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Those who were familiar with hunting even got an excellent ride, so wouldn’t they at least win against Rachel Kubrick

The victory of Liz Brigo, who she marked as a sacrificial lamb because Liz was lower than herself, would be a great humiliation for her.

“The-they are definitely carriage horses .



There were a lot of gazes to say those horses were changed with the one I rode.

In the first place, those horses weren’t supposed to be tied there.

I still received no seat, but I was aware that I had caused too much trouble to join the tea table.

Perhaps the young ladies in this table also didn’t want to deal with me anymore.

The moment I was about to return to my seat, Young Lady Liz furtively caught my sleeve.

She asked with tearful eyes, as if she had rather taken great courage.

“I-is it fine for me to drink tea with you”

There was no need for me to bring her along.

It was clear that she participated in insulting me even though she was pushed to.

Still, the result is obvious if she stays here.

It was obvious that the arrow of rage from the insult I gave them would be directed at her.

I looked at her and soon made up my mind.

If her knights beat Orion and won the competition, it would have been rather me who was in debt.

“There’s orange juice on my table.

Do you like it”


Her voice was a bit higher.

The scarlet eyes looked a bit lively back.

The drooping shoulders remained, but it was great enough for her to be courageous.

When I nodded as a sign of my approval, she raised her face as if she was happy.

As soon as I was about to return to the Miller Family’s seat, a neatly dressed young boy approached me with two escorts.

“Hello, Young Lady Miller.”




Greetings, Your Highness.”

When I bent my knees to greet him, there were voices rushing to follow me in greeting him coming from behind me.

The young ladies who were sitting stood up all together.

Seeing that the young lady of Paris March, who previously didn’t care for any of the conversation that happened before her, also stood up, it seemed like the imperial family was really important.

The second prince answered their greetings by simply raising his hand, then he looked at me.

“I’m glad that it appears that the horses I sent were fulfilling their usage.”

I flinched at the words he said calmly but with a strange expression.

Prince, was it you the one who bestowed those horses for the carriage

After emphasizing that he was the source of the pitiful and dissatisfied horses, he gave me an offer.

“If it’s fine with you, I’d like to join you to drink tea.”

“Yo-your Highness!”

From behind Rachel who shouted in surprise, I sensed Young Lady Paris stare at him.

There was no noticeable change in her expression, but her stare was somewhat strangely giving a chilling sensation.

The young prince ignored his fiance, who was still silent, as he reached out his hand to me.

I looked at his hand for a moment, then I corrected him.

“It’s not tea but orange juice.”

The orange juice made from high quality, freshly hand picked oranges was the pride of the workers in the duchy’s kitchen.

I didn’t know for the exact reason, but there’s a saying that they worked harder on selecting the oranges than buying the tea leaves for the Duke.

The prince quickly changed his words.

“I like it too, the juice.”

“Me-me too!”

Young Lady Liz, who was timidly bowing her head, unexpectedly raised her voice.

I sensed the young ladies next to her whispering and flustered.

Orange juice is very popular.

I felt like I could see the prideful head chef’s proud expression already.

I, who was somehow tired even when the tea time had not properly yet started, nodded with a mind that everything’s fine.

The prince naturally came and sat on my table, then waited for the orange juice.

Meanwhile, the young ladies who were enjoying tea, looked devastated as if they had lost something incredible.

But, I was only planning to peacefully sit on my table and drink juice, though.

I felt like I had become a villainess who stole another person’s fiance by using juice as a weapon.

Next to me, Young Lady Liz stared at me with sparkling eyes.

Oddly enough, her gaze was close to admiration.

Don’t tell me it’s because she thinks I snatched the second prince from Young Lady Paris

When I turned my head, reluctantly pretending not to notice that, I saw the second prince sitting politely.

He cut all the long rhetoric words and said,

“I’m happy that I finally see you.

You’re highly praised by my master.”


“Young Duke Orion is my swordsmanship teacher.”

He smiled as he threw out hidden meanings.

“I gave it happily when he asked for a few excellent horses of good descent that were brought by delegations from other countries for diplomatic relations, but I was a little surprised because I didn’t know it would be used for a carriage.

I can’t believe the pegasus species that was said to be able to run fast to the sky would be tied to a carriage.”




“Master unexpectedly loves you very much.”

The sounds of horses’ steps and knights pushed through the bushes from the distance sounded like an echo.

I couldn’t distinguish which knight order they were from, but I hoped the one who caught the prey was the knights of the Brigo Family.

I stopped thinking and gulped down the water in the glass.

I’m feeling frustrated.


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