got devastated in a short time.

Their neglect and laziness in the process of solving this case by ‘intimidating’ a student added to their faults.

Orion approached me and spoke carefully.

“I think it is best for you to have a break for a moment with Miss Rocke.

You don’t look good after experiencing such an ‘interrogation.’”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

I slowly nodded.

This was also an unexpected situation for me, at least for the other students except Abigail.

I stared up at him, who was full of concern for me.

The best priest of the Temple, to be exact positioned in the Central Temple.

Even the emperor couldn’t easily move such a person.

To go as far to bring him personally to this academy with only a ‘suspicion’, even though Orion had the status as a successor of the Duke, he must have pleaded on his knees.

For him to believe me after a mere few words from me and bring the bishop, there was no sign of distrust in his eyes.

Since this kind of outcome happened, it would be enough to accuse me of purposely hiding the black magic despite knowing of it.

However, he looked as though he didn’t care.

“Don’t worry.

This ‘brother’ will solve everything.”

Orion said that while flashing a refreshing smile.

Although I absentmindedly heard there was an emphasis on a specific word, there was nothing I could say this time.

Instead, I called his name with a faint voice.



“Thank you.”

As if he had been waiting for that word, he smiled brightly.

The other knights around us were busy isolating the students related to black magic and confiscating the records of this hearing.

When we walked past the hallway, the knights that were lining there greeted us uniformly by lowering their heads.

As she looked at the heavy spears and shields brought by the knights wearing clanking metal armor, Raynia tilted her head.

“Is there a war happening in this academy”

“Who knows.”

Although I expressed regret for their labors in my heart, I pretended to not know the detailed situation with a straight face.

All the students that had been watching the situation live whispered noisily with a worried face when they saw me and Rany.

Some of them probably were overusing inaccurate information about me, and resurrecting said information.

And perhaps, some of them would carry those words to other students.

While some of them would probably mock me right in front of me.

Just like what Abigail Frey did.

I slowly walked past those gaze without saying anything.

My feelings were so complicated that it was hard for me to express it.


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