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That the problems did not stem from some of the students’ actions.

That it was because he always chose a scapegoat whenever a problem occurred.

That it was because he didn’t think of righteousness or justice even for a moment when he tried to avoid personal loss.

That it was because he cared more about his personal distinction and possession rather than his responsibility as a professor who should teach the students, and as a person in charge of all those teaching periods.

“I have something to ask.”




He quietly turned his head.

“A few years ago, the academy dispatched students from the magic department to another region, right”

He flinched.

“A lot of promising students lost their lives at that time, but nothing was exposed about the exact goal of the dispatch, nor about the reason they lost their lives.”




“There was no record left, either.”

I thought that at least I would find a trace if I investigated throughout the academy, but there was nothing left.

It was a must to leave a record in case it was needed, but even that was absent.

“The professor in charge was, too, revealed to be missing at that time.”




Students of the magic department were all important talents of the empire, who would become mages.

It was a strange thing for no proper record to be left when they were massacred.

“It was all in the past.

Even the investigator from the palace .



“Even the investigator from the palace didn’t properly investigate and just closed the case.”





“Strange, right A mage-to-be is a very important talent.

I can’t believe there is nothing known when a group of them vanished.”

His body turned stiff hearing my words that pointed toward the truth.

Fear slowly filled his eyes.

“Who was behind that incident”

I only asked a question, but he crazily shook his head, stared at me in horror and trembled.

“You’re crazy! The moment you speak out, you and I could die without leaving a trace.

Why are you digging into that case!”

“You supressed the former dean using that case and you took his place.

I think that you would at least leave a record for the sake of your life.”

“No way I would do that unless I want to die! What is it Duke Miller trying—”

“This has nothing to do with the Duke.

This is my personal problem.”

He stared at me with a gaze full of confusion.

His expression showed that he couldn’t understand why I dug up this case.

With a contorted face, he spoke as if giving me a warning.

“Young Lady, it seems like you still don’t know the law of this footing, but you shouldn’t touch this kind of case.

Not only Duke Miller, even His Majesty the Emperor couldn’t .



“I know that much.”

If I didn’t, there was no way I would approach him carefully like this.

Because the reason I tried to take a long road was so that I and someone else would not get hurt.

He turned silent at my words.

His face was still saying that he couldn’t understand, but there was an odd shift there.

Something like hesitation and a bit of hope.

I sneered because I could practically see his thoughts.

How can this person never fail to amaze me

“If there’s something I know regarding that incident, what can you do for me, Young Lady”

“What do you want from me”

He lifted his thick fingers and folded them one by one.

“My safety.

Adequate monetary support.

Also, lower my crime to detention through sufficient defense of the charge.”




His tiny, tiny eyes gleamed.

However, if Orion’s eyes sparkled clearly, his eyes were filled with greasy oil through his selfish desires— evoking unpleasant feelings.

“I have no intention to make a deal with you.


His eyes grew wider.

I felt someone’s presence behind me .



when I had been sure no one was there.

While I felt him slowly walking behind me, observing the situation, I continued speaking.

“You have to take responsibility for the things you have done.

To be condemned by people, to have all you have done and denied finally catch up to you.

To lose everything you had and have.”




“Everyone around you would leave you one by one, and no one would stay by your side.

Because soon you will have debt that can’t be paid even if you sell everything you own.”

I didn’t know if this could be a consolation for the students that had already been used as a scapegoat and lost everything.

What I was sure about, he was a person who deserved criticism.

For people with wrath, they needed a target.

He, who always made a scapegoat to moderately soothe the anger, was now the object of that anger.

He shouted hurriedly.

“Wait! You said there’s something you need to know from me, right!”

“I just need to find out.”

A familiar voice faintly reached my ears.

Right when that word was spoken, someone’s hand carefully covered my eyes.

Unlike the arms that gently and warmly embraced me, his voice was cold.

While my view was being blocked, a man’s desperate shouts exploded.

Light permeated through my covered eyes and there was a smell of something burned badly.

All of that felt so vivid that I felt as though my eyes weren’t covered at all.


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