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The situation had become more tense.

I was looking for the timing to refute, but His Majesty was holding it by humming.

“It’s true that we all need friends we could rely on, so I think it’s good to have someone to be comfortable with inside the Imperial Academy.

But the atmosphere between the two academies is a bit different .



I quickly cut in.

“Yes, Your Majesty.

Because I’m a lacking person—”

Please just cancel it.

Right before I was about to continue to say that, with the same benevolent and warm smile, His Majesty nodded.

“I invite you to join the royal hunting competition so you can greet some young ladies and young masters that attended Imperial Academy in advance.

It would be a good chance for you in the preparation of your social activities.”




“It would also be a suitable place for introducing your daughter, Duke.”

“I have business to do in my territory so I couldn’t participate in the hunting competition, but my son would be there.”

The tactless Duke, who couldn’t understand me despite meeting my eyes dozens of times, continued his reply.

“He’s a kid who loves his sister, so I’m sure he’ll be a good guide.”

Do you really think like that

I couldn’t hold back anymore when I heard that Lord Duke would entrust me to Orion all while the hunting competition.

I decided to not hear the helpful advice from Lord Chamberlain to avoid asking back and reject His Majesty.

Therefore, I spoke while clasping my hands tight, acting desperate.

“Your Majesty, I was only stepping foot in society.

On top of that, I still lack knowledge and am slow at learning, so I still need some time.”

“I see.

You have been only a normal civilian till this day.

A noble’s life is surely different.”

His Majesty gazed down at me with warm eyes expressing his understanding, then said.

“Do your best.”




I quietly stared at Duke Miller.

He nodded his head once again with a solemn face.

“She will surely do well.”

Please don’t send me a trusting gaze while clenching your fist.

At this point, I became sure this person was not much different from Orion.

He added Rany to the problem where it could simply end with me attending the academy, and stuck Orion to me in the hunting competition.

I got dizzy remembering Rany who rolled her sleeves high and yanked other girls’ hair back in the academy.

She should not go to those kinds of places.

“It would be fine since Orion loves his only little sister.”

But he was the most troublesome, though.

The most worrying now are he and my friend, Your Excellency.

Since I couldn’t say that out, I left the palace in a sour mood.

Only then did I understand why the eyes of people in this palace were so moist.

Not being able to ask back and reject meant that you had to overlook such unreasonable things.

In just a day, I would go to the hunting competition hand in hand with my new brother, and I would go hand in hand with my friend to an unfamiliar academy.

My life was twisted.

* * *

Unexpectedly, Rany was calm about her transfer that was decided without her.

“It’s okay.

Although I never met him, I’ve thought Orion’s father to be out of ordinary.

Well, facing that level of trouble, I knew that you would lose.”

“I mean .



I thought except for Orion, the others would be somewhat normal.”

Although I didn’t want to believe that the dependable Duke was the most problematic, I now knew it for sure since it had already happened.

As expected of the man chosen by my mother.

Did that mean he wasn’t normal

Then, I heard desperate yells from afar.

Beyond the window, there was Lloyd Jeffrey, who escorted me previously, carrying a tree as big as he was and running through the drill hall.

These few days, he had a very intensive training session.

Although I didn’t ask, Orion repeatedly explained that it was for growing a successful man.

“You already know that it would go like this, anyway.”

Rany’s words made me take my eyes off the sweating knight.

She spoke as if repeating it.

“Didn’t you already expect this much when you expose yourself as Marianne Miller”

“Well, I did.”

Once the plan began to fall apart, it continued to go wrong.

Was it because everything had been going too well so far

Once it got off the track, I became lost.

I didn’t know the destination, how to stop, or how to change the plan.

“This is why I hate unexpected variables.”

“There always are variables in every situation.

You’re just too much of a perfectionist.”

Rany examined me with a very relaxed attitude.

“Can’t you just make up your mind with ease You’ve lost weight.”

“Try to live here.

Would you be able to make up your mind with ease, then”

“This wouldn’t work.”


Rany suddenly raised up from her seat.

Then, she suddenly clasped my hand with a serious face before dragging me.

She quickly went through the hallway and walked past the garden.

Right next to the Duchy’s garden, there was a knight order who finished their day by training swords in the drill hall.

When I was just looking at Sir Lloyd Jeffrey, who was getting tortured— I mean trained— in the forefront, Rany began to increase the pace of her steps and whispered in a hurry.

“Hey, run faster.”


“Your brother saw you.”

As soon as she finished her words, my feet that had been walking slowly began to take its pace.

Although I was wearing a dress and shoes which would be uncomfortable for outings, I did my best to reach the carriage.

Praying for the run pace of the knight to be unable to catch us, I held my breathless gasps.

Rany, who breathed heavily, took a step ahead and led me with strong strength.

We both were desperate.

If we get caught now, then it’s over.


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