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“Ah, I got an invitation from the person who rented this place.

I have an appointment here.”

The shop assistant carefully asked with a slightly confused expression.

“Pardon me, but could I have your name, please”

“It is Marianne Button.”

“Is there any item that could prove your identity”

I held out a student ID and the shop assistant took a look at it with a very cautious expression.

The student ID was a magic-proof item so it was impossible to fake it.

She bowed low after confirming it.

“I will guide you inside.”

I became flustered with the sudden excessive polite treatment.

Even though there was still no official announcement, how could I get treated as if I was a member of the Duchy.

After passing the hallway where expensive antique artworks and treasures were displayed, the guide stopped at an antique door.

“This is the location.”

As the door carved with bright red roses opened, I saw two people who were seated in front of an amethyst table.

Mother sat next to her company with her scarlet hair to the side, revealing her white and thin nape. 

She smiled at me.

“Come in.”

Following my entrance, the man with the dignified appearance drew some distance from his proximity with my mother. 

Even at his actions, Mother only let out a little smile—there were no other words. 

‘This is a little shocking.’

She wasn’t someone who liked if her partner kept their manner or changed their behaviour just because of other people’s gaze. 

It was surprising for her to stay calm, even with her partner drawing some distance because he was aware of my presence. 

“I’m sorry that our first meeting was like this.

I should have invited you to the mansion.”

Only after the Duke’s words broke the silence did I quickly regain my senses, then I proceeded to grab the skirt of my dress and lowered my head as I greeted him.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Excellency.

I am Marianne Button.”

“I am Decarus Miller.

I sent my son to escort you, but it seems like you missed each other on the way.”

“It, it’s not like that.”

He put down the glass he was drinking from and looked at me with confusion. 

I answered him politely.

“He is on his way, riding a carriage.

I think he will arrive soon.”

Duke Miller fell into silence for a while then asked.

“Is the carriage not to your taste”

“It’s not like that.

Because I think it’s cramped and hard for four people to board a two-person carriage, I told him that I would go off first.

He must be suffering while coming here with a small carriage because he was considerate towards me.”

Once again, an odd expression flashed across in the face of the Duke as he asked.

“Did you say two-person”

It was an expression that was wondering about the Duchy’s carriage he sent going from something that certainly had enough space for six people to only two. 

Before I had a chance to explain more, someone suddenly opened the door wide.


“Orion, keep your manners!”

The person, who was striding into the room, flinched at the Duke’s stern voice.

And then, he turned his head and stared at me with an indescribable eye. 

‘Looks like he suffered a lot in the carriage.’

His hair was messily dishevelled, and wrinkles had formed in his clothes.

The insignia in his shoulder was a bit off as well.

I apologized to him.

“I’m sorry.

The carriage was too bad, right I usually like to go around in a simple manner.”


The young duke who was still beautiful, even with his dishevelled uniform, shook his head at my words with a tired face. 

“It happened because I visited without prior notice so it’s not your fault, my Lady.


If I thought about his appearance and the authority he held, he had no reason to yield to me but he accepted himself to be the cause of the problem. 

Then, without further comment, he slowly sat on his seat. 

It was as if all the mistakes were covered up by this.

When everyone finally took their seats, the server put the dishes in front of us. 

Mother looked like she was very hungry, so much so in fact that she even left out introducing me and began to eat elegantly.


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