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The academy I had been attending was closed at once.

As replacing the academy’s professors, reform the management, and organizing corruption in students’ enrollment and graduation would at least take a few years, closing it couldn’t be avoided.

An early test and a simple graduation certificate was given to the students who were close to graduation.

As for the enrolled students, they were advised to do homeschooling without permission for readmission for the time being.

And I was given the choice to either enter another academy or an employment agency where I could quickly be employed through apprenticeship.

“So, Orion.

I want to ask another favor.”


Orion’s beautiful face turned lively.

He, whose complexion got more healthy nowadays, spoke softly.

“You have something to ask me Oh, my little sister.”




Yes, I do.”

But I suddenly feel uncomfortable saying it now.

It wasn’t because I was afraid he wouldn’t fulfill it, but because it seemed as though he would accept it very gladly no matter what.

Did he even know what I would ask for Why was he already acting like this

I avoided the gaze of my new brother, who made me troubled, opening his arms as if saying ‘tell me everything.’

At this point, it was worth doubting that he might be a high-level player who was trying to weigh on my conscience so I would not ask for any more favors.

“The academy’s former dean .



“We can put commision in the guild to assassinate him.”

“No, please don’t do that.”

Why an assasination

Orion then spoke with a sad face, ‘justifying’ himself.

“Since I still haven’t inherited the Duke position, I can’t do more than intimidate him even if I bring the Blue Knight Order.

In order to have a summary execution to a leader of a public institute, I need to at least be in the Duke position.

As Father is still a bit healthy .



“I hope Lord Duke will continue being healthy.”

Since the weather had gone colder these days and he was old as well, this was the time where he should take good care of himself.

How confused he would be if he were to know that his only son was having such thoughts.

“How could he never catch a cold even once when he does his work so busily .



How could you be that sad that Lord Duke is healthy

While I faltered back a few steps, Rany, standing next to me, intensely expressed her sympathy towards Orion.

“That’s what I’m saying.

I also want to use the budget freely, but the problem is my father is still the guild leader.”

I couldn’t understand why these two people had the same feeling, but I sincerely began to worry about the health of their parents.

Shouldn’t they ask the clinic to give their parents medicine to tone up their health

People said there’s no use in raising a child.

I couldn’t guess if they knew their children were having these kinds of thoughts.

Hearing a conspiracy that was happening right in front of me, I raised my voice and spoke of what I was about to say.

“I want to meet the academy’s former dean.”

Orion blinked his eyes as if my request was unexpected.

Looking at me who was a bit nervous about what to say if he asked for the reason, he replied simply.


You can do that.”

Not only not questioning the reason, but he also guaranteed that he would prepare a private meeting with the dean who was confined temporarily until the trial.

His words were sincere.

Shortly afterwards, I met a middle aged man wearing shabby clothes in a shabby building.

* * *

The man in front of me barely raised his head.

His boastful mustache stuck out messily, and there was a funky smell from the clothes that hadn’t been changed for days.

He, who had been slanting his head all this time, stared at me with hollow eyes and opened his mouth.

“Something you still need to say Something left, huh That’s surprising.”

His appearance was poor, but he still had his pride.

He was still using impolite tones and a lack of honorifics.

There was something of a vibration in his voice, but he didn’t seem as though he felt embarrassed or guilty of what he had done.

Rather, he was closer to being angry at me.

Me, the one who made him fall into a pit of despair.

I couldn’t understand his anger, nor did I want to bother to.

“It must be delightful to play with power, right, Lady Miller”




“You hid your identity when you were Madam Tatiana’s daughter, but now that you’ve become a Young Lady of the Duchy, you struck the backs of your teachers.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying, sir.

Who was it who made me expose my identity”

At the words I spoke calmly, he flashed a fierce gaze.

How could this person completely forget all the wrongs he had committed

“All the problems were caused by the academy’s careless management.”

He trembled in anger.

He raised his voice as if he felt that it was unfair.

“That problem could easily have been buried if only the Duchy didn’t expose and investigate everything! Such things are unavoidable in order to manage the academy!”

“You lost your position because you did that.”

I cut him off with a sigh.

It was clear that his mindset wouldn’t change anyway.

Since I didn’t visit him merely to hear such words, there was no need to continue an useless conversation.

He still couldn’t understand.


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