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Did it never occur to you that you should tell me that one first”

He grinned at my grumbling.

“What would change if I did”

It was the most terrifying words I heard this year.

My head spinned as I imagined people in the duchy gathered in a crowd and Zen confronting them.

It’s possible enough for him.

Bertin, who playfully gave the news, added faintly.

“That kid is still stuck in the past.

The one you should persuade isn’t me but him.”




The words that caught me off guard made me nodded without comment.

He was right.

Zenin Arcadia couldn’t take a step out of the past and was left alone there.

* * *

After finishing his talk, Bertin returned back next to the priests with a bright face.

Meanwhile, I was tormented because I couldn’t find other ways to escape this deadlock.

Dana began to comfort me.

“My Lady, because your dress is of light color, the flowers will cover you so you might not get noticeable.”

“The one who will hold the stick is me.”

“Ah, that’s right.

By the way, My Lady.

I heard that everytime that stick moves, it will make a magical sound, is that true”

“There is that kind of function, too!”

As I was more shocked, she hiccuped while nervily closing her mouth.

“Will they really do that Holding and swaying the stick while parading amidst people”

“Yes, they say it’s a great honor.

That’s why after the hunting competition, the picture of the lady of the day will sell like hotcakes or something like that.”

I was dumbstruck hearing that my face while I wave the stick would spread wide across the entire nation.

Then, a maid, who was nervously loitering near my location, came closer.

She repeatedly bowed, being wary of me.

Only then I realized that she was waiting for my permission, so I lightly nodded.

“Say it.”

“My lady asked if Young Lady Miller wasn’t busy, how about coming to the tea table and having a chat.”




I stared at her.

Her hands that were clasped politely under her bowed body were trembling greatly.

Her modest clothes and the bonnet in her head showed that she was a maid.

In general, invitations between young ladies are made through at least the closest handmaid next to them.

Sending a maid to invite me was no different from laughing at my origin.

If I accepted the invitation, I would become a laughing stock, and if I didn’t, this maid would get punished.

My gaze turned to the tea table that was filled with colorful dresses.

The sideways glances sent to me were imbued with sneers.

I slowly walked near them and asked them with a very sincere and calm voice.

“Which family young lady was it that sent a maid and invited me here”







The giggling voice stopped in an instant and silence filled the table.

While everyone was flustered and sending each other a glance, the face of the young lady that sat on the edge was dark and alone.

I stared at her, who looked modest and unfitting with this fancy table.

She can’t follow the latest trends.

Or maybe that was a dress made a long time ago, or maybe she had no time to go to a boutique.

She was also a face that I had never seen in the pictures of young ladies that I memorized in advance.

Is she perhaps from a province who came through invitation

The moment I stared at her, a voice came from another direction.

“Young Lady Miller is very outspoken.

I can’t believe you asked that in front of everyone.

The one who sent the maid was Young Lady Liz from Baron Brigo Family.”

When I gave my eyes to the person who spoke softly while fanning herself, she introduced herself with a confident face toward me.

“It’s an honor to meet the young lady of the rumor.

I am Rachel from Kubrick County.”

She looked like she was the host of this gathering, or maybe someone with a strong voice.

I didn’t see a handmaid that should guide me to my seat, and the knights that should do the escort were idling around.

Rachel, who left me standing, glanced sideways at me with a pitiful face while giggling.

“My, Young Lady Liz.

How could you send ‘a maid’ to invite ‘a young lady of the duchy’”

I heard an unnecessary emphasis on the word maid.

Everyone looked at me with laughter on their faces.

They seemed to be curious about what would come out of my mouth.

I looked vacantly at Young Lady Liz, who dropped her head low and didn’t look at me.

“Are you the last to sit at this table”


She raised her head.

Looking at her widely opened eyes, it seemed like she didn’t properly hear my question or couldn’t understand it.

I asked her, who was flustered.

“I’m asking if you are the last in turn to sit at this table.

I do have to sit as well, you see.”

Rachel shook her head at my question and answered instead.

“Young Lady Liz came through invitation from Young Lady Paris, so of course, she are the first to came along with-”


I cut her words.

Displeased feelings flashed in the face of Rachel Kubrick.

I paid no heed to her feelings and continued.

“So everyone sat here and watched as Young Lady Liz sent a maid to me.”





“If not even one of you were aware that was wrong,”




“It seems like all of you have to return to the academy, or maybe restart as a freshman.”

Silence landed around the table.


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