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Since my eyes were covered, my other senses became more sensitive.

The man’s shouts and the piercing smell of burnt flesh and blood, as well the light that permeated between the fingers.

Those were clearer to my eyes than ever before.

It might have been better to not cover them, though.

Zen’s considerations were always poor somewhere.

I lightly held the hand that was covering my eyes.

Although it was only for a moment, I felt his hand flinch in response.

“Remove this.

I’m fine.”

As I blinked my eyes a few times because of the light that entered my now uncovered eyes, I finally saw what was in front of me clearly.

The person I was having a conversation with until a moment ago was drooping down with foam in his mouth.

Seeing the burn marks on the ruined shirt, I criticized him.

“What are you planning by torturing him”

“It’s because he won’t say anything.”

“But you still shouldn’t leave wounds.”

I seriously criticized Zen.

In the first place, we took him out in secret, so shouldn’t we bring him back without anything noticeable

“He is someone that belongs in prison.

Nothing wrong should happen to him until then.”

“It’s okay.

We can just ask Bertin to bring a priest.”




And would you take responsibility for Bertin’s life if he is expelled from the Temple

My heart felt complicated hearing his plan of slowly gaining information through torture and treatment.

Without being able to spit out the foam, the man before us desperately moved his mouth.

Despite not knowing of the magic put on him, it seemed as though it was very painful just from the way his hands trembled.

“It was a lie.

I’m lying about knowing that case.

Just like what I said before, the one who ordered to cover it was a noble with relation to the magic tower.

There is nothing I know except that!”




“I was lying.

I know nothing.

I only filled in that position like a puppet!”

As soon as his words ended, I stood up, hiding my disappointment.

I only questioned him to make sure, but as expected.



The outcome I got was close to nothing.

Nevertheless, the comforting part was that I had no need to approach the professors of the academy.

Even the dean knew nothing, so there was no way the other professors under him knew anything.

If by any chance they knew something, they wouldn’t have ended up with a light dismissal in case they opened their mouths.

I feel drained.

As though he felt Zen’s glare, the dean desperately shouted at me.

“No matter what, this is a serious abuse of authority! Bringing a criminal for personal affair, torturing him after detaining him.

If this were to get revealed, do you think you will be safe”

Hmm .



it might be dangerous to put him back in prison.

When Zen quietly lifted his hand, the dean shutted up with a frightened face.

He must have known that those words wouldn’t work on Zen, who casted magic out of nowhere.

I glanced at him, who still looked like not in a good mood.

The reason was obvious.

He was angry at me for not calling him when I was in a dangerous situation.

I only wanted to fairly clear out from the false charge, not to take revenge.

The dark green eyes stared at me instead at the dean.

When he was angry, just like how it always was, the difference between the color of his eyes got more clear.

I pretended to not know of his anger, fixing my gaze on the dean.

In the past, he was the pompous head of an academy.

He stood on a very high platform and spoke plainly to the students to ‘be a worthy human’.

He had everything.

Honor, authority, influence, wealth, and people.

“Do you forget”




“Even you, ‘sir’, falsified guilt for innocent kids and buried everything that could have you caught after the arrangements were done.”

I too, as of now, had the power and honor he had.

On top of that, I had ‘justification’.

What was the reason for him to think I was unable to do things he could do

His face turned as pale as a piece of white paper.

Standing in front of him who was trembling made me feel as though I became a villainess.

Zen, who kept silently protesting, smoothly stood in front of me.

Then he grabbed the collar of the man that was on the floor and began to chant a spell for teleportation.

“Ze .



Even before I could finish his name, the two people completely disappeared.

“Is he very angry”

I, who was looking at thin air, walked to the entrance with a sigh.

The disappeared man would surely come back in a few days, or maybe tomorrow.

Since there was no more information to discover, Zen would surely return the dean when his anger resolved.

As I slowly opened the door, Sir Rune, who was leaning on the wall, straightened up.

It seemed as though Zen blocked the sounds from the way he didn’t burst in despite hearing the dean’s noisy voice.

“That person, Zen took him.”

“I know.

I felt the mana.”

I gaze vacantly at him before asking.

“Wouldn’t Orion be in trouble if he doesn’t return”

As I asked to his relaxed face, he laughed.

He looked composed as if I was uselessly worried for nothing.


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