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Orion, who jumped over the desk in the office, opened the door roughly and ran over.

Bayhan followed behind him.

At the end of the hallway, there was a maid with messy hair who was on all fours.

There was a strange figure before the maid who was trembling extremely.

What is that

The figure, standing in front of the window illuminated with moonlight, was clad in robe and held in both hands a long sickle boasting a sharp blade.

Because the robe that covered them from head to toe was black, the white hand that was holding the sickle got more apparent.


While Bayhan faltered on his steps, Orion leaned his head.

Then, he began to approach where the falling maid was with light steps.

“Orion, it’s dange—”


Bayhan, who was stretching his hand while frowning at the sound of his happy call, stiffened.

Orion approached the grim reaper who was holding a scythe with a happy expression and laughed.

“Seeing you here in the hallway at late dawn, you must be hungry!”

Then, a calm and soft voice flowed out from inside the robe.

The soft and calm voice was definitely a familiar voice to Bayhan.

“I couldn’t sleep.”

The maid who was trembling, opened her mouth with a dumbfounded face.

As the hood of the robe was taken off, Marianne’s face came into view.

The nonchalant face that blinked when looking at Orion, leaned a bit to the side.

At the same time, disheveled brown hair that was tinted with scarlet fell down.

“I didn’t know everyone was awake at this time.”


I was finishing the remaining work, and planning to have a tea party with you tomorrow.”

“I was planning to read a book tomorrow.”

“Next to you reading the book, I will—”


Bayhan raised up the maid that was blankly sitting on the ground.

Then, he gave advice to Marianne who was wearing suspicious attire and even holding a sickle, and to Orion, who didn’t find Marianne’s attire to be strange at all.

“First of all, I think it’s best to find out why she walked around in such attire at dawn.”

Only then did Orion check around the surroundings.

On one side of the hallway, maids and guards who ran out of surprise at the scream gathered in an awkward position.

“Eh Go back, everyone.”

As if Orion didn’t realize the reason why everyone was stunned at all, he nonchalantly gave an order as he waved his hand.

Marianne, whose eyes were puffy as though she had not fully woken up from her sleep, looked really flustered by this situation.

While it was always her, who acted calm and mature, making everyone around her troubled about how they should act around her.

How she looked around with round eyes made her look like she was still a young girl.

Then, Orion realized there was a sickle on her hands and asked.

“What is this”

“I received this as a gift, and I was wondering whether I should put this in the warehouse.”

Although he couldn’t know where she received that from, he was curious why it was gifted and why did she just accept it

Orion naturally took over the sickle in Marianne’s hands.

“The blade is sharpened nicely.

The handle also feels strong.

This is a good item.”


If you swing that, you can cut nicely.”


Orion finally examined the sickle as if he realized there was something strange.

It appeared like he finally realized that it was strange for the sixteenth year old Marianne to receive this ‘cut nicely’ sickle and hold it dearly.

Shouldn’t he have noticed that from the start

Bayhan noticed that Orion had been engrossed in his work and had been unable to make a rational decision for a moment because of the pleasure of meeting his younger sister.

Along with the peculiar silence, Orion examined the sickle he got from his sister.

“E-eh It looks like the tip of the blade was worked twice”


That way, the blade becomes less dull when you pull back the sickle after cutting.”




Orion’s complexion turned a bit pale.

Marianne was nonchalantly explaining the good points of the item to her step brother.

Orion, felt choked up, cleared up his throat then continued the conversation.

“What a good item.

This is a good item, but .



“Because there’s a part that looks like a hook here, it’s good for sorting out.”

“Sorting out what”

“The ones to cut or not.

If you cut only the part that needs to be cut neatly, the remaining ones will grow better.”




The conversation got even weirder.

Orion blinked at Marianne, who was walking hurriedly in a black robe.

The blade of the sickle lit up brightly as it was under the moonlight.

The care was perfect as if he would cut himself immediately with just a slight touch of his finger.

“You can use it for a long time if you oil it so it won’t get rusty.”

“Oh, yeah.

I see.”

When he turned his head while answering awkwardly, Marianne added with a sad air.

“I heard this is an item that doesn’t suit my status now as a young lady of the Duchy.”

“I mean, even if you’re not a young lady of the Duchy .



This is not an item that would suit you.

As Orion muttered reluctantly, Marianne added in a low voice.

“I’d like it if the gardeners in this place make good use of this.”





Only then did Orion understand her and examined the sickle again.

The silver blade looked sharper than any swords, and the handle looked strong as if it was made of good wood.

The heavy and ergonomic design was excellent.

This is a sickle to cut grass.

Thank God.

With a more relaxed face, Orion swung the sickle.

The sickle that produced the swish sound moved around smoothly in his hand.

The sickle ‘donated’ by Marianne transformed into a gift in his heart.

“I’ll use it nicely.”

“Why are you the one who’s using it”

It’s a sickle

Marianne stared intently at her new brother that was still hard for her to understand.

Meanwhile, Bayhan looked at the siblings that couldn’t communicate and swallowed his laugh.


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