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“Because the black knight order, the strong as well worthy rival of the blue knight order has stated that they wouldn’t participate today, then there’s no one who will win.

Which means the lady of the day has already been decided.”

A tall man in the side nodded his head at that.

His face was similar to Duke Bolton that I saw at the wedding.

Except he was younger.

It meant that he was Young Duke Bolton.

The tall man, who was dressed in a gloomy-black knight uniform from head to toe, had a stiff and cold voice just like his attire.

“The black knight order has to protect the emperor’s side in the place of my father who went to the border.

This is to prepare for the worst.”

Even though it didn’t seem like the beasts would walk to this noisy place, he looked like he was determined to faithfully do his role.

How good would it be if he also participated in the competition.

I became more restless because I couldn’t find any candidate that might be able to defeat Orion except for him.

“Do you want to try holding the stick”


As I quickly turned down Lord Chamberlain’s suggestion, Orion nodded as if that was natural.

“She will hold it to heart’s content later at the parade, so there’s no need for her to hold it now.

It will only hurt her hand.”

I wanted to hit him.

I really wanted to hit Orion’s back.

The shining blonde hair fluttered by the wind and it made my view even blurry.

* * *

I was on my way returning to my seat while pushing down the urge to strangle my stepbrother’s throat.

Then, I saw the burning gazes of the young ladies directed to a group of priests in the distance.

I was wondering who they saw so passionately, only to find a familiar back at the end of their gazes.

I was convinced in an instant.

I see.

This was a hunting event hosted by the imperial palace.

Although high-ranking nobles were absent due to a problem at the border, every child of every influential family was present.

Naturally, the Temple would also dispatch their aid, and there was no way they wouldn’t send their pride, Sir Bertin Gramia in this kind of event.

He was placed in a noticeable location as if he was an exhibition item that was stored nicely.

As I looked at him, our eyes met.

Noticing me, he slowly directed his steps to my way.

The moment I lifted my dress a bit as I was about to greet him formally, Bertin stared at me before kissing the back of my hand that was covered with gloves.

I could feel gasps and gazes filled with jealousy from both my sides and also from the young ladies in the distance.

“How audacious of you, Sir Gramia.”

As soon as Orion spoke with a stiff expression, Bertin laughed.

“Forgive me, Young Duke Miller.

Can you please help me have a chance to catch up with my old friend”




“I am very worried because I never received any reply for invitations and letters I sent to the Duchy ever since the academy was shut down.

I and Zen, we all-”

When I stared at Orion, he coughed-khm.

I sensed that Bertin was very angry despite him smiling brightly and acted courteously.

After Orion pondered about it, people left the table that was prepared for the Miller Family.

As we were left alone, Bertin took his seat and asked faintly at me who was avoiding his eyes.

“Your condition”

“I’m fine.”

My fingers fiddled with the dress skirt as I answered.

The outer fabric that was made with silk was soft, so I felt calm if I touched it when I felt uneasy.

I carefully spoke to him, who was lifting the corner of his lips only, not smizing.

“I know you guys are angry.

That you guys are also troubled because of the problem I made without discussing it.”




“About Trevor, I also didn’t know that it would get this bigger.

At most, I thought it was only Abigail who got cursed.

I never expected that the Beryl Family has a background to be able to use black magic on a large-scale.”

“Do you think I’m like this because of those”

Bertin stopped for a moment as if calming his breath.

Cold breath mixed in his voice.

Another feeling that filled in his eyes that was usually gentle made me yelp.

The faint voice somehow pried in clearly in my ears.

“Couldn’t you call me instead of Orion”




“You know what it means to enter the noble society as a young lady of the Miller Duchy, right Not only dealing with the young aristocrat ladies that will provoke argument even when Rany is in your side, the arrogant high nobles that treats low people as livestocks,”

Mother of lowly status.

Also the young lady of the duchy who was a commoner, who suddenly had her status ascended and her ability acknowledged.

The numerous journeys of Madam Tatiana was something that fit to be a topic for busybodies.

The title ‘Mom’s daughter’ that I had been trying to not use would naturally be stamped on my head.

His eyes stared straight at me and left a thick shade.

Is he upset

I was sure of one thing.

That even in this moment when he was angry, he was worrying about me.


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