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That afternoon, Dana, who saw me bring back a big box, showed no sign of surprise and took over the box.

I began to make an excuse to her who was furrowing her brows, as if thinking where to put the item.

“Well, I think it might be okay to bring at least one .



“Sure, it’s no surprise, My Lady.”

She shrugged once before taking my outerwear without saying anything in particular.

I thought I would definitely hear her nagging me for bringing the item to the Duchy.

She unexpectedly let this slide.

“Recently, you obviously look really stressed, My Lady.”




“You also have to prepare for the hunting competition, so if you could get calm with this, then it’s fine by me.”

She stopped for a moment after saying that.

Then, she looked at the box put in one side of my room.

She then put her hand on her cheek and sighed.

“Although it would be better if you calmed down through a more constructive thing.”

“That too is also healthy enough.”

“Well, that is healthy.”




“But, it’s just, that is not an item that could be collected by you who has become a Young Lady of the Duchy, My Lady.”

After she somewhat coldly judged my collections, she left the room to hang my clothes.

I, who was left alone, quietly sat on the bed as I stared at the box.

I never thought that my life would turn over like this after my mother’s remarriage.

The position I had as a young lady of the Duchy.

The things I had to do as a young lady of the Duchy.

The things I could do as a young lady of the Duchy.

Not only did I often hear such stories, but I myself began to pay attention to other people’s eyes and evaluations.

“How strange.”

Mom was still acting like herself.

She went to watch the play she liked, and spent time with the person she loved.

She went shopping without caring of others’ gazes, and called in performers to appreciate their new songs and cheered that performance.

Whether when she was Madam Tatiana, or even when she was the Duchess, there was no big difference.

I felt like I alone was the one who lost.

Was it because I always pursued peaceful and stable things

For achieving that pursuit, was I overly confident in the plan I set up and myself that I have controlled so far

Thinking of such various thoughts made me fall asleep even before Dana came back.


When I woke up, it was dawn and everyone else was asleep.

When I turned my head, I saw a plate placed next to a small candle.

[Sir Young Duke saw My Lady fast asleep and told me to not wake you up.

I left snacks here in case you were hungry because you missed your mealtime.]

There was Dana’s memo and sandwich filled with eggs on top of the plate.

I reached out to drink a sip of milk then I took a bite of a sandwich.

“It’s good.”

The other sandwich was filled with strawberry jam.

It was sweet— Orion’s taste, but because I was hungry and I ate it along with milk, it was not bad.

Even though I was hungry, I usually couldn’t eat something like this.

Thanks to Orion who always served this kind of snack in our tea time, I got used to sweet things.

Even drinking tea, or even eating sweet things.

Now I’m fine with things I hated back then.

The things that I thought I would never be able to do unexpectedly became nothing once I tried it.

This was something I wouldn’t realize if it wasn’t for Orion.




A box that didn’t suit a room designed for sleep entered my sight.

Should I move it somewhere else

As I pondered about it, I slowly took the box and opened it.

I saw the blade that shone brightly because of the light in the room.

The handle that felt perfectly on my right hand also appeared to be made with care.

No wonder Rany acted so triumphantly.

Still, on one hand, I was troubled with Dana’s words that this was not an item suitable for collection for a young lady of the Duchy.

It must be better to put this in the suitable place, right

After looking at the dark hallway, I decided to stealthily walk the hallway while holding the item.

* * *

Orion Miller was doing his work all night.

As the heir of the Duke, his work was always overflowing, but since he persisted in doing his work at home, his work doubled.

“I told you so.

You should have just visited the palace and met His Majesty.”

“I heard out of sight, out of mind.

We are just entering the starting phase, so I can’t get far from her.”

Bayhan laughed at Orion’s words that were said seriously.

Even though there had been no apparent success, he seemed like he was still taking advice from that novel.

If only you reduce using every line and situation from the novels you read, I think Marianne would lessen her running away.

However, even if Bayhan spoke that advice, it was impossible to reach his friend whose ears were already closed.

Orion took his eyes off the document and mumbled in a worried tone.

“I’m afraid she’s hungry because she slept before having dinner.”

“I also don’t have dinner and I am helping you with your work.”

“Who’s worrying about your dinner”

Although he was grumbling, Orion pulled the rope next to him and rang the bell.

“Did you call me, Young Master”

“Bring me a simple snack.

Also a refreshing drink.”


The maid answered politely and bowed.

She then left the office.

Orion, who quickly prepared snacks despite grumbling, added curtly.

“Hurry up and take care of the rest before the food comes.

Since I’m the one who approves the budget, just leave it, and about the list of items in the ledger—”

Right at that moment, a piercing and high shout rang across the whole mansion.

It was a horror shout as if someone’s life was on line.


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