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I Will Return My New Brother - Chapter 77 - Sleepy Translations

6-8 minutes 14.04.2021

The morning of the hunting competition day was busy.

Looking at the carriage, which Orion was more proud of than any other times for a reason I wasn’t aware of, I fell into contemplation.

Now, I couldn’t hide the fact that I was a young lady of Miller Duchy.

Nor did I need to hide it.

Did I really need to board this carriage

I rather think this will make me stand out.

I couldn’t imagine a dull black carriage between other nobles’ dazzling carriages.


Somehow, Orion’s face was even more blinding today.

His golden hair that was shone by the sun glittered brightly, and his blue eyes looked so lively.

I felt like colorful flowers hovered around Orion’s face that bloomed brightly like a background.

Is this a presence that overwhelms all surroundings just by smiling

Somehow, I thought it would be difficult to hate someone who smiled like that.

I, who stared at the reached out hand, soon placed my hand in his.

He jumped in the carriage with the corner of his lips twitching before closing the door.

“The House of Miller took up the winning position in the hunting competition for generations.

Every individual in the Blue Knight Order also has good records.”

“That’s cool.”

“If this time we win again, then, Marianne.”

He stared at me as if he was determined about something then carefully declared.

“I will dedicate the prey for you, and make you the Lady of the Day.”

“Ah .



I, who truthfully had no knowledge about the hunting competition, vaguely nodded my head.

As soon as my head moved in agreement, Orion smiled brightly again as if he was relieved.

“I will do my best.”




If he does his best, then won’t it end rather too early

I heard that hunting usually continued until the sun set, but if an overpowered winner had already been decided, then the competition could end early, right

I decided that if I couldn’t avoid this, then I should go through this matter quickly.

I smiled back at Orion.

“I’ll cheer for you.”

“Yeah, alright.”

His face was exceptionally bright.

I believed that since nowadays the training level of the knight order was rather higher, I was sure their records wouldn’t be low.

When the carriage we boarded slowly slid in between fancy carriages, all the coachmans of each family made a little way.


The coachman slowly stopped the carriage.

I saw the hunting ground in the distance.

There were a lot of tents in the vacant lot that were wider than I thought.

Not only the packed ground, but packs of bearable gazes from the picky nobles also entered my sight.

I looked around, then I asked Orion.

“Will it be possible to hunt Isn’t this too noisy for chasing the prey”

“The hunt is done inside the forest.

Those who stay here are only the young ladies and young masters who still can’t participate in the hunt.”

“I see.”

When I opened the door, Dana, who suddenly came out between the maids of the Miller Duchy who occupied the location in advance, came closer to me.

“My Lady, come here please.”

She quickly reached out to take a look at my dress.

I saw all of the young ladies around us were fixing pins at the bottom of their dresses to prevent it from getting dirty.

I shouldn’t have come in this dress in the first place.

It is all covered in dirt.

It wasn’t even needed for hunting.

In order to make a waiting area for them to wait until the honorable knights dedicated the prey they catched not even for eating, but for bragging, a portion of forest was made into a vacant lot altogether.

The sprouts that only sprouted small were trampled by the young ladies’ glass shoes, enamel shoes, and the knights’ military boots.

I vacantly stared down at the ground, and then looked up at Orion’s careful touch.

“First, we have to greet His Majesty.”

The knights of the Blue Knight Order had their lips twitched while giving a warm gaze at me, who was walking with escort from Orion.

“Your Majesty, Young Duke Miller and Young Lady Miller give their greetings.”

As I stood up after following Orion to bow a bit, the emperor smiled while looking at me and Orion.

Next to him, a woman with her hair tied in a knot and wearing a green dress entered my sight.

She scanned me up and down, but soon turned her head as if she wasn’t interested.

There was no doubt that the only woman who could sit next to the emperor in a formal setting was the empress.

On her side, there were the crown prince and crown princess who still looked young, and there was also the second prince with an even younger face.

Unlike the crown prince who was already in his mid twenties, the second prince was younger than me.

I heard he was twelve

His figure sitting straight while maintaining a calm demeanor made him feel more mature than his peers.

By the way, everyone looks uninterested with the hunt.

Everyone wore a boring and flat face.

I felt like I could understand their expression because they didn’t even hunt personally, and had to sit for long hours only to award the hunting result.

Then, I saw an empty golden chair next to the imperial families.

Flowers of different varieties loaded the back side of the chair, and in the stair a step higher, there was a phrase ‘Lady of the Day’ engraved in silver color.


“It’s the honored seat for the young lady who gets the most prey in this hunting competition.”

The flowers placed in the back of the glittering golden chair were so badly colorful.

“You must have never seen it because this is your first hunting competition.

Gren, bring it here.”

Lord Chamberlain brought in a shining stick of human height from somewhere.

At the very end of the stick was carved the sun, the symbol of this empire.

When he swung the stick, little glitters shone and scattered around him.

“It’s a stick that the lady of the day will hold in the parade.”




There’s a parade”

Hearing my taken aback question, Orion smiled and put his hand on my shoulder.

“You can say she is the flower of the hunting competition.

Something to announce that we’re reducing the danger in the forest through this grand hunt to the public by sitting in that chair and parading through the most bustling road in this capital, I suppose.”

I was at a loss after hearing Orion’s explanation.

What was it that I replied to Orion’s bravado to make me lady of the day

So, did this mean that I had chosen an embarrassing event without my knowing

Wait, let’s calm down.

There’s no guarantee that Orion’s blue knight order will win.


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