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Orion was someone who came to greet me when I woke up in the morning and always faithfully came to meals after his work.

It was quite common for us to see each other in the hallway or library.

“Maybe because you meet him everyday that you can’t notice it, but actually he’s a living being that rarely makes an appearance.”

I nodded at her explanation.

By the look of it, it seemed as though I had slowly begun to disregard his position, as it was frequent for me to meet him.

There might be a need for me to be more respectful and to put more space between us.

“Let’s set aside the escort part for now and purchase some clothing.

People should wear proper clothes according to the situation.

It needn’t be fancy, but it should be formal.”

As I was an amateur in this field, I couldn’t refute her.

“Now let’s go.”

I stood up, obediently following her.

However, when we opened the door of the living room, Orion, who was somehow leaning on the corridor wall, took his hand out of pocket and smiled brightly at me.

“It seems like you two are going outside.”




“I also happen to have things to do outside, so may I give you a ride”

I blinked at Rany.

This was the fourth time in one day I met the living being that rarely made an appearance.

Rany replied in a faint voice.

“We didn’t even tell you where we’re going.

How can you say you’ll give us a ride”

“Because my sister’s way is my way.”







I nudged Rany, who was making a disgusted face.

And I was convinced that line wasn’t made by Orion Miller.

There must be an expert behind such a line— it would usually only appear in a third rate romance novel.

He must be reading novels again.

I was reminded of the pitiful young knight who had to demonstrate that novel in person.

And his powerless steps leaving the confession room.

Eventually, I decided to accept Orion’s offer.

“Alright, then.

Let’s go together.”


Orion went to prepare the carriage in a happy mood.

Rany turned her head and she gave me serious advice.

“Have you really decided to accept him as your brother”


Considering the things he did for me, it was amazing that I could only repay it with things like this.

Rany turned silent for a moment before twisting her eyebrows and asked again.

“Then do I have to treat that person as your brother”

“Yes, please.”

Rany was stupefied with my firm answer.

She detested romance novels.

According to her, there was no way a handsome man with abundant wealth, a high position, and a good personality would fall in love with the penniless female lead.

Of course, from the way she treated Bertin, she also didn’t like handsome men.

“Handsome men always pay a price for their looks.”

I knew there was an odd fight between the two of them during their previous meeting, but .



“I swear, gosh.

If only he weren’t a Young Duke, I would-”

It seemed like it would take a long while for my best friend and new brother to get close.




That was what I thought, but not long after, I had to admit that my prediction was proven wrong.

While shopping, the two began to grow so close that it made me feel confused.

When I was trying on a third dress, the two were engrossed in a discussion.

“Hmm, no.

The previous one is better.”

“Marianne has a beautiful shoulder line so I think it’s good to expose it.”

“Still, don’t you think it’s bad to expose too much”

“What a dilemma.

I want to boast how beautiful Marianne is, but I’m afraid bad people will kidnap our beautiful Marianne.”

“It’s fine.

I’m planning to stick about four or five guards on her when she goes to the palace, anyway.”

“Please give her the best guards.

I think she should also bring a mage.”

I was sure I had told her my wish to enter the palace alone.

I felt as though my opinion was somehow insignificant in their conversation.

As I turned my head because I was tired of their discussion while I tried the dresses for an hour, Sir Rune smiled gently when our eyes met.

“Must be tiring, right”

“We should end their meeting quickly.”

I vaguely thought that it would be good if my brother and best friend got close, but the passion from their synergy was too excessive.

I weakly spoke because I felt like the tiredness doubled

“Can I change back, now”


Now you can change that with this!”

“What’s the difference”

“This dress pattern is made with silk embroidery, so it looks more natural and nice than the one with dyeing or drawing.”

Since I had no knowledge about dresses, I was always left behind in the conversation.

On the side, Orion was waiting while holding another dress.

“Try this too.

I can’t be sure if you only try that.

Everythings looks good.”




Sir Rune moved his mouth soundlessly and sent me a supporting message.

I walked back to the changing room with tottering steps.

The crazy debate about the dress trends this year between my best friend and Orion was heard from far away.

What was it about the appearance of the rare living being

How could those two become good friends only with a few meetings



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